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Vassilios Kostetos Spring 2011 Collection

I remember towards the end of my elementary school experience, a good friend of mine got Nintendo and invited me over for a sleepover. While there, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Super Mario Brothers and the ever enticing Duck Hunt. Well one evening while I tried desperately to not look like a total scrub of a marksman, I noticed my friend’s dad had stopped to survey how well I was faring. After a lackluster umpteenth attempt I finally gave up only to hear his dad exclaim “Wow, you got more misses than hits.” This is kind of how I felt about the Spring/Summer 2011 showing of Vassilios Kostetos at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

There is no doubt that Mr. Kostetos has a talent for design. However, I believe that it must be cultivated into something that is well suited for the American market and how modern American men and women dress. I will also say that the misses were not in the execution or craftsmanship of the clothing but rather in the editing and planning. For starters, although I am well aware of the priceyness of the tent rental for Mercedes Benz Fashion week, it would have suited these collections better to be separated. Then after separating, both collections needed to have more building to make for a better more well rounded story. For example in the women-swear, I kept seeing beautiful Grecian inspired influences like dresses and jackets with panels that resembled armor; but I would like to see the concept expanded upon and developed more. Some standouts for the women-swear were chic lightweight printed semi sheer dresses that were breezy and well conceived and dresses that seemed like lightweight armor perfect for a young Hollywood starlet

It was the same with the adorned menswear; beautiful execution but the ideas needed modern cultivation to make it more American consumer friendly. In the menswear its was clearly the tapered jodhpur style of pant paired with the loose printed tees.

Understanding the American marketplace is essential for a new designer and with a bit more insight and molding (perhaps to be received from merchandisers) Mr. Kostetos will continue to be a talent to watch. see the finale below. DW

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