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Monika Chiang Takes Flight for Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Stepping into the Monika Chiang presentation felt as if one were stepping inside an aviary of rare birds. Chiang’s inspiration for the Fall/Winter collection was a recurring dream she’s been having of running fast enough to be able to take flight. Indeed the models’ looks were striking; Patrick Melville for Aveeno made them look as if they have just landed— highly coiffed ‘dos resembling a crest of an exotic bird with teased ends that made them look wind blown.

The theme of flight continues with the simple yet tailored garments, which Chiang drew from vintage aviation uniforms. Streamlined jackets, billowy pantsuits, shift dresses with overlapping lapels and artful hardware details combined to show how it takes strength and grace to fly. Metal collar and bib necklaces with sculpted flocks topped off the simple architecture of each piece.

Winged ear cuffs and rings coupled with metal plated footwear and purses presented a stunning juxtaposition to the deep blues, blacks, reds, tans, and greens of the clothes. All in all, a strong collection that is both wearable yet statement making.

***A huge thank you to Guest Blogger, Christine Ongsueng of The Tiny Tierant for covering this show for My Life on and off the Guest List this season. Make sure to check out her blog.

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