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BeachTacs: Keeping Your Beach Towels and Drinks in Place

We’re right in the middle of beach season and the hottest time of the year, which means by now some of you have made several trips to the shores to indulge in a little sun and surf. we’re sure there are essentials you take with you to the beach – chair, blanket or towel, sunblock, snacks, etc. What if we told you there was one necessity you were missing from your beach gear? One that will make your beach-going experience easier and more enjoyable; something you never knew you needed, and what you’ll realize you must have. what are we talking about? We’re talking about BeachTacs!

Get ready for the new must-have beach product! BeachTacs are a combination of towel clips and drink holders that should be an essential part of your summer trips to the beach, whether you’re heading to the shores near you, or going away on vacation. We’ve all experienced the annoying tasks of chasing down wayward blankets and towels that have literally “gone with the wind”, we’ve all either had our bags, fellow beachgoers (friends and family of course), and even beverages act as paperweights, so our towels don’t fly away. Of course more often than not, a strong gust of wind will topple that beverage right onto the towels, leaving you thirsty, most likely a cup of sandy beverage, and with a wet towel. You can change all that with BeachTacs.

“Stake your place in the sand while keeping your towels from blowing away in the wind, and your drinks from spilling in the sand or on your towel!” Thanks to BeachTacs, you no longer have to experience these annoying beach issues. With its astonishingly simple design to hold your beach towel and drink in place, it will have you spending less time worrying, and more time having fun. BeachTacs are US patented, and are manufactured, using the high-quality plastic. Each package includes an 8 piece set to lock down all four corners of your towel into the sand without putting a hole or ripping your towel, plus it will hold any drink container under 2.5” diameters.

The set breakdown includes: four child proof easy locking stakes, three easy locking caps, one easy locking cup holder, and a reusable carrying tote with an inside slot for holding keys, your ID and more. This beach necessity, which retails for $12.99, comes in three colors, including Sky Blue, Pretty in Pink, and Sunshine Yellow, and is available at Walmart, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Zulily, RK Shopping Network, as well as their website,

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