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Art and Travel Meets Fashion with UIN Footwear

Shoeography: Art and Travel Meets Fashion with UIN Footwear

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So many things inspire fashion but nothing does it more than art and travel. This fact is very evident in the beautifully painted shoes by UIN Footwear. Imagine discovering new places or re-experiencing the places you’ve visited with a comfortable shoe that features artwork inspired by those gorgeous countries. UIN Footwear’s ultimate brand ideal is the meaning of travel. The goal of their unique footwear is discovery, pleasure, and love.
Shoeography: Art and Travel Meets Fashion with UIN Footwear
Originated in Toledo, Spain – UIN Footwear is a testament to travel and art. The extremely comfortable and distinctive designs are the core values of UIN Footwear, which are widely recognized by their fans. We had the pleasure of getting to know these incredibly comfortable and stunning shoes around our city. Because New York is the fashion capital of the world and we just happened to be working on a 4-day photoshoot, we selected the very fashionable knitted Elegance boots from their Modern Art Collection.

Shoeography: Art and Travel Meets Fashion with UIN Footwear

They are incredibly lightweight and comfortable and served us very well on our 4-day shoot. We received so many compliments from the entire crew, from models, a stylist, and a creative director. The Elegance isn’t the only fashion-inspired design we loved and we know you will too. Fans of Fashion and the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s will love the Mademoiselle and Paris-lovers will love the Little Black Dress (both of which are pictured below).

little black dress shoesuinfootwear mademoiselle shoes

As we mentioned, the brand is a testament to two passions, travel and art, and their vast collections reflect that. They have styles for animal lovers, fans of all art (modern, abstract, graffiti), floral, etc. Current available collections include Moguer Lace-up Flats, Caribbean Paradise Collection, Romantic Greece Collection, Mexico Collection, Caring For Our Planet, Emoticon Art Collection, Idyllic Tahiti Collection, Color Collection, Music Collection, South American Art, Passionate Brazil Collection, International Week of Science and Peace, Oceania Art Collection, Africa Collection, Egypt Collection, and so much more.

uinfootwear Africa CollectionMoguer Lace-up Flats Uinfootwear Tropical Collection Mexico Collection: Unibrow Women Shoes

What makes these shoes so incredibly comfortable? First, they’re breathable and flexible; they boast an ergonomic design that fits perfectly to the foot shape; they only weigh between 9oz-1.7oz (depending on style); feature shock guard technology and soft, stimulating nodules that massage your feet all day; lastly they feature great arch support (something that’s especially amazing for those with high arches). It’s everything you need in a great-looking, comfortable shoe. We promise you will love them.

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