CONTEST ALERT: John Frieda and SELF Magazine Hair Makeover!

John Frieda® and SELF Magazine have joined forces to offer an amazing opportunity. You have the chance to win a hair makeover from John Frieda’s star stylist, Harry Josh… in NYC! “So many women who come into the salon have absolutely destroyed their hair by over-styling, over-coloring, and generally overdoing it,” explains Harry Josh, John Frieda® International Creative Consultant. “They traumatize their hair trying to get a certain look, but then they can’t maximize it because their hair is so fried. Full Repair™ offers them damage control that won’t weigh their hair down, letting them style to the limit while actually reversing the damage they’ve done to date.”

We all love to experiment with and style our hair; and the damage we inflict is often severe. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons are tools that we use everyday without giving it a second thought. Now, thanks to the John Frieda® Full Repair Collection, you can continue to use the tools you love without risking more damage to your hair!

This salon-inspired collection specifically addresses an issue stylists are seeing with increasing frequency: short, broken hairs, flyaways and damaged ends caused by constant styling. John Frieda® developed the collection to repair damage due to heat styling and coloring, instantly transforming parched, damaged hair into smooth style with body and bounce.

Go to to tell us how you damage your hair and to upload a picture of your damaged ‘do. Plus, be one of the first 1,000 people to enter and you’ll receive a FREE John Frieda® product!

Self Magazine & Chanel Event

After we left the girls after the BizBash event, Kim and I went to Macy’s Herald Square to attend the Self Magazine & Chanel event.

It was essentially a makeover event, which is fun because you kinda get to try the new colors, etc. As you can see, there were a lot of people

there were also some very scrumptious sweets, my favorite was the marshmallow drizzled with chocolate

I also had a very good drink called Fizzy Lizzy that reminded me a lot of IZZE Beverages. I had the Apple, which is one of my favorite IZZE flavors.

Anyway, Kim decided to get a makeover

While I was waiting and enjoying those lovely sweet treats, the artist doing Kim’s makeup suggested I get my makeup done as well. The colors were neutral so I said why not but I only had my eyes and lips done (sorry, no photos) and I didn’t get to take photos of the other delicious pastries, like the melted sugar glazed puff filled with whipped chocolate cream but I did get to eat one – yummy.

While the deserts were fabulous, the gift bag situation was not. Turns out you had to spend a certain amount to get the gift bag and I think it was $100 or something like that. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????? in this economy? Sorry Chanel but thanks for the sweets. I did manage to get a photo of the gift bags though and I was told later from someone who attended earlier that the gift bag wasn’t all that (she said she flirted to get the bag).

All in all, it was an ok event. I wasn’t excited about it but it is what it is. Next up is my friend’s birthday party.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection