ToughTested: The New Standard of Cellphone Accessories

We’ve all fallen victim to cheap or just continuous wear and tear on our smartphone accessories. You can see the inner wires of your USB cords, your portable chargers just stop charging, or your earbuds just conk out. These frustrating events always end with a cry about why can’t cellphone accessories be made tougher, so they can last longer. We’re here to tell you that they are. If you’re tired of weak cellphone accessories, get to know the tech products from ToughTested.

6′ SafeCharge Protection Cable With Circuit Breaker: Apple Lightning, $19.99

Did you know that sometimes while charging your device, damaging voltage or current can occur? The Tough Tested 6′ SafeCharge Protection Cable boasts a safe charge circuit breaker that automatically shuts off power to your connected device when the damaging voltage or current is detected. This power cable features real-time monitoring that allows the switch to be reset when the current returns to a normal, safe range.

8′ PRO Armor Weave Cable With Slim Tip: Micro USB, $19.99

Looking for a cable with extreme durability? This cable boasts a PET polymer woven jacket that is chemical, heat, and abrasion resistant. It also features an extended strain relief, and slim aluminum tip to fit most protective cases and comes with a cable manager.

Jobsite: Heavy Duty Noise Control Earbuds with Mic, $69.99

Let’s face it, sometimes earbuds tend to be a problem. They get tangled, snag on almost everything, don’t always provide the best sound quality and more often end up being destroyed. The ToughTested heavy duty Jobsite noise control earbuds are made for demanding environments and are very beneficial to you, thanks to their provided protection against outside noise influences that may damage your hearing over time. They are also IP64 certified for water/sweat/dust resistance, so whether you’re at sporting events or working outdoors, these are the best tough earbuds for noise reduction.

Driver: Safe Driving Mono Earbud, $39.99

For those who love the single earbuds, the ergonomic design of the ToughTested Driver ear-hook offers all day comfort. It is designed for safe, hands-free driving, boasts 3 tiered tree-style or memory foam tips for great noise isolation and a custom fit, and features a multi-function in-line control box with Halo 360 mic and volume wheel for clear sound and precise control. the Driver is also IP54 certified for water/sweat/dust resistance.

Rugged, Weatherproof 8000 mAh Dual USB Battery Pack, $79.99

Raise your hand if you’ve dropped your portable charger numerous times! we certainly are guilty of that and in one instance, destroyed our charger. The ToughTested rugged battery pack has a protection rating of IP-65, making it water/dust/and shock proof. It’s rugged casing also offers added protection from drops and dings. With 8,000 milliamps of power, this bad boy is enough to charge most smartphones up to 5 times. It also features dual USB ports to charge two devices at once. It’s InstaSense™ technology provides proper power distribution and optimal charging to give you the fastest possible charge.

If you find your device’s accessories are getting damaged too quickly or you’re tired of replacing them, these tougher tech accessories from ToughTested are for you. We promise your budget will thank you. Are you ready to upgrade to ToughTested?

Power Up On-the-Go w/ These Portable Power Chargers

We humans are a mobile race; we’re always on the go and always need to be on the go. We have no time for things that keep us stagnant for too long especially when it comes to going about our daily lives. Naturally as a race who’s always on the move, we want our mobile devices to be available and fully charged all the time and sometimes we have no access to an outlet or even have our power cord readily available. Thankfully travel and portable chargers are here to keep us fully charged without slowing us down. Today we’re highlighting great ways to power up your devices from Snow Lizard, PNY, Rayovac, Mimoco, and Duracell Power.

Snow Lizard SLPower 11 Portable Charger – a portable, compact 11000mAh battery that is capable of recharging up to two USB-powered mobile devices simultaneously. It charges and recharges most USB-powered devices, including mobile phones, cameras, and even tablets, two times faster than an AC outlet. With this Snow Lizard portable charger, you get up to +7 recharges of iPhones, +3 recharges of Samsung Galaxy S5, and +1 recharges of iPads. Get it on sale now for $45.49, reduced from $69.99.

PNY PowerPack HD5000 Portable Battery Charger – this 5000 mAh battery will charge any Apple, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry device. When fully charged, the HD5000 PowerPack can recharge most smartphones up to three times. It comes with a 20″ Micro USB cable for charging the PowerPack as well as Micro USB devices and also features hidden LED indicators which easily show how much battery power remains on your PowerPack. The PNY Powerpack normally retails for $39.99 but is currently on sale for only $19.99.

Rayovac 2000mAh and 6000mAh PowerPacks – easily storable, these rugged, durable and water-resistant power packs can recharge mobile devices and be recharged. Similar to Rayovac’s other improved mobile charging devices, the powerpacks include LED battery gauge indicators that display a charge and discharge status. The 2000mAh powerpack has enough capacity to give your smartphone a full charge while the 6000mAh powerpack can charge your smartphone three full times. snap up the 2000mAh Rayovac PowerPack for $29.99 and the 6000mAh for $49.99.

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber MimoPowerTube 2600mAh Universal Battery – may this portable power force be with you. Use this force of the Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber MimoPowerTube 2600mAh universal backup battery to power up your smartphone on the go. The officially licensed Star Wars charger includes carrying pouch and charging cable with adapter tips for MicroUSB, Apple Lightning, and 30 pin devices. It is compatible with most devices with an 5V input and boasts a cycle life of 500 times and 3-4 hours of DC Charging Time. Grab one for yourself for $29.99.

Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 Charger – a compact rechargeable source of portable power for AC and USB-powered devices. The Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 has an AC outlet and two USB charge ports, so you can run or charge multiple devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to carrying extra cords, chargers, and device-specific batteries, the Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 combines a 100-watt inverter with a lightweight, high-output 4.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack. It provides over-temperature shutdown, low-battery voltage shutdown (10.5 volt DC with automatic reset), and overload shutdown. Stay fully charged for $149.00.

Darth Vader MimoPowerBot Charger – With 5200mAh of the Force in your hands, you’ll never run out of juice. This portable, rechargeable, backup battery powers up smartphones, tablets, and other 5V mobile devices on the go. It includes a USB charging cable with multiple tips (microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning). Pre-order now for a guaranteed discount: Save $10 off the $69.99 price. The Darth Vader MimoPowerBot Charger ships January 2015.

Would one of these portable power chargers help make your life easier. Do you have a favorite portable charger you want to recommend?