Baby its Fall Outside

It’s been too hot to wear clothes and it’s been annoying to do so until now. While I am not a fan of being caught in the rain, I do appreciate the break in the weather and the cool down. This cool down makes it so much easier to actually look at fall clothing. So on this cool rainy day, I could actually look at this adorable Explore Your Soul Tunic from Columbia Sportswear that’s been hanging in my closet since the summer

Not only is it comfortable, it’s freaking WATERPROOF – of yes I tested it out and it was amazing to see the water droplets sit on top of the fabric (thanks to the Omni-Shield advanced repellency). Not only does it keep you dry, it has “advanced evaporation technology and 4-way comfort stretch to keep you cool”. I also love the fact that it has double pockets which hit at the perfect arm length. I couldn’t help but take a photo of my sleeve

The Explore Your Soul Tunic comes in three colors – Tidewater (blue), Crushed Berry (shown above) and Greenscape (dark olive) and retails for $60.00. It is available in sizes XS – XL.

This temporary cooler weather has of course put me in a fall mood, so I will definitely try to fit in my other Columbia Sportswear items, like the Towering Tour Tunic, which easily transforms from long sleeve to 3/4 when you roll them up and snap into place with handy arm loops and closures. While on, this tunic kinda gives you a whole I’m off to safari feel which when you’re in the jungles of NYC is needed.

which retails $54.00 and is available in Pebble, Tidewater, Black Cherry (shown above), Greenscape and Black. This tunic is available in sizes XS – XL and the Black Cherry is also available in sizes 1X-3X.

The last item, which i’ll most like save for a particularly cool day (unless mother nature really throws us for a loop and we’re at 50 degrees tomorrow) is the Heathered Honey Long Hoodie

which retails for $60.00 and is available in Grill (grey), Mud (brown), Deep Teal and Black. My favorite thing about this hoodie besides its comfort are the princess lines on the front which makes wearing a hoodie very feminime. Ok, make that two favorite things because I love the fact that it has a shirt collar which is separate from the hoodie; the weight of hoods always make them slip back and your neck ends up getting cold. This tunic ends that issue. The Heathered Honey Tunic is available in sizes XS – XL and the Mud and Deep Teal are available in sizes 1X-3X

Columbia Sportswear will definitely have you ready for the unpredictable fall weather….now all I need are a pair if cute comfortable rain boots and i’ll be set.

Grandmother’s Buttons 25th Anniversary

A little over a year ago I discovered a fantastic jewelry company at the NYIGF called Grandmother’s Buttons, which created amazing pieces from vintage and antique buttons. As a lover of all things vintage, I was super excited to share them with everyone and I featured Grandmother’s Buttons and its owner, Susan Davis (who is an incredibly sweet person) on my blog. The post can be found HERE. A revisit to the NYIGF assured a stop at Grandmother’s Buttons and I’m happy I did because I discovered they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

“For 25 years, grandmother’s Buttons has created unique pieces of jewelry using antique and vintage buttons. Their signature lines is handmade in South Louisiana and sold to boutiques and stores across the US and other countries.”

While visiting Susan, I couldn’t help notice the very beautiful black ring she was wearing. She informed me that the black buttons used to create these rings are from the 1900’s and were actually found in New York. I instantly fell in love them. To think these buttons lived a whole other life and survived all this time.

I couldn’t help but purchase one of these black beauties and actually wore it out the same day. I’m constantly getting compliments on it which of course gives me the chance to give the ring’s history. Below is the ring that I purchased. I love having one of a kind pieces

As I did last time, I did a quick interview with Susan Davis, this time on her new pieces and the 25th Anniversary of Grandmother’s Buttons. She also showed me some beautiful sterling silver buttons which will surely make some exquisite jewelry.

I will continue to be a fan of Grandmother’s Buttons and will happily shout it from the rooftops of how wonderful Grandmother’s Buttons is.