2018 Gadgets for holiday tech lovers

Holiday Gift Guide: Cool Tech Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

One of the easiest gifts to give are cool tech gifts. They’re cool not just because of their looks but because of how they make our lives easier and more fulfilling. Whether your gift giving list is filled with music lovers, home office owners, gadget geeks, or anyone who wants to make their lives a bit smoother, these gifts are sure to delight. We’re sharing a few of the wonderful gifts we discovered at Pepcom. We know we’d love to receive as holiday gifts.


2018 Gadgets for holiday tech lovers

  1. Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers – The BOOM3, MEGABOOM3, and WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speakers are definitely on everyone’s lists this holiday season. They are super-portable, boasts a balanced 360° sound, deep bass, one-touch music control, and are water, dust and drop proof. Any of these would be cool tech gifts to give your loved ones this season.
  2. Logitech Pro Ultra Wide Angle HD Webcam – Stay in touch with family and friends with this 1080P HD video webcam that boasts a wide field of view, 4x zoom capabilities, easily connects to your PCs or Macs with no additional software required, effortless pan and tilt capabilities, and so much more.
  3. Aquio X iHome Waterbottle & Bluetooth Speaker – Hydrate your body and soul with this sleek water bottle that quenches your thirst for water and music. The 16oz bottle is BPA-free and boasts double wall insulation. It keeps your beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 14 hours. At the bottom of the bottle is a detachable iHome Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy music anywhere you go.
  4. WD MyCloud Personal Cloud Storage – in the era of hackings and doxing, it is essential to NOT have personal photos and information roaming around in shared cloud storage. With the WD MyCloud, you can completely back up your computers, smartphones, tablets, at the safety of your home. Available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB, you can keep everything safely in one place.
  5. Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera – Love the feeling of having actual photos? You’ll love this 2-In-1 digital camera and printer. This wonderful, travel-friendly camera allows you to take 16-Megapixel photographs and prints them instantly on 2”x3” sticky-back paper. With 6 easy picture settings, some of which includes vibrant Color, black & white, or vintage effect, you will enjoy making memories.
  6. PureGear Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad – The horror of a dying phone battery will be a distant memory when you gift this cable-free, fast charging pad. By simply placing your phone on the pad, everyone will enjoy an enhanced charging experience. It is compatible with most Qi-enabled phones and devices, has a micro-USB charging connector, and 10W fast charging. All this makes it perfect charging while traveling. Anyone who owns a smartphone will want this charging pad.

What are your thoughts on these cool tech gifts? Would you love to give or receive them this season?

Surround Sound: Must-Have Speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio

We all know music is the universal language, and we personally like to surround ourselves with music at all times, whether we’re working or relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, or outside enjoying a bit of solitude and warm weather. Thankfully, there are speakers that can keep us surrounded by our favorite music no matter where we are. Today we share the must-have speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio.

Phorus PS5 Speaker

phorus speaker_3-4_left_v2_SM

We especially love the Phorus, not only for its stunningly modern look but also for it’s multi-room play capabilities. This powerful, wireless speaker boasts Phorus’s most powerful processor, a stellar acoustic performance no matter where you are, and amazing instant compatibility with all your devices…..seriously, if our vacuum cleaner had Bluetooth capabilities, we’d enjoy the chore much more. You can do so much with the Phorus PS5 Speaker, like send songs with AirPlay, stream lossless audio in every room with DTS Play-Fi®, the ability to set up left and/or right speakers for a true stereo experience, advanced dual-core DSP and Class-D digital amplifiers, deliver incredible sound quality at every level, the ability to add and link up more Speakers, a PR5 Receiver, or any Play-Fi product thanks to its breakthrough DTS Play-Fi technology, all of which allow you to enjoy a rich, crisp, clear sound, enhanced bass, and maximum volume. With the Phorus Android app, Kindle Fire app, and iOS App you have a world of music options, you can choose songs from your local music library, select a podcast, or tune into your favorite streaming service or radio station, and access a connected DLNA music server. There’s no better way to enjoy music room to room when you’re home, short of literally taking your speaking with you to each room. get the Phorus PS5 Speaker for $229.00 on

Ultimate Ears Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins UE BOOM

UE BOOM Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins
UE BOOM Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins2

No one can deny the connection between music and art and thanks to Ultimate Ears, we can enjoy the distinct connection between the two arts. The makers of the social speaker welcome its sixth artist-designed UE BOOM mobile speaker, designed by contemporary graffiti artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. This unique artist draws inspiration from his favorite childhood books and cartoons, weaving together pop culture, nature, and carnival kitsch, with his unique imagination to capture the uncommon beauty of his pieces. Named The Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM, this offbeat designed portable speaker celebrates the depth and detail in the world of art, by combining the powerful sound from the multi-award-winning UE BOOM with Craola’s vivid…..and quite imaginative designs. His work on this very limited edition UE Boom (only 200 were produced) encourages fans to bring a fresh perspective to their imaginations and express themselves.

“Just like my art inspires people to leave behind the ordinary, the power of UE BOOM allows its listeners to enhance their ordinary by bringing music deeper into whatever they’re doing, no matter where they go,” said Craola. “I love that the Ultimate Ears brand and I both stand for self-expression, and I’m honored to share in this adventure of bringing music and imagination to life.”

The Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM speakers is available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $199.99. For more information, please visit To find out more about Craola, please visit

Flips Audio XB800 Headphones

FLIPS XB800 duo
FLIPS XB800 duo-2

We know what you’re thinking, how can we do a story about speakers and then throw in a pair of headphones? But these are not ordinary headphones, with a flip of the cushion foam earcups, you go from headphones (solo mode) to powerful speakers (social mode). This time around, they have amped (literally) up the music enjoying pleasure, with the introduction of the NEW Flips XB800 (or XB). This powerhouse headset differs from their HD650 in 2 ways: 1) bass resonator delivers a pulse-pounding high-definition sound that you don’t just hear, you FEEL, and 2) the XB boasts a detachable in-line Mic cord.

Enjoy high-quality sound whether you’re by yourself, or with a group of friends with Flips Audio’s amplified, high definition, pumping sound. It still boasts the removable cord with in-line mic, 3.5mm Jack, approximately 4 hours of music enjoyment time in speaker mode, and unlimited time in headphone mode. When not in use, fold and safely store your adjustable Flips in its hard shell case. The Flips XB800 is available now and retails for $120.00, grab a pair at

Are you ready to surround yourself with the best sound? What are your thoughts on these must-have speakers from Phorus, Ultimate Ears, & Flips Audio?

A Fetish for Music | Graffiti Fetish Edition UE BOOM by INSA

We were going to highlight the latest UE BOOM Portable Speaker collaboration as a Valentine’s Day gift because the pink heels sort of reminds us of hearts, but we have a feeling this limited edition design will not last until February. Ultimate Ears has tapped another great artist for its fifth artist edition EU BOOM portable speaker. Celebrating all things product-fetishism, is INSA, one of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated graffiti artist who brings his titillating vision and provocative world of art, graffiti, fetishism, and desire, to the portable music device. INSA’s work highlights the human obsession with sex, consumerism, and the female body. His work usually features sexual objectification: women with oiled skin and high heels, name brand sneakers as symbols materialistic aspiration, and unhealthy fixation.

“UE BOOM gives us a new take on the longstanding tradition of enjoying music, much like INSA gives us a new spin on street art with his ‘GIF-ITI,’” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “By coming together as two innovators in art, we’re able to make something more visually appealing and beautiful sounding than ever before. It’s an exciting collaboration.”

The Limited Edition INSA Graffiti Fetish Edition UE BOOM fuses the spirit of music of UE BOOM and INSA’s animated graffiti gifs, known as “GIF-ITI,” for an eye-catching skin. The design features the graffiti artist’s premium classic heel digital print – a black and white graphic, which seems to be oversized depictions of the female lower body. with bright pink heels.

“UE BOOM is one of the most innovative speakers out there, and it’s cool to combine my art with a device that brings even more creativity to the world,” said INSA. “This collaboration is also a new way of putting my art out there. The fact that I am adding my design to the shape and texture of the UE BOOM – something I take with me and use in my everyday life, whether it’s on a scaffolding when I’m painting a wall or at the studio – made this an exciting project for me.”

If you do plan of giving the Graffiti Fetish Edition UE BOOM as a Valentine’s Day gift option, we suggest you get it now as it is currently available in the U.S. and in select countries in Europe for $199.99. To find out more information or purchase your own, visit or To find out more about INSA, please visit

Logitech’s UE Boom Portable Speaker is Big on Sound & Design

Logitech is known for implementing fashionable elements into their tech products and with their latest portable speaker, the marriage of style and performance has produced a very stylish tech accessory. With its compact size, innovative cylinder shape, modern appearance and powerful sound (maximum 88 dBC and a frequency range of 90 Hz–20 kHz), Logitech’s UE Boom Portable Speaker gives you a fashionable and ultimate audio experience.
UE boom portable speakers

Available in a variety of colors, the UE Boom wireless speaker connects through Bluetooth®, letting you switch songs, adjust volume and take phone calls from up to 50 feet** away, even allowing you to pair a friend’s device and take turns sharing songs from the different devices (you can pair up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices) . It features a 360-degree design that blasts bold, immersive sound in every direction, a versatile go-anywhere shape, a plasma coating that makes it water and stain resistant, boasts a 15-hour rechargeable battery giving you non-stop music. Want to enjoy the UE Boom even more? You can wirelessly connect two or more UE BOOMs together in stereo through the UE Boom app for iOS™ or Android™.

The UE Boom Portable Speaker retails for $199.00 and is available on