Ana Luisa Everyday Luxury Jewelry

Ana Luisa Jewelry: Everyday Luxury Without the High-End Markup

Is there anything better than getting the best for less? We love saving money but we know it’s only really worth it when what you’re saving on are exceptional pieces. This is the idea behind the Ana Luisa jewelry brand, who offers everyday luxury jewelry for women. Unlike most luxury jewelry brands, whose prices reflect costs to the wholesale distributor, sales agent, marketing and retail markup, Ana Luisa offers a direct-to-consumer approach. Their approach of in-house designers, responsible production practices, and an online selling method allows the luxury-loving woman to afford gorgeous, high-end jewelry without the high-end markup.

Ana Luisa Everyday Luxury Jewelry

We couldn’t resist getting to know the Ana Luisa Jewelry and its beautiful jewelry options. Whether you’re looking for everyday essentials or statement pieces, this affordable luxury brand is what you’re looking for. Our introduction to Ana Luisa Jewelry began with three pieces: the Flower Stud Earrings in Iris Pink, the Tessa Friendship Bracelet in Pink, and the Mona Hoop Earrings.

Ana Luisa Everyday Luxury Jewelry

We were incredibly excited to receive our pieces and although we expected each item to be individually wrapped and placed in separate bags, we realize that it’s not a necessary need. The important thing is “how is the jewelry?” We will say Ana Luisa did not disappoint; let us tell you a bit about each piece first:

Flower Stud Earrings, $75.00 – a 14K Gold plated, delicate flower stud earrings with a natural pearl and an artistic enamel layer that is individually hand painted.

Tessa Friendship Bracelet, $59.00 – a 14k gold dipped friendship bracelet with a soft cotton ribbon braided with a delicate gold plated chain.

Mona Hoop Earrings, $69.00 – elegant, 14K gold-dipped studded hoop earrings with a textured ripple design.

Ana Luisa Everyday Luxury Jewelry

Out of the three pieces, the Flower Stud Earrings were our favorite (it was love at first sight). We generally go for more statement earrings but there’s something about these graceful beauties that just stands out to us. They have a nice weight to them, they don’t pinch or weigh your lobs down, and they’re wonderfully chic. The first item we actually wore was the Mona Hoop Earrings; we love the idea of studded hoop earrings, it’s a great fusion of the two design details and we think a stylish addition to the earring category. Lastly, the Tessa Friendship Bracelet is a lovely and sophisticated version of the iconic childhood bracelet. Unfortunately, we need to get an extender because chubby wrists are a thing but once we get it, we’ll be gleefully wearing the Tessa.

This was our intro to Ana Luisa Jewelry and we can’t wait to share other favorite pieces with you. Learn more about Ana Luisa on their blog.

PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale

Shopping NYC: PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale

The gifting season is almost upon us and we all know one gift that’s always a hit for the ladies – jewelry!! What’s better than giving the great gift of jewelry? Saving on those holiday jewelry gifts. We’re happy to once again share the upcoming PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale. As you know, we are obsessed with the stunning Italian Resin jewelry (which you may remember Rihanna rocked in the June 2018 issue of Vogue). Well, here’s your chance to score some of the gorgeous PONO jewelry at wonderful sample sale prices.

PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale

Get gorgeous gifts galore with a stop into the PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale where the bold and beautiful baubles are all 50-80% off.  Shop and save to your heart’s content while you meet PONO’s Creative Director, Joan Goodman and feast your eyes on gorgeous goods from $5.00 – $500.00.

PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale

Go big with a posh pair of oversized Moon Resin Earrings – once $100 and now all yours at a fantastic $55.00. Score the sensational hand-sculpted, beaded Italian resin Allegra Necklace, previously $600.00 – now available at an amazing $250.00.

Steal the crystal-clear multilevel geometric Sea Glass Necklace for $175.00 down from a former $415.00, or own the Angle Bangle, a fusion of poetry and geometry – regularly $65.00, now yours for only $25.00. For the finish, indulge your wrists at the bangle bar, where 3 pieces are yours for only $25.00, 5 go for $30.00, and 10 can be taken for $50.00. All bangles are originally valued at $30.00 – $45.00 each.

How do you get to the  PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale? Head over to 224 W 30th St., Suite 304, between Seventh and Eighth Aves. Hop on the following subways: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R to Herald Square, or the 1, 2, 3, A, C, E to Penn Station. The sample sale runs from Monday, Nov 26th through Friday, Dec 7th, from 9am–6pm. Please note the location is closed on Sundays. For more information on PONO and the upcoming sample sale, call (212-216 0022).

What are you looking forward to buying at the PONO 2018 Holiday Jewelry Sample Sale?

It’s Shop’O Clock: PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Sample Sale

Hello fellow fashion lovers. If you haven’t noticed, the season of savings is upon us. That’s right, sample sale season has begun. It’s time to “not-splurge” on some of your favorite splurge-worthy luxury fashion accessories at a budget-friendly price. We’re happy to share the upcoming sample sale of one of our favorite luxury jewelry labels, PONO by Joan Goodman. What’s so wonderful about the PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Sample Sale? Aside from the fact that they are gorgeous and you’ll be rocking the same fabulous pieces that have become it’s own character on shows like The Good Wife, you’ll be in the same style company as Rihanna who recently wore a few pieces in June’s issue of Vogue Magazine.

So join us in springing into spring and summer style by heading over to the PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Sample Sale where bold and beautiful pieces are yours for the taking at 50-80% off. Peruse all the pretty things with Creative Director, Joan Goodman, and enter their raffle to score an astonishing ensemble of jewelry that will knock your fashionable socks off!

You will fall in love with links like the Lena Necklace, originally $500.00, now up for grabs for $200.00; or find fashion in the stars with the over-sized Gemini Necklace, once $340.00, now a novel $100.00. For the edgy and elegant, there are the perfectly pastel Ice Angle Bangles available, normally $60.00, now simply half price at $30.00, or PONO’s sensational Swing Earrings, all your favorite pool-side hues, normally $55.00, now all yours for only $25.00. Finally, take home this season’s “must-have” on-piece “Maker”- the textured Touchstone necklace, it’s everything you’ll need to be beach glam, now $50.00, way down from an earlier $490.00!



See all the location and sale details below:

Date: May 30th – June 8th, from 9am–6pm
Location: 224 W 30th St, suite 304, between 7th and 8th Aves.

Getting to the PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Sample Sale is easy via the following subway lines: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R to Herald Square, 1, 2, 3, A, C, E to Penn Station.

SHOPPING NYC: PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Jewelry Sample Sale

If you didn’t get a chance to be gifted with, or grab some of the PONO by Joan Goodman spring jewelry collection for yourself for Mother’s Day, now is your chance to get some of their gorgeous pieces for yourself, at a great discount. You may remember we highlighted some of our favorite PONO pieces in our Spring 2017 Accessories and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas blog post. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the spring sample sale season has arrived. Why not treat yourself to one or several of PONO by Joan Goodman’s amazing jewelry pieces.

What savings can you expect from the PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Jewelry sample sale this season? Score all the gorgeous baubles you can imagine when you pop into PONO’s Spring Sample Sale, where all the pretty things and statement pieces are 50-80% off. Get to know more about the brand and this stunning collection as you review the line with PONO’s designer, Joan Goodman. After you’re well acquainted with the pieces, select from PONO’s exceptional array of items like the utterly divine Dream Catcher Necklace once $365.00, now yours at the reduced price of $150.00; collect a cool choker or two, like the Paulina Arctic Resin Choker, originally priced at $225.00, now yours at an easy $100.00; or go galactic with The Stardust Ana Choker, a steal at $60.00, from the original price of $215.00.

If arm candy is a must-have for you this season (and it should be), why not top off your trip with a big win at the PONO bangle bar, where three pieces are only $25.00, five bangles go for $30.00, and ten bangles are yours for only $50.00. You’ll be saving a bundle, as all of these beautiful bangles are originally valued at $30.00-$45.00 apiece. the PONO by Joan Goodman Spring Jewelry sample sale runs June 5th -June 9th, from 9am–6pm.


We must note that PONO has a new address.  You can now find the ladies and their gorgeous jewelry pieces at 224 West 30th St. suite 304, conveniently located between Seventh and Eighth Aves. Access can be found with the following Subway lines: B, D, F, M, N, Q, R to Herald Square, or the 1, 2, 3, A, C, E to Penn Station. For more information, call (212) 216-0044 or visit

E. Shaw Jewels: Give Mom Something Special this Mother’s Day

Are you thinking of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts for the moms in your life? Who better than a mother and daughter jewelry making duo to give the wonderful mothers you know the perfect gift! E. Shaw Jewels offer unique jewelry featuring precious gemstones and one-of-a-kind designs, all handmade by mother and daughter, Eva and Elizabeth Shaw. Whether you select the gift option yourself or give the moms on your list a gift certificate to select their own gift (E. Shaw has all the birthstones available), both you and your Mother’s day gift recipients will not be disappointed in this amazing fine jewelry brand that is made in America.

Not sure if the moms in your life would love a bracelet or necklace? Gift her with an E. Shaw Jewels Jasmine, Luau, or Clear Sky Wrap Bracelets, $125.00. These versatile pieces, made with a variety of assorted gemstones, convert into five layered bracelets, a long necklace, or a doubled necklace. As with all E. Shaw jewels, they can all be worn alone or layered with your favorite jewelry pieces. If your mom is like ours, maybe she’s a huge fan of earrings. E. Shaw Jewels offer several amazing natural and raw gemstone earrings, as well as polished gemstone earrings. We love the Soleil Hoop Earrings, Delta Earrings, and their famed Tassel Earrings (which are available in a variety of styles, gemstones, and lengths).

Want to gift the mom in your life a complete set, why not try one of the Over the Moon Necklaces, and matching Over the Moon Earrings. Give her either the 14-kt gold-filled or sterling silver and sparkling cubic zirconia necklace and pearl earrings or go extra special and give her both pieces encrusted with diamonds.

Would the moms on your list love an E. Shaw Jewels piece? Would you love one or two pieces for yourself? Head over to their website, visit the NYC-based store at 107 Sullivan Street, or one of the retailers that carry E. Shaw Jewels.

The Season of Style: Zenzii Jewelry and Accessories Collection

As you may or may not have recently heard, the bi-annual fashion weeks are headed towards being an in-season event. While the fashion and accessory industries have several items that are seasonless, there are many stylish things we have to patiently wait for to be in season. Luckily the jewelry and accessory label we’re highlighting today is not one of those. Zenzii Jewelry has always been way ahead of the game, offering seasonless pieces that you can enjoy year’ round. We had the pleasure of being introduced to the Zenzii Jewelry and Accessories Collection by a very stylish friend of ours, and to say it was love, at first sight, is an understatement.

The stunning range of jewelry is the brainchild of very stylish couple, Shawn and Jenny Li, who combined their individual design ideas (her fashion, him analytical) to create this beautiful collection of striking and impactful jewelry.  Zenzii is teeming with bold, statement jewelry that screams of regality, and celebrates the woman that is confident in her beauty and style. We see each Zenzii piece as a crown, a spotlight on the details that shows off a women’s personality, whether she’s into bold, bright pieces, neutral or classic tones.

You can’t help but be enamored and completely under the spell of these pieces fashioned in metals, pearls, resin, and fabric, many with beads and gemstones adding even more to their stunningly ostentatious design details. The true beauty and reason for the success of the  Zenzii Jewelry and accessories brand is, it does not rely on just one design aesthetic, instead focusing on what makes a woman happy……we love to be noticed of course, and to celebrate our distinct style.

The line does a fantastic service of offering women a choice of statement, and more delicate pieces. It also absolutely has a great selection for the women who fall somewhere in between those two style personalities. We’ve personally tried to select our favorite pieces but that is an impossible feat when every piece of jewelry is a standout.

What’s even more amazing about Zenzii Jewelry and Accessories’s is its price point. Their classic collection ranges from $20.00-$150.00, and their high-end, luxury collection ranges from $75.00 – $300.00. Both collections are available on Are you ready to enjoy seasonless style?

Dune Jewelry: Wear Sand from Your Favorite Beach Vacation

For all tourists, bringing home souvenirs from your latest trip is a must, a small token of their escape from their regular lives to a new destination. Souvenirs evoke memories of the fun-filled days spent relaxing on the beach, eating new cuisines, and enjoying new views, especially if the vacation was to somewhere tropical. While many may grab t-shirts, handmade pottery, and seashells, many may wish to take a bit more from their favorite destination, a keepsake that will last. In comes Dune Jewelry with a beautiful and memorable option to carry the memories from your favorite destination with you.

Some of my favorite and most memorable vacation spots boast the most beautiful beaches, this includes the island where I was born, here many of family members still reside, and Oprah selected as her favorite, the island of St. Lucia. It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed the wonderful beaches of St. Lucia, but thanks to Dune Jewelry, and it’s founder and designer, Holly Daniels Christensen, I’ll carry a piece of the island of my birth with me wherever I go.  You see, Dune Jewelry is the original beach sand jewelry company. With their unique and priceless handmade jewelry pieces, you can create a personalized jewelry keepsake of your special travel memory with jewelry filled with sand from your favorite destination. Because sand varies in size and color and comes in a vast array of colors and textures, adding it to your jewelry gives your piece a distinctive appearance.



Some of our favorite pieces include the Regatta Ring, Sandollar Necklace, and Inlet Cuff Bracelet. The Boston-based jewelry manufacturer gives you the choice of selecting beach sand from their Sandbank, which offers a worldwide selection of over 2500 beach sands and locations, spanning all seven continents, or you have the option to send in your own sand! Dune has jewelry and accessories for both men and women and the pieces are sophisticated, chic and stylish enough to wear to work and evenings out.

So if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the memory of your childhood home, favorite girls or guys getaway, a romantic vacation, or your honeymoon, with Dune Jewelry, you will always have that travel beach memory. All of Dune’s pieces are made in the US and have a lifetime warranty. Each piece comes with care instructions and information on the sand enclosed. What’s more amazing, Dune Jewelry makes a quarterly donation from portions of every purchase made online to various coastal preservation organizations. To purchase your favorite piece, visit, and various retail stores nationwide.

No Gem Unturned: 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Once again, it was time to surround ourselves with the ultimate indulgence, immeasurably gorgeous gems and jewelry. Won’t you please join us in salivating over the extraordinary pieces from the 2016 AGTA Spectrum Awards. We saw many amazing jewelry pieces and fell in love with more than just the award winners. Of course, there were many favorites, much too many photos to share them all, so we’re going to do our best in narrowing down our selection process to our all-time favorites. some of these we love for their shape, color, brilliance, and originality. This year’s award categories includes Bridal Wear Sponsored by The Knot, Business/Day Wear, Classical, Evening Wear, Men’s Wear, Fashion Forward Honors, Manufacturing Honors, and Platinum Honors.

Bridal Wear

  1. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18K white gold ring featuring a 26mm freshwater cultured pearl accented with Diamond.
  2. Richard Kimball, Rika jewelry design – 18K yellow gold and palladium earrings featuring 11mm white cultured pearls accented with Diamonds.
  3. Brenda Smith, Brenda Smith Jewelry – Palladium “Celebration” earrings featuring multicolored Sapphire briolettes, carved Opal, and Diamonds.*
  4. Lynn Gambino, Lilly Street – 18K white gold “Something Blue…..” earrings featuring pear-shaped Aquamarine cabochons accented with Diamonds.
  5. Ardeshir Dabestani, Asha Gallery, Ltd – 18K white and rose gold “Passion” ring featuring a pink Sapphire accented with white Diamonds.
  6. Gulgun Buldanlioglu, Maya Fine Jewelry – 18K white gold ring set featuring a pear-shaped Tanzanite, a pear-shaped red Spinel, and a cushion-cut pink Spinel accented with pink Spinels and Diamonds.
  7. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18K white gold earrings featuring baroque freshwater cultured Pearls accented with round Pearls and Diamonds.

Business/Day Wear

  1. Robert Martinez, Teel’s Jewelry – 14K yellow gold “Kiwi” pendant featuring Peridot, tsavorite Garnets, black Diamonds, and white Diamonds.
  2. Chelsea Knights, Mark Schneider Designs – 14K yellow gold pendant featuring a triptic of Mexican fire Opal, Hematite and black jade accented with white Diamonds and black Diamonds.
  3. Frederic Duclos, Frederic Duclos – Sterling silver “Cerralvo” necklace featuring Chalcedony, Amethyst, rose Quartz, Amazonite, and Mother-of-Pearl.
  4. Cynthia Bach, Cynthia Bach, Inc – 18K yellow gold “Peacock Slave” ring featuring Amethyst accented with a demantoid Garnet and Diamonds.*
  5. Robin Wayne, Ryan Roberts, Ltd – 18K gold and palladium ring featuring Citrine accented with pink Sapphires and Diamonds.
  6. Joshua Blanchard, Stuller, Inc – Platinum ring featuring round pink Sapphires and Diamonds.
  7. Erik Stewart, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 18K yellow gold and palladium “Let the Games Begin” ring accented with tsavorite Garnets, purple Garnets, and yellow Garnets.
  8. Gregore Morin, Gregore Joailliers – Palladium “Pink Buddha” earrings featuring pink Opals accented with pink Tourmalines and Diamonds.*
  9. Katey Brunini, K. Brunini Jewels – 18K yellow gold “Skipping Stones” bracelet featuring black Opals and cocobolo wood triangles accented with yellow Diamonds.
  10. Judy Dobbs, Equine Designs – Sterling silver  armadillo pendant featuring a Texas star-cut blue Topaz.
  11. Travis Duggan, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 14K yellow and white gold “The Spinning Sunset” pendant featuring yellow Sapphires accented with orange Sapphires and Diamonds.

Evening Wear

  1. Kurt Cavano, Kurt Cavano – Silver “Star of Arizona” pendant featuring Amethyst accented with smaller Amethysts.
  2. Parul Kuki Seth, Parulina Jewelry – 18K pink and yellow gold and sterling silver “Stiletto Dagger” necklace featuring Garnet accented with Rubies.
  3. Adam Neeley, Somewhere in the Rainbow – 14K white gold and anodized titanium “The Oracle” necklace featuring cuprian Tourmaline accented with Diamonds.
  4. Robert Pelliccia, J.R. Dunn Jewelers – 18K white and yellow gold “Peacock Feather” pendant featuring an Opal accented with Sapphires, tsavorite Garnets, yellow Sapphires and white Diamonds.
  5. Ion Ionescu, Ionescu Design, Inc – 18K yellow gold “1001 Nights, Revisited” thumb ring featuring pale green Sapphires, pink Sapphires and Diamonds.*
  6. Ricardo Basta, E. Eichberg, Inc – Silver ring with platinum and 18K yellow gold accents featuring rutilated Quartz.
  7. Ricardo Basta, E. Eichberg, Inc – 18K white and rose gold “Spider” ring featuring blue Zircon accented with black Diamonds, carved Jade leaves and Diamonds.
  8. Wendy Brandes, Wendy Brandes Jewelry – 18K yellow, rose and white gold with platinum “Dragon & Knight Maneater” ring featuring tsavorite Garnets accented with brown Diamonds, white Diamonds, Keshi Pearls and Ruby.
  9. Belle Brooke Barer, Belle Brooke Designs, Inc – Oxidized sterling silver and 18K yellow gold “Blue Blossom” necklace featuring Abhik gem silica cabochon accented with Diamonds.*
  10. Paula Crevoshay, Paula Crevoshay – 18k yellow gold “Queen Sheba” necklace featuring Opal accented with blue Zircons on triple-strand Opal beads.*
  11. Terence M. Quinn, Quinn’s Goldsmith, Inc – 18k yellow and white gold “Super Nova” slide necklace featuring Rubies and Diamonds
  12. Jorge E. Adeler, Adeler Jewelers – 18k yellow gold pendant featuring a cleaved clear Quartz crystal accented with Diamonds.


  1. Claudia Kretchmer, Somewhere in the Rainbow – Platinum and 24K crystallized gold “RockStar2” pendant featuring a color-shift blue Zircon accented with Diamonds – 1st Place Evening Wear
  2. Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs – Strand of freshwater baroque cultured Pearls with 18K white gold and Diamonds and a freshwater baroque cultured Pearl pendant – Best use of Pearl Classical
  3. Lorenzo Chavez, Geogem-USA – Platinum and 18K yellow gold “Big Sky” pendant featuring carved black Jade and a freeform faceted Sapphire accented with Diamonds – Platinum Innovation Classical
  4. Gurmit Kaur Campbell, SRW – 18K yellow gold “Betwixt and Between” ring featuring a South Sea cultured Pearl accented with Diamonds – Gem Diva Award Business/Day Wear
  5. Andrew Costen, Costen Catbalue – Platinum “Symphony of Colour” bracelet featuring green Tourmaline, yellow Zircon, indicolite Tourmaline and rubellite Tourmaline accented with Diamonds – Best Use of Platinum and Color Evening Wear
  6. Lisa Linhardt, Linhardt Design – Oxidized sterling silver “Tempest” sculptural duster ring featuring yellow Sapphires – Gem Diva Award Evening Wear

The last photo we’re listing separately because we think this piece stands out so much. When this kaleidoscope necklace captures the sun, the dazzling gemstones housed inside display a beautiful and colorful display of colors that you can clearly see. Learn a bit more about this stunning piece below:

Brian Cook, Nature’s Geometry – 24K yellow gold “Wheel of Light” numinous pendant featuring Quartz, Paraiba Tourmaline, Hauyn, Ruby, spessartite Garnet, golden rutilated Quartz and fire Agate beads – Fashion Forward Evening Wear