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Let’s Talk Tresses: Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System, & Dessange Paris Purifying Clay System

For the past few weeks, we’ve been indulging our hair in some of the most luxurious, and beneficial beauty products. The results, of course, have been wonderful….our hair as never been more lustrous and healthy, thanks to the Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System, & Dessange Paris Purifying Clay System. We’re sure most of you are aware that when we get older, our skin gets drier, and of course, this includes our scalp. As we age, our scalp oil decreases, which leads to dry hair and scalp, our hair loses melanin which turns it hair gray, hair becomes thinner and grows more slowly. These great products, which should be in your beauty arsenal, helped us combat these issues.

Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System

With this 3-step system, you have the weapon you need to fight against your hair’s aging process. The Revive Detoxing Clarifier nourishes your hair without weighing it down and removes dull residue to reveal your hair’s natural shine and luminous tones. The Restore Reconstructing Masque is formulated with a Peptide Amino-Vitamin Complex that fights the graying process, stimulates growth, strengthens your hair’s natural fiber, repairs micro-fractures, moisturizes and controls frizz.  The Re-Activate Rejuvenating Elixir reinforces your hair shaft, softens, detangles and regulates your hair’s moisture

DESSANGE PARIS Purifying Clay Balancing Pre-Shampoo Mask & Balancing Shampoo

We were pretty excited when we received these two Dessange hair products to test out. You may know about the benefits of clay which is known for its detoxifying, purifying, and antiseptic abilities. The Dessange Paris Purifying Clay System boasts a natural concentrated green clay The Dessange Paris Purifying Clay Balancing Pre-Shampoo Mask is the first clay-in-mask regulating treatment that specifically targets an oily scalp and eliminate toxins. With this breakthrough skin purifying technology, which contains 30% mineral green clay, this Pre-Shampoo Mask absorbs excess sebum and regulates oil production over time. Your scalp is left deeply purified, which helps to drastically reduce excess oil production and allows the shampoo to work better . Get it for $11.99 exclusively at Target nationwide.

Step two of the Dessange Paris Purifying Clay system, is the Balancing Shampoo, a pro-vitamin b5 enhanced shampoo with a light cherry, violet, and vanilla scent helps to minimize oily roots and leave you with soft, perfectly balanced hair. The Dessange Paris Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo protects the hair fiber, helping repair and soften your hair from roots to ends. Your hair and scalp will become rebalanced. Get it for $9.99 exclusively at Target nationwide.

Whether you try both the Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System, & Dessange Paris Purifying Clay System, or just one of them, you’re taking a major step towards gorgeous hair.

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