The Perfectly Imperfect New 55DSL Shoe Collection

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe. This quote came to mind when I first laid eyes on the new collection of shoes from 55DSL. I know its strange that a Marilyn Monroe quote would capture the essence of 55DSL‘s imperfect shoes but if you break it down it fits perfectly – they’re beautiful, they’re genius and they are absolutely not boring.

55DSL’s created two footwear styles that compliments much of their collection each with small differences – imperfect details if you will – a running shoe, CRI55 CRO55 (pictured directly above) and a high-top sneaker, 55TOP (first image),  each in four different colors.

The CRI55 CRO55 comes in a two-toned suede-and-nylon mix: black/grey, beige/brown, iconic red/blue and “summer” blue-turquoise and grey. Can you spot the “imperfections”, here’s one hint – It’s on his eyes that you can find small differences (take a closer look at the image above and below).

The 55TOP, with his high-top shape, takes inspiration from ‘80s skate style in nylon with leather and suede accents and a vulcanized sole. Even for this model, 55DSL have not abandoned the iconic red/blue colors (detailed below), without forgetting the elegance of black and steel gray, the anthracite and green and the summer tones of mustard gold and bronze – keep your eye on the stitches.

The imperfections are in the small details: the stitching, the buttonholes, the colours on the logo and the labels. At first glance you won’t see a difference, but look closely and you will see the perfect imperfections. When can you get your hands on these imperfect soles? The 55DSL shoes are available in 55DSL stores and selected DIESEL stores now.

55DSL & Heineken’s Talent Competition

Do you love shows such as American Idol, The Voice, Americas Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance and think to yourself, “I can blow these contestants out of the water”? Well 55DSL and Heineken is giving you that opportunity. Show 55DSL that you have talent too by holding a talent competition for musicians, singers and dancers. See the below flyer for details

Show off your talent and possibly win some great prizes if you are one of the ten finalists selected to perform during the final competition on November 3rd at the 55DSL Store located at 281 Lafayette St btwn. East Houston and Prince. But to get to that, you must survive the live auditions on October 27th – you think you have what it takes? Show us

55DSL Hosts LeLe Saveri Live Q&A on Facebook

55DSL will host a one hour live stream Q & A with photographer and star of Kids In Italia, Lele Saveri on the 55DSL Facebook page this Wednesday at 3pm GMT / 10am EST.

Lele Saveri is an Italian photographer who divides his time between Milan and New York. Working around the world he has shot for the likes of Rolling Stone, NME and VICE. The film follows him as he explores and shoots traditional Sicilian festivals for his forthcoming book.

To log on to the live stream on Wednesday, click on this link to the 55DSL Facebook page – or simply press play and enjoy directly below

55dsl on Broadcast Live Free

The “Kids In Italia” project is supported by the “55DSL Italian Friends and Family” t-shirt series, celebrating the most original stuff happening in Italian street culture today as seen through the eyes of its global creative community. 55DSL tracks down the next generation of Italian street culture ambassadors and explore the environments in which they play.

55DSL Presents the Summer Series – Photos Can Speak

If you enjoyed Diesel’s Tuesday Music Series and 55DSL’s last event – 55DSL Presents In 55 Words, then you’re going to love 55DSL’s newest Summer Series event, Photos Can Speak which takes place on Thursday, August 18th from 6pm-8pm. Enjoy some refreshing Heineken as you get lost in the works of five amazing photographers as they showcase their work at the 55DSL Store located at 281 Lafayette Street.

Enjoy the works of J. Shotti, Ian Reid, JP Samedi, RNA Photo and Sarah de Burgh as you enjoy music by DJ Mills with photo buffs and other 55DSL fans.

55DSL Presents "In 55 Words"

Expression through clothing is one of the, if not, easiest way to express yourself – to show the world who you are but how good are you in expressing yourself with words. Many of you have done and continue to do so with some of the hot gear that 55DSL has to offer. But if that wasn’t possible, could you say who you are in 55 words? Could you tell your life story, your vision, your dreams in 55 words? Could you help someone, make them happy, make them care in 55 words? It’s harder than you think.

55DSL is giving some talented artists the chance to do so. 55DSL is inviting 15 of the hottest Spoken Word Artists from around New York to express themselves “In 55 Words” as part of their 55DSL Presents 55 Days of Summer Series hosted by Mickey Factz.

Be part of the live audience and enjoy the refreshing taste of Peroni Beer as you get to know these artists as they control, romance and wax lyrical art at the 55DSL store on Lafayette St on Tuesday, July 12th from 6pm – 8pm. You never know what might inspire you.

Diesel Sample Sale

Break out the plastic ladies and gentlemen because Diesel is having a sample sale. Get amazing deals on jeans, swimwear, shirts and accessories from Diesel, Diesel Black Gold and 55DSL.

See flyer below for details – get there early

Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Fast or Die – A 55DSL and Alex Fakso Collaboration

55DSL and contemporary street artist, Alex Fakso, have joined together to create a new photographic project titled Fast or Die, a powerful 112 page photo strip describing the world through the subways. With commuting becoming increasingly long – it is said some Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting via subway in a year – that’s more time than I spend in parks, museums, concerts, etc combined. Sad but true, the subway has become a fourth habitat for us, so I love the idea of capturing people in one of their natural habitats. This collaboration project comes to life after Fakso traveled the world for five years.

Metropolitan narratives from such places as London, the US, Russia and Japan are immortalized in 60 shots: portraits of people running, taking the subway, sleeping on docks, sneaking into tunnels. Fakso follows his subjects taking part in the action, moving along with them, following them until he manages to document instants and moments of their days, thus creating snapshots that contain stories, details and sensations.

This passion for street art and urban culture as well as being friends from childhood, brought 55DSL creative director Andrea Rosso to support Alex Fakso in this new project, together with Montana Colors which includes the above shown limited edition capsule collection of t-shirts inspired by Alex’s photography (the full capsule collection has six amazing tees). To celebrate this great project 55DSL will be hosting tour dates to give you an up close and personal look into Alex Fakso’s world