Grand Opening Celebration of Union Prime

Oh how I love restaurant openings; it gives you a chance to sample the food before you take a chance and make a reservation. It’s like getting a free sample of a beauty product before you spend your money and find out you hate it but luckily I quite enjoyed the food at Union Prime.

This night there were two events and unfortunately they started at exactly the same time and were over 20 blocks away from each other. One was this event and the other was a fashion show featuring multiple new designers. As much as I wanted to attend both, something told me to go to the restaurant opening (so happy I did).

Anyway, Alexandra* and I met up (she was late) and headed down to Union Square where Union Prime is located (Kim and Marisol said they were going to the other event but they joined us later), it turns out Alexandra* and I were way early. The event started at 8pm and we arrived about 7:20pm (we weren’t the only ones), so we could either go somewhere and wait (like the others did) or stay where we were and be the first ones in. I must mention that there was something else going on already but security wouldn’t let us in because the official event (again which started at 8pm) didn’t start yet. Anyway, so we stayed there for a while and talked then Jill arrived. We all talked for a few minutes more then the security guy let us in. The funny thing is, none of the PR list people were at the door, so we went right in.

We walked in and the fiest thing we saw was this hors d’ouvres setting in the middle

After we grabbed an hors d’oeuvre or two, we headed to the bar

(Jill headed to the Champagne bar) and Alexandra* and I to the IZZE cocktail bar (but she had a non-alcoholic drink). Funny thing – I’ve been to this location before for an IZZE event but it was called Cafe Society, The first drink I had was made with IZZE Peach Flavor

and the second was made with the IZZE Grapefruit

Both were very yummy and I think by the end of the night I’d had four of those drinks and one glass of wine. Alexandra* stuck with water and Jill put a hurting on a couple of glasses of Champagne. Anyway, it got crowded really quickly

The restaurant is owned by Andrew Silverman, who also owns Steak Frites, City Crab and other fab restaurants. I got a chance to speak with him at this event and he was the most gracious host. At one point it was so crowded and I was dying for some water, he actually asked me what was wrong when he saw my distress, told me to hold on and got it for me. How wonderful, right? Anyway, here is a photo of him and the GM (General Manager) of Union Prime

and here they are again with another gentleman whose name I didn’t get

Anyway, let’s really take a closer look at the restaurant, shall we? The most prominent feature is the wall on the right as soon as you walk in. There is a beautiful “Princess Grace” rose motif

I also noticed a very cute element, I think it adds a touch more romance and girliness to the venue

Now on to what now seems to be a staple at most events – Velosciraptors!!! Yes, them…. YET AGAIN. Remember the photo of the first platter (the shrimp and sushi)? Oh my god, it was like a gust of wind passed and it was gone, and I mean GONE

There was one server (who kinda looked like Maggie Gyllenhal to me) who actually got quite a workout at this event. She has to dodge, ditch and yell at a few people just to get from one end of the restaurant to the other. As usual, many tacky people were waiting by where the food was coming out and trying to grab multiple hors d’oeuvres (disgusting). The funniest thing was she had people chasing her down – you’d swear she was the only server at the event

Anyway, I forgot to mention the other event. As I said at the beginning, it was a good thing we didn’t go, everyone who went said it was horrible (thank you fate). I will end with photos of the girls (except for Alexandra*, she had to leave)

and the last thing we ate before we left (well, this super ghetto/tacky group came next to us which inspired us to leave quickly). I think they were drunk – one guy kept of screaming (not asking, screaming) at EVERYONE, if it was open bar. He said it like 10 times (no exaggeration). After he leaned all his 200+lbs on me and I gently shoved him away, I knew it was time to go. Anyway, they brought around servings of assorted nuts, which happened to be spicy… you can imagine the laughter that insued when I said I like spicy nuts.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

JellyNYC & LeSportsac Artist in Residence Event

After the MyItThings event, we walked over to the Cabanas at The Maritime Hotel for the JellyNYC and LeSportsac Artist in Residence Event. JellyNYC is the organization that does all those cool concerts at McCarren Park Pool and well, everyone knows LeSportsac makes fantastic bags with the most interesting prints. I own a few myself.

featuring the following artist

He was present of course and was doing some drawings at the event

behind him was some sketches he created and the bags he designed for LeSportsac

and here are some closeups of the bags

The theme of the event was like a carnival, you walk in to cotton candy, caramel popcorn, a photo booth and games – Bean Bag Toss and Plinko (if you’ve ever watched The Price is Right, you know what Plinko is). With my Blueberry IZZE cocktail in hand, I walked around the event. Here are some photos

I, who never win anything (well, any raffle-type contests), won at Plinko. YEA!!!! And the best part was the prizes were LeSportsac bags…double YEA!!!. Here’s what I won. It is called the Compulsive Shopper (very fitting, I know) and it retails for $128

Here are some photos of the party

And finally, here is the gift bag

On to tomorrow’s event

Self Magazine & Chanel Event

After we left the girls after the BizBash event, Kim and I went to Macy’s Herald Square to attend the Self Magazine & Chanel event.

It was essentially a makeover event, which is fun because you kinda get to try the new colors, etc. As you can see, there were a lot of people

there were also some very scrumptious sweets, my favorite was the marshmallow drizzled with chocolate

I also had a very good drink called Fizzy Lizzy that reminded me a lot of IZZE Beverages. I had the Apple, which is one of my favorite IZZE flavors.

Anyway, Kim decided to get a makeover

While I was waiting and enjoying those lovely sweet treats, the artist doing Kim’s makeup suggested I get my makeup done as well. The colors were neutral so I said why not but I only had my eyes and lips done (sorry, no photos) and I didn’t get to take photos of the other delicious pastries, like the melted sugar glazed puff filled with whipped chocolate cream but I did get to eat one – yummy.

While the deserts were fabulous, the gift bag situation was not. Turns out you had to spend a certain amount to get the gift bag and I think it was $100 or something like that. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????? in this economy? Sorry Chanel but thanks for the sweets. I did manage to get a photo of the gift bags though and I was told later from someone who attended earlier that the gift bag wasn’t all that (she said she flirted to get the bag).

All in all, it was an ok event. I wasn’t excited about it but it is what it is. Next up is my friend’s birthday party.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

Back to the Guestlist – Siwy Jeans Trunk Show

Today started easily enough. I went to work, yada, yada, yada, etc then met up with my visiting cousin. This is where the problem, as I said she’s on vacation, which means tons of shopping. Remember the tall grey Go Max boots from my last post that I didn’t buy? Well, I still didn’t buy them……I bought the purple. I know what you’re thinking, why. All I can say is I have a problem with shoes. I know I’m going on vacation soon and that I need as much cash for that in this crumbling economy (or maybe not, you have your own problems) but they were so cute and only $50 and they had them in my size. How could I not? Anyway, I wore them today, what do you think (not the best photo but it looks awesome one, I got so many compliments today)? (I must say that on, I much rather them scrunched down than their full length, it looks better and I get the right 80’s look).

Anyway, back to the date of actual purchase (yesterday, Oct. 9th). After running after my cousin to Forever 21, Strawberry, etc (thank god we stayed away from DSW). We jetting off to the Siwy Denim Trunk Show featuring designer, Michelle Siwy who I unfortunately didn’t get to take a photo of at The Shop (a very adorable shop by the way).

The chandelier alone was too cute for words, so I took a closeup (not very clear but you get the beauty of it)

Anyway, the trunk show was very fun and relaxed. My cousin and I met up with Kim there (she was keeping me updated on the gift bag while we were on my way). We arrived to Izze Beverage Cocktails

and it seems an unlimited supply of cupcakes. Everytime we (by we, I mean all the guests, not Kim, my cousin and I) finished a plate, more would continue to pop up.

Which is fine because I know I am not going to be wearing a pair of these anytime soon.

My things will never be enclaved in those, I would never do that to myself. So more cupcakes it is. I did find some things I liked but I made sure I didn’t even look at the cost (vacation, vacation, vacation, besides I already spent money I shouldn’t have). Anyway, my favorite piece was this coat (it had me drooling)

There was also this really great red bag (again, didn’t even get close to the price tag).

Anyway, Kim, my cousin and I enjoyed more cupcakes, cocktails and great conversation, we even took photos (by the events photographer). Before I mention the gift bag, there was this adorable, adorable dog entertaining itself with a pink heart shaped balloon. I’m not a dog person but he was a cutie

and lastly, the gift bag. A very cute tote bag (there were two versions, one bag had a gold animal sketch (sorry, I don’t remember the animal) and gold writing and the other had pink and a pink giraffe. Kim and I had the gold while my cousin got the pink. I do love pink and so does Kim, so we switched and it seems we weren’t the only ones to do so. Anyway, the bag had a clear sparkly lip plumper and a can of IZZE (in one of my favorite flavors – Apple). Here it is

Next up will be the Barcardi Party at Body

As always, please post comments, praises (LOL), and random thoughts.