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My Time in Tokyo, Japan

While I’m in Tokyo missing some fantastic events (a special thank to Angelique* and Kim for torturing me with details….and giftbag photos of the multiple events I’m missing – you evil heifers – a curse on you that your champagne is flat, in Angelique’s* case – your cranberry and orange juice)

Anyhoo, I’ve been quite busy over here. Yesterday Matt (my fab guide) and I went to Harajuku to see the sites, etc. I also saw this interesting costume shop (Harajuku is one train stop from me).

According to Matt, the “Harajuku girls” trend is not as big as the US (and Gwen Stefani) would have you believe. Not too many girls dress that way and it’s true, for the five hours that we were in Harajuku, I didn’t see one Harajuku girl. There is a standard fashion in Tokyo and it stretches from teen to cougars (oh yes, there are a lot of those here). Most women here will have a uniform of either a very short skirt or short rolled denim shorts, tights and either boots or heels.

Anyway, we visited the beautiful and simple structured Meiji Temple which is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary (check out the lamps at the entrance – each lamp represents a sponsor)

You walk down this path that probably goes for half a mile

As you get closer to the temple, you will pass this huge display of sake barrels

A little further up the path are flowers and Bonsai trees on each side

then you get to this structure, which is the main gateway entrance

Here are some photos of the temple, which is made up of at least two main buildings and structures

While we were at the temple, there were at least three weddings going on. Two were already completed and one had just finished. I got to take photos of one wedding group while they were taking their group photo (Matt said that it was okay as long as you didn’t disturb them and truth, I wasn’t the only one as there were many tourists who came to visit the temple whipping out their cameras)

The second wedding we missed as we were busy taking photos of the first one but for the third we were really lucky. I got a chance to videotape the wedding party procession (FYI – the groom for this wedding is Caucasian)…it’s so beautiful

On the way out we stopped at the souvenir shop (after a quick stop to buy good luck charms) and noticed an artwork park. It turns out that the artwork (photographs on glass) is the area 50 years ago, this is for the anniversary. They also encourage you to write down a message in celebration of the anniversary

After we left the temple, Matt and I hopped on the JR train to the Mita train to Tokyo Dome City to have dinner. Tokyo Dome City has a hotel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, colorful water fountain, etc. The beauty of this place is best at night because everything is all lit up.

I leave you with the water fountain in Tokyo Dome City set to light and music

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D November 12, 2008 at 3:12 pm

thank you. I am having a blast over here

Val November 12, 2008 at 2:31 pm

Hey Sis,

Sounds like you are having a FABULOUS time. I’m glad you started this blog. Its so cool to have a snapshot of whats going on with you. Enjoy!

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