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Food for Thought: Understanding the Modern Day Denture Wearer

Today’s blog post highlights something we admit, we’ve never thought about, something we didn’t think we’d have to think about for several years, but as we learned, for many people our age (and some younger), having to wear and care for dentures is something they have to deal with every day. Believe it or not, the average age when denture wearers get their first dentures is 44 years old, and 1 in 6 (or 50 million) people are denture wearers, eliminating the misconception that only senior citizens wear dentures. How is this possible you may ask? There is a misconception that old age is the only reason one wear dentures, but many people wear partial or full dentures for other reasons, such as poor health, accidents or perhaps they want an alternative to the dental implants offered at places like And for those people, the idea of eating certain foods, kissing, or simply smiling are worrisome issues. Thanks to GSK’s Polident and Poligrip, denture wearers needn’t be concerned, and can continue on to living a fulfilled life. Although, these days there are alternatives to dentures. If you find them uncomfortable, you can look at different courses such as the ones that can be found on sites like

We had the pleasure of helping to prepare, and then enjoy some of the most worrisome foods that many denture wearers avoid at the Miette Culinary Studio; foods that we enjoy with no problems, like Corn, Steak, Apples, are a huge problem for denture wearers. Not only do they think about denture odor, stains, bacteria, and food becoming trapped under their dentures, they also worry about those foods dislodging their dentures. Other denture issues include not wanting to smile, talk too much, or kiss their significant others for fear that their dentures will fall out. Thanks to Polident’s denture cleansing products, and Poligrip’s denture adhesive products, young and older denture wearers can begin to enjoy the foods they gave up. With Chef Jeff Ho at the helm, our group grilled a wonderful steak, vegetables and Tofu (the other two groups were working on dishes made with corn and apples), and we all enjoyed a delicious meal while learning more about these two amazing products.

Thanks to a survey of 500 denture wearers, and Dr. Frank Gonser, we learned that 35% can’t live their lives to their fullest, 40% worry about their teeth falling out in public so they don’t go out, many hide the fact that they wear dentures from co-workers, 89% don’t clean their dentures properly, with many using toothpaste, and in some cases, bleach (both of which are too abrasive), as a misguided way to clean their dentures.

We also learned that dentures are made out of plastic materials, and contain minuscule pores that Polident’s cleansing bubbles will easily get to, for a thorough cleaning of those hard to reach areas. When you soak, brush, and rinse with Polident’s products, it not only properly cleans dentures, but it also kills 99.9% odor causing bacteria. When it comes to staying power, three strips on the upper teeth, and to on the lower of the adhesive Poligrip is all you need for a secure and comfortable fit. Too much and you’re left with an excess of product in your mouth and most likely, issues removing your dentures.

If you’re new to denture wearing, or just want to stay abreast on the topic, no matter your age, we recommend the visiting for all questions, concerns, and the proper way to clean your dentures.

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