Fit to be Bow-Tied | Jill Pineda Bow Ties

With the stronghold that menswear influences has on women’s fashion, we felt it was a perfect time to highlight these sensational collection of edgy bow ties for women from fashion stylist and designer, Jill Pineda. These unique, handcrafted and very fashionable bow ties are actually made for both men and women but today we’re talking to the ladies. The edgy bow ties are available in a variety of fabrications including leather, faux fur, leather and faux leather, and cotton and adorned with embellishments like metal spikes, studs, zippers and buttons.

As you can see, there are many favorites to fall in love with. We find ourselves gearing towards the edgier styles like the Spiked Bow Ties (available in black, white, red, and silver) and Studded Bow Ties (available in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, black, and white) but we know everyone will love all the available styles. The Jill Pineda Bow Ties range in retail from $17.50 – $59.00 and are available on the Jill Pineda website.

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