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No Gem Unturned: 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Once again, it was time to surround ourselves with the ultimate indulgence, immeasurably gorgeous gems and jewelry. Won’t you please join us in salivating over the extraordinary pieces from the 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards. We saw many amazing jewelry pieces and fell in love with more than just the award winners. Of course, there were many favorites, much too many photos to share them all, so we’re going to do our best in narrowing down our selection process to our all-time favorites. some of these we love for their shape, color, brilliance, and originality. This year’s award categories includes Bridal Wear Sponsored by The Knot, Business/Day Wear, Classical, Evening Wear, Men’s Wear, Fashion Forward Honors, Manufacturing Honors, and Platinum Honors.

Bridal Wear

  1. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18K white gold ring featuring a 26mm freshwater cultured pearl accented with Diamond.
  2. Richard Kimball, Rika jewelry design – 18K yellow gold and palladium earrings featuring 11mm white cultured pearls accented with Diamonds.
  3. Brenda Smith, Brenda Smith Jewelry – Palladium “Celebration” earrings featuring multicolored Sapphire briolettes, carved Opal, and Diamonds.*
  4. Lynn Gambino, Lilly Street – 18K white gold “Something Blue…..” earrings featuring pear-shaped Aquamarine cabochons accented with Diamonds.
  5. Ardeshir Dabestani, Asha Gallery, Ltd – 18K white and rose gold “Passion” ring featuring a pink Sapphire accented with white Diamonds.
  6. Gulgun Buldanlioglu, Maya Fine Jewelry – 18K white gold ring set featuring a pear-shaped Tanzanite, a pear-shaped red Spinel, and a cushion-cut pink Spinel accented with pink Spinels and Diamonds.
  7. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18K white gold earrings featuring baroque freshwater cultured Pearls accented with round Pearls and Diamonds.

Business/Day Wear

  1. Robert Martinez, Teel’s Jewelry – 14K yellow gold “Kiwi” pendant featuring Peridot, tsavorite Garnets, black Diamonds, and white Diamonds.
  2. Chelsea Knights, Mark Schneider Designs – 14K yellow gold pendant featuring a triptic of Mexican fire Opal, Hematite and black jade accented with white Diamonds and black Diamonds.
  3. Frederic Duclos, Frederic Duclos – Sterling silver “Cerralvo” necklace featuring Chalcedony, Amethyst, rose Quartz, Amazonite, and Mother-of-Pearl.
  4. Cynthia Bach, Cynthia Bach, Inc – 18K yellow gold “Peacock Slave” ring featuring Amethyst accented with a demantoid Garnet and Diamonds.*
  5. Robin Wayne, Ryan Roberts, Ltd – 18K gold and palladium ring featuring Citrine accented with pink Sapphires and Diamonds.
  6. Joshua Blanchard, Stuller, Inc – Platinum ring featuring round pink Sapphires and Diamonds.
  7. Erik Stewart, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 18K yellow gold and palladium “Let the Games Begin” ring accented with tsavorite Garnets, purple Garnets, and yellow Garnets.
  8. Gregore Morin, Gregore Joailliers – Palladium “Pink Buddha” earrings featuring pink Opals accented with pink Tourmalines and Diamonds.*
  9. Katey Brunini, K. Brunini Jewels – 18K yellow gold “Skipping Stones” bracelet featuring black Opals and cocobolo wood triangles accented with yellow Diamonds.
  10. Judy Dobbs, Equine Designs – Sterling silver  armadillo pendant featuring a Texas star-cut blue Topaz.
  11. Travis Duggan, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 14K yellow and white gold “The Spinning Sunset” pendant featuring yellow Sapphires accented with orange Sapphires and Diamonds.

Evening Wear

  1. Kurt Cavano, Kurt Cavano – Silver “Star of Arizona” pendant featuring Amethyst accented with smaller Amethysts.
  2. Parul Kuki Seth, Parulina Jewelry – 18K pink and yellow gold and sterling silver “Stiletto Dagger” necklace featuring Garnet accented with Rubies.
  3. Adam Neeley, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 14K white gold and anodized titanium “The Oracle” necklace featuring cuprian Tourmaline accented with Diamonds.
  4. Robert Pelliccia, J.R. Dunn Jewelers – 18K white and yellow gold “Peacock Feather” pendant featuring an Opal accented with Sapphires, tsavorite Garnets, yellow Sapphires and white Diamonds.
  5. Ion Ionescu, Ionescu Design, Inc – 18K yellow gold “1001 Nights, Revisited” thumb ring featuring pale green Sapphires, pink Sapphires and Diamonds.*
  6. Ricardo Basta, E. Eichberg, Inc – Silver ring with platinum and 18K yellow gold accents featuring rutilated Quartz.
  7. Ricardo Basta, E. Eichberg, Inc – 18K white and rose gold “Spider” ring featuring blue Zircon accented with black Diamonds, carved Jade leaves and Diamonds.
  8. Wendy Brandes, Wendy Brandes Jewelry – 18K yellow, rose and white gold with platinum “Dragon & Knight Maneater” ring featuring tsavorite Garnets accented with brown Diamonds, white Diamonds, Keshi Pearls and Ruby.
  9. Belle Brooke Barer, Belle Brooke Designs, Inc – Oxidized sterling silver and 18K yellow gold “Blue Blossom” necklace featuring Abhik gem silica cabochon accented with Diamonds.*
  10. Paula Crevoshay, Paula Crevoshay – 18k yellow gold “Queen Sheba” necklace featuring Opal accented with blue Zircons on triple-strand Opal beads.*
  11. Terence M. Quinn, Quinn’s Goldsmith, Inc – 18k yellow and white gold “Super Nova” slide necklace featuring Rubies and Diamonds
  12. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18k yellow gold pendant featuring a cleaved clear Quartz crystal accented with Diamonds.


  1. Claudia Kretchmer, Somewhere in the Rainbow – Platinum and 24K crystallized gold “RockStar2” pendant featuring a color-shift blue Zircon accented with Diamonds – 1st Place Evening Wear
  2. Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs – Strand of freshwater baroque cultured Pearls with 18K white gold and Diamonds and a freshwater baroque cultured Pearl pendant – Best use of Pearl Classical
  3. Lorenzo Chavez, Geogem-USA – Platinum and 18K yellow gold “Big Sky” pendant featuring carved black Jade and a freeform faceted Sapphire accented with Diamonds – Platinum Innovation Classical
  4. Gurmit Kaur Campbell, SRW – 18K yellow gold “Betwixt and Between” ring featuring a South Sea cultured Pearl accented with Diamonds – Gem Diva Award Business/Day Wear
  5. Andrew Costen, Costen Catbalue – Platinum “Symphony of Colour” bracelet featuring green Tourmaline, yellow Zircon, indicolite Tourmaline and rubellite Tourmaline accented with Diamonds – Best Use of Platinum and Color Evening Wear
  6. Lisa Linhardt, Linhardt Design – Oxidized sterling silver “Tempest” sculptural duster ring featuring yellow Sapphires – Gem Diva Award Evening Wear

The last photo we’re listing separately because we think this piece stands out so much. When this kaleidoscope necklace captures the sun, the dazzling gemstones housed inside display a beautiful and colorful display of colors that you can clearly see. Learn a bit more about this stunning piece below:

Brian Cook, Nature’s Geometry – 24K yellow gold “Wheel of Light” numinous pendant featuring Quartz, Paraiba Tourmaline, Hauyn, Ruby, spessartite Garnet, golden rutilated Quartz and fire Agate beads – Fashion Forward Evening Wear

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