Count Yums, Not Calories w/ Sara Lee® Delightful™ Breads

There’s been this ongoing battle with eating starchy foods versus not eating starchy foods. Yes the great bread debate has drawn a line in the sand, but we’re proud to say we are pro bread. We just can’t get enough, especially because we love a good sandwich. Thanks to Sara Lee Fresh Bakery, we can pay a little less attention to our calorie count, with their new range of Sara Lee® Delightful™ Breads that boasts only 45 calories per full-size slice. Available in White Bread, Wheat Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread (made with real Honey), Healthy Multi-Grain Bread, and our newest obsession, Oatmeal Bread (which launches soon),

With the Sara Lee Delightful™ Breads, you can enjoy a great tasting, full meal without feeling like you’re missing out. The available varieties give you the taste and texture you love, but with 45 calories per slice, you can enjoying eating bread again without worrying about if it fits into your diet. These low calorie breads contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, zero trans fat, an excellent source of fiber, and a great way to keeping your heart healthy. Along with great taste, the Oatmeal 100% Whole Wheat, and Multi-Grain breads give you 16 grams of whole per serving, giving you the fiber you need and want for a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you’ve seen the great benefits of  Sara Lee® Delightful™ Bread, will you be trying them out? If you need some recipe ideas, head over to

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