FTL MODA + FTL MODA LOVING YOU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

The future of fashion is more than just a mere statement. At the FTL MODA Fall/Winter 2015 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the future of fashion was here….now. With a collection of four very distinct international designers, the FTL MODA Fall/Winter 2015 show left fashion goers with a memorable and powerful show. Not only were show attendees mesmerized by the designers, we were completely charmed by the amazing models. Celebrating all, the show featured models with various disabilities that brought the crowd cheering. Designers for this show included kaletra generic for sale Hendrik Vermeulen, Rozalia Bot, Landi Accessories, and Antonio Urzi.

kaletra 80/20 Hendrik Vermeulen

With a collection titled Smoke and Mirrors, designer Hendrik Vermeulen featured stunning maxis, separates, and must-have layering pieces in custom dyed double knit Italian wool, and custom printed silks. We were enchanted by his bold colors, sensual silhouettes and the luxurious elements of the collection.

Rozalia Bot

We got an overwhelming amount of romance and femininity from Romania courtesy of Rozalia Bot. The designer brought the feeling of mystery and excitement that comes with romance, but with modern updates. Key details included elaborate floral embroidery, flowing fabrications, iridescent chiffon, sensual silhouettes, and delicate lines. Her collection had us envisioning a world where everyone romanced each other in Shakespearean prose.

ritonavir coronavirus store Landi Accessories

With bold handbag shapes, exotic skins and materials, and a white surrealistic theme, the Landi Accessories’ presentation was definitely an impactful show. The collection was a tribute to feminine class through iconic divas in history, symbols of elegance, refined and impeccable tastes.

how much does kaletra cost Antonio Urzi

Antonio Urzi presented the most futuristic collection with striking embellishments, bold details and accessories, and looks which boasted supple leather. His show left a lasting impression of attendees, who paid respect with gasps and cheers and other forms of adulation. The audience was immediately mesmerized from his first looks of what we’re personally calling the “Keepers of the Gates of Urzi” (see photo below). We’re not sure how far in the future Urzi took us, but we’d like to be there now.


Another memorable moment from the FLT MODA show was the collaboration with Fondazione Vertical, Italian foundation which supports four research labs that helps to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, and Models of Diversity in London, a 6-year old agency which trains and prepares models from all over the world to find their way through the most challenging talent selections rules. The final and very succesful segment of the show was performed following the #MovingForward campaign, launched on socials by FTL MODA and giving access to disabled models from Spain, Italy, UK, US, Romania, and Russia. The audience was gave rousing applause to these amazing models.


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