Allegri Fall 2011 Womens Collection

During the transitional period between the warm and colder seasons is by far the worst for me. Its semi cold, rainy and the humidity is usually set to “just wear a ponytail”. This time is always so uncomfortable because your wool coat is too heavy to wear, it feels horrible when wet, a lighter waterproof jacket doesn’t quite keep you warm and you end up just being miserable.

Luckily, there are collections like Allegri, a family owned historical Italian outerwear brand that was first established in the 1960s and specializes in high-end waterproof fabrics used for raincoats, trench coats, caban jackets, and short jackets. For Fall 2011, Allegri features soft, lightweight fabrics that not only will keep you warm as well as dry but eradicates the dreaded inflated look the cooler season’s outerwear seem to offer.

The above is an Allegri Refined Water-Repellent Soft Touch Polyester Single-Breasted Raincoat. This super fabric, which looks like wool, keeps you warm, is lightweight and is one (of several) examples of wonderful coats that protect you from nature’s unpredictable elements.

The above Rain Cashmere, water-repellent 100% cashmere, coats are so yummy to the touch and I love the fact that its vibrant cobalt blue. I love how Allegri added a contrasting down-padded detachable vest to the shorter lengths for additional warmth. You can easily and comfortably go from a warm day to a cool night. This little bonus is also present in the natural stretch polyester gabardine, Polytravel Padded Field Jacket with Detachable Fake Vest.

2011 marked the 40th anniversary of Allegri and they commemorated this auspicious celebration with a 40th anniversary label which markets its products under three different labels – Milano for the working week, A-Tech for leisure time and Black Label for discreet luxury outerwear.

which can be seen in the below Long Double Silk Jacket With Double Closing from the line’s Black Label Collection. The double silk is a fabric with a double layer of water-repellent and windproof silk.

This jacket was chosen to represent the 40th anniversary of the brand as a symbol of the brand’s traditional excellence and technological soul. My favorite looks all seem to be from the Milano Collection with the exception of the above 40th Anniversary Double Silk Jacket. The piece I most recommend (again from the Milano Collection, is the ultra-light water-repellent, “Packable” City Nylon Raincoat with Detachable Hood.

This chocolate dream folds away into its own pocket, perfect for transitioning for the cold wet outdoors to the artificially heated indoors without having to find a corner to hang your soaking wet coat and the best part – its wrinkle-free.

To discover more (and trust me, there is more) from the Allegri collection, the range is available at Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks, etc.

Baby its Fall Outside

It’s been too hot to wear clothes and it’s been annoying to do so until now. While I am not a fan of being caught in the rain, I do appreciate the break in the weather and the cool down. This cool down makes it so much easier to actually look at fall clothing. So on this cool rainy day, I could actually look at this adorable Explore Your Soul Tunic from Columbia Sportswear that’s been hanging in my closet since the summer

Not only is it comfortable, it’s freaking WATERPROOF – of yes I tested it out and it was amazing to see the water droplets sit on top of the fabric (thanks to the Omni-Shield advanced repellency). Not only does it keep you dry, it has “advanced evaporation technology and 4-way comfort stretch to keep you cool”. I also love the fact that it has double pockets which hit at the perfect arm length. I couldn’t help but take a photo of my sleeve

The Explore Your Soul Tunic comes in three colors – Tidewater (blue), Crushed Berry (shown above) and Greenscape (dark olive) and retails for $60.00. It is available in sizes XS – XL.

This temporary cooler weather has of course put me in a fall mood, so I will definitely try to fit in my other Columbia Sportswear items, like the Towering Tour Tunic, which easily transforms from long sleeve to 3/4 when you roll them up and snap into place with handy arm loops and closures. While on, this tunic kinda gives you a whole I’m off to safari feel which when you’re in the jungles of NYC is needed.

which retails $54.00 and is available in Pebble, Tidewater, Black Cherry (shown above), Greenscape and Black. This tunic is available in sizes XS – XL and the Black Cherry is also available in sizes 1X-3X.

The last item, which i’ll most like save for a particularly cool day (unless mother nature really throws us for a loop and we’re at 50 degrees tomorrow) is the Heathered Honey Long Hoodie

which retails for $60.00 and is available in Grill (grey), Mud (brown), Deep Teal and Black. My favorite thing about this hoodie besides its comfort are the princess lines on the front which makes wearing a hoodie very feminime. Ok, make that two favorite things because I love the fact that it has a shirt collar which is separate from the hoodie; the weight of hoods always make them slip back and your neck ends up getting cold. This tunic ends that issue. The Heathered Honey Tunic is available in sizes XS – XL and the Mud and Deep Teal are available in sizes 1X-3X

Columbia Sportswear will definitely have you ready for the unpredictable fall weather….now all I need are a pair if cute comfortable rain boots and i’ll be set.