ToughTested: The New Standard of Cellphone Accessories

We’ve all fallen victim to cheap or just continuous wear and tear on our smartphone accessories. You can see the inner wires of your USB cords, your portable chargers just stop charging, or your earbuds just conk out. These frustrating events always end with a cry about why can’t cellphone accessories be made tougher, so they can last longer. We’re here to tell you that they are. If you’re tired of weak cellphone accessories, get to know the tech products from ToughTested.

6′ SafeCharge Protection Cable With Circuit Breaker: Apple Lightning, $19.99

Did you know that sometimes while charging your device, damaging voltage or current can occur? The Tough Tested 6′ SafeCharge Protection Cable boasts a safe charge circuit breaker that automatically shuts off power to your connected device when the damaging voltage or current is detected. This power cable features real-time monitoring that allows the switch to be reset when the current returns to a normal, safe range.

8′ PRO Armor Weave Cable With Slim Tip: Micro USB, $19.99

Looking for a cable with extreme durability? This cable boasts a PET polymer woven jacket that is chemical, heat, and abrasion resistant. It also features an extended strain relief, and slim aluminum tip to fit most protective cases and comes with a cable manager.

Jobsite: Heavy Duty Noise Control Earbuds with Mic, $69.99

Let’s face it, sometimes earbuds tend to be a problem. They get tangled, snag on almost everything, don’t always provide the best sound quality and more often end up being destroyed. The ToughTested heavy duty Jobsite noise control earbuds are made for demanding environments and are very beneficial to you, thanks to their provided protection against outside noise influences that may damage your hearing over time. They are also IP64 certified for water/sweat/dust resistance, so whether you’re at sporting events or working outdoors, these are the best tough earbuds for noise reduction.

Driver: Safe Driving Mono Earbud, $39.99

For those who love the single earbuds, the ergonomic design of the ToughTested Driver ear-hook offers all day comfort. It is designed for safe, hands-free driving, boasts 3 tiered tree-style or memory foam tips for great noise isolation and a custom fit, and features a multi-function in-line control box with Halo 360 mic and volume wheel for clear sound and precise control. the Driver is also IP54 certified for water/sweat/dust resistance.

Rugged, Weatherproof 8000 mAh Dual USB Battery Pack, $79.99

Raise your hand if you’ve dropped your portable charger numerous times! we certainly are guilty of that and in one instance, destroyed our charger. The ToughTested rugged battery pack has a protection rating of IP-65, making it water/dust/and shock proof. It’s rugged casing also offers added protection from drops and dings. With 8,000 milliamps of power, this bad boy is enough to charge most smartphones up to 5 times. It also features dual USB ports to charge two devices at once. It’s InstaSense™ technology provides proper power distribution and optimal charging to give you the fastest possible charge.

If you find your device’s accessories are getting damaged too quickly or you’re tired of replacing them, these tougher tech accessories from ToughTested are for you. We promise your budget will thank you. Are you ready to upgrade to ToughTested?

Monster Announces the Monster Blaster Boombox at CE Week

During the mid-1970s, the first social sharing music device, the boombox, made its grand debut. The boombox, a portable cassette tape recorder/player with AM/FM radio, filled a desire for a shared music listening experience. It took music to the streets. Over the years, they became bigger and heavier as the desire for louder, more significant bass grew. In 2001, when Apple introduced the iPod, it spelled the end of the boombox. For 15 years, music became personal, it was no longer a shared music experience……until the Monster Blaster boombox.

This reimagined boombox takes the classic and updates it with modern design and the latest in wireless technology. The Monster Blaster boasts Bluetooth technology, charges via USB for up to 12 hours of continuous listening, and frees you from batteries. Other features include indoor and outdoor EQ Modes, waterproof and splash-proof, Bi-Directional Driver Design with full range drivers in angled 360â° orientation, a down-Firing Integrated Powered Subwoofer, quick pairing via NFC, a 3.5mm Aux-In to connect any audio source, 3.5mm Microphone Level Input makes the Blaster a portable PA system, and a powerful enough sound for large, open spaces. And who doesn’t love the deep bass of a Subwoofer for Party and more – it’s a sure-fire way to get the party started!

To welcome the return of much-celebrated “ghetto blaster”, Monster held a panel during CE Week on the “Evolution and Impact of the Boombox on Pop and Hip-Hop culture, followed by a Break Dance competition.” The panel featured some of the most influential DJs, hip-hop artists, and music influencers, including Video Music Box’s Ralph MacDaniels, Chuck Creekmur from, musical artists Bodega Bamz, DJ Enuff, Mims, and Dorrough Music.

The Breakdance competition which followed the panel included the Monster Blaster boombox and a check for $500 as prizes. Competitors included Uncle Will, Gravity, Roflow, Pete Nasty, Rugrat, etc. The breakdancing competition introduced the partnership between Monster and Ground Zero Crew, Miami’s most notorious, world champion Bboy breakdancing group. This partnership, the first for a brand and dance group, birthed the “Taking It To The Streets” tour, a multi-faceted cross-country that celebrates the Monster Blaster boombox. Tour stops include SXSW, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadephia.

The Taking It to The Streets tour features music and business related discussion panels (like the one held during CE week), led by local DJs, hip-hop artists and music influencers across the US. The tour recently made a stop in Miami, where the Ground Zero Crew organized a pop-up dance breakdancing competition. Miami’s hip-hop elite attended the panel and enjoyed “Monsterous Breakdancing battles” hosted by Ground Zero Crew’s founder Bebe Fernandez, well into the night.

The Monster Blaster boombox is available now and retails for $399.95 on

Video Enhancement: DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor

We confess, while we’re far ahead in technology in other areas of our lives, our television set hasn’t exactly met today’s innovative standards (shameful, we know). As you can imagine, our tv viewing experience could use a bit of a boost, a much-needed boost. Visually, the colors of our favorite shows are not as crisp or vibrant as they should be but thankfully there’s a wonderful device to solve that problem, the DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor, which promises to add depth and clarity to your video experience.

DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor

You know that hazy film that seems to plague your vision when you’ve been staring at a computer or tv screen for a long time? That’s how we always described our television viewing experience, nothing is as sharp or as crisp as it should be (reading small, on-screen text is quite annoying) but as soon as we hooked up the DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor, our lowly picture quality and text on our dinosaur of a television set was instantly sharper, the colors were richer, the and resolution much crisper. We call that a major success!!! Check out this before and after picture quality photo on a tv more recent than ours.

dandelion+sidebysidefullpop100DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor2

Let us introduce you to the amazing features of the DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor. This HDMI Video Processor enhances all video on Blu-ray, Video Games, Digital TV, Cable/Satellite, IPTV Video, and Projector experience. It boasts three preset settings: High Def, Gaming, and Full Pop picture, that enhance the fine details, contrast, and picture depth, has a 360 degree IR sensor, is HDMI 1.4 compliant, works with 3D, and Dimmable LEDs. The DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor supports all standard- and high-definition video resolutions up to 1080p, and also supports 3D video up to 1080p.

So if you find yourself needing crisper picture quality when you’re watching tv, gaming, or binge watching Netflix, get to know how the very small DarbeeVision DVP-5000S Digital Video Processor can enhance your viewing experience. The best part, if you act now, you can save on this amazing device using the promo code “getgeeked16” at checkout for the special price of $179.00!! It normally retails for $249.00. That’s an incredible savings of $70.00 and the piece of mind of knowing you won’t need to buy a new tv or computer to experience great picture quality. Are you ready to enhance your video experience?

Light up the Room w/ Music: JAM Trance Mini & Trance Plus Lightshow Speakers

Earlier this year, we introduced you to a luxury, designer handbag label that can be programmed to flash a custom light show synchronized to your favorite song, now thanks to JAM Audio, you can light up the room with more than just music, with their Trance Light Show portable speakers. If you’re looking for small, or average-sized, portable speaker that packs a powerful sound and leaves an amazing impression, check out the new JAM Trance Lightshow Speakers, the super-lightweight JAM Trance Mini, and the water bottle-size JAM Trance Plus, that are sure to be the talk of any party.

You’ll be wowed with both the power and colorful LED light display of these amazing portable Bluetooth speakers. Get to know them both and see why their incredible light show will have you transfixed all night.

Jam Trance Mini Wireless Light Show Speaker


As the saying goes, “good things come in small packages”, and the JAM Trance Mini not only does it provide big sound, this mini boasts 6 LED light options which allows for 36 different light party programs that sync with your music, wireless connection to any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet, up to 10 hours of play time with only 3 hours of charge time, an integrated speakerphone so you can switch seamlessly from music to answering phone calls directly, a black rubberized body, with cool tonal buttons, for protection, and a wonderfully affordable price tag of $39.99.

JAM Trance Plus Wireless Light Show Speaker


For those who want to engulf the room in music, look no further than the cylinder-shaped JAM Trance Plus. Like the Trance Mini, the Trance Plus also boasts 6 LED light options and 36 different light party programs, wireless connection through Bluetooth, hours of play time, the ability to answer phone calls, and a rubberized body, but because of it’s triangular prism shape, music projects from all three sides allowing for maximum sound. Get this small powerhouse now for $79.99.

Both Trance Light Show speakers are available now on on

The Latest in Wearables: Jewelry Goes Digital with Kiroco Jewelry

We have been privy to many things that have blown us away, some with their beauty, others with their features. We’ve always been interested in products that combine fashion and technology, especially when it strengthens the connection between humans. While we admit some technology can create a wall between between us, not all of them do. After all, we humans are emotional creatures and we do seek out a connection with our fellow beings. We discovered a stunning range of products during CE Week that help to keep our emotional connection and one of our favorites was Kiroco Jewelry. How does this jewelry company combine fashion and technology, and help keep our connection to each other? Kiroco Jewelry’s concept is the strengthening of our connection by combining emotion and the giving of jewelry. Here’s how…
Orbs x 3 Crop
kiroco jewelryorb
While the above gorgeous pieces seem like typical jewelry, Kiroco is able to take jewelry beyond just classic sentiment and into a world of secret sweet nothings and heartfelt messages of love and emotion, all of which will be literally locked into the jewelry for eternity. The above Kiroco Orbs ($215.00), is a digital locket that boasts fashionable and elegant details such as Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver, and enamel, with the ability to house far more than just small photos and locks of hair.  This revolutionary concept of digital jewelry gives you the ability to see and keep unlimited digital photos, 10 second videos and read secret messages via any NFC Smartphone with the Kiroco app.

The “K” Enamel, sterling silver, and Leather Bracelet ($85.00) literally keeps everything mentioned above within arms reach. These one size fits all bracelets comes in a variety of colors, and looks great whether you’re wearing a single bracelet, or a stack of multiples.

Through the Kiroco app, you keep personal items private, safe and secure, with the “My Safe” feature, and store all message with the Timeline Service. Get to know more about Kiroco Jewelry and its range of digital jewelry at

Fashion Meets Technology | The Rebecca Minkoff for Stellé Audio Clutch

More and more fashion and technology has been intertwined with each other as we crave tech products that highlight our style and personalities. Fashion’s infusion into tech accessories has become more than just stylist mobile cases and colorful headphones; and companies like Stelle Audio are taking notice. The company has an amazingly innovative audio accessory called the Stellé Audio Clutch, a stylish audio accessory, which opens to deliver rich, clear sound in a fashion-forward package. Yes, ladies, this is no ordinary clutch.

Stellé Audio recently partnered with Rebecca Minkoff, the leader in luxury handbags, to create two very stunning styles – Minkoff’s signature studded look and a luxe stingray (the brand also has a basketweave and snakeskin style available). The Rebecca Minkoff for Stellé Audio Clutches are playfully edgy with a chic aesthetic. You can wear this new icon of style and sound to match your style whether you’re at work or play

What makes this stylish, portable speaker so amazing? You can play your music wirelessly through any Bluetooth®-enabled device or connect to your music device via a 3.5 stereo input cable and use the built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities for hands-free conversations (perfect for conference calls). There’s no need to worry about being connected for 15 hours thanks to the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery which allows 15 hours of continuous play between charges at normal volume. For those times you can’t go wireless, the audio clutch comes with a universal power adapter for uninterrupted audio fun while traveling. The Audio Clutch also pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device within a range of up to 50 feet.

The Stellé Audio Clutch measures 9 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches, weighs 1.9 lbs and retails for $399.00. Get your hands on one of these fabulous clutches at

SRS iWOW-U Changes the Way You Hear Everything

Looking for a better audio experience from your music and video but don’t have hundreds to spend on studio headphones, then you need the SRS iWOW-U.  The name SRS iWOW may sound familiar to you as I’ve previously covered their Audio Enchancing Adaptor for iPhones, iPods and iPad. With this amazing little device, you get  HD Quality sound no matter what headphones you have when you attach the SRS iWOW-U.

Unlike its predecessor, which only worked with iPhones, iPods and iPads, the SRS iWOW-U can be used with any device. This universal adapter securely attaches to the headphone/headset jack of any audio device to offer an amazing HD-quality listening experience for all music, movies, games or other audio tracks.

iWOW-U can be used with a wide array of devices (i.e. mobile phones, media tablets, MP3 players and personal computers) and is not dedicated to any specific product line or operating system platform. Experience and enjoy much more than you ever expected. My test with this device was hearing the difference while watching the movie, Avatar. In the scene where Sam Worthinton’s Jake Sully and the rest of the Na’vi have reached the giant birds, the clarity and sharpness of the sounds from the waterfall and the birds’s wings flapping in the wind is so crisp, it’s like having your own personal surround sound.


  1. Delivers natural and immersive HD-quality sound with substantial bass enhancement
  2. Connects easily and securely between any mobile phone, smart phone, media tablet, e-Reader, PC or MP3 player and a pair of headphones or earbuds
  3. Professionally tuned presets let you adjust the audio settings to your liking and select speaker settings – headphones or car/external speakers
Instead of spending $200+ for headphones, try the SRS iWOW-U for only $69.99. You won’t be disappointed.

Case-Mate’s Marvel Collection iPhone Cases

Hey iPhone users and Spiderman fans, check out the latest hot new iPhone case from Case-Mate. Case-Mate and Marvel have teamed up to offer a unique line up of protective and functional smartphone accessories with all of your favorite Marvel superheroes. The graphics are amazing, so detailed and sharp. It’s the best case image photo I’ve seen so far, so you guys will love it. In honor of the release of The Amazing Spiderman movie, check out the three Spiderman iPhone cases Case-Mate has to offer:

The Case-Mate Marvel Collection of cases features everyone’s favorite comic book characters, from the Avengers to Spider-Man. Choose from the iPhone 4/4S Barely There (classic slim case) and Tough (dual layered protection designs. The Avengers collection are the “Official Movie Edition” cases. Each of the Marvel Collection retails for $40.00, to get your hands on one of these or any of the Avengers, go to Case-Mate Marvel Avengers.