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MYX Fusion Beverages NEW Low-Calorie Light Chardonnay & Rose Wines

MYX Fusion Beverages's NEW Low-Calorie Light Chardonnay & Rose Wines

It is a known fact that alcohol has a lot of calories and those calories cause a lot of weight gain. Luckily existing and new alcohol brands are releasing low-calorie, low alcohol options in portable, single-serve cans. One such existing brand is MYX Fusion Beverages who recently released Light Chardonnay and Light Rose Wines, both of which are lower-calorie.

MYX Fusion Beverages's NEW Low-Calorie Light Chardonnay & Rose Wines

MYX Fusion Beverages is a leading spirit brand, offering bubbly Moscatos and Sangrias in an assortment of flavors and sizes. This new launch is their first foray into the lower-calorie, low alcohol, and canned cocktail market but not the single-serve segment. Their new varietal, Light Chardonnay and Light Rose wines, are delicious, “better-for-you” wine options. Being low-calorie and low alcohol, both will allow you to continue enjoying your wines without guilt. Both MYX Fusion Beverages’ low-calorie offerings contain only 5% alcohol by volume.

“The MYX Fusions team worked hard with the winemaker to produce these amazing wines.  These wines represent a milestone in winemaking, using age-old methods of early harvest and creative innovation,” says Peter D. Reaske, MYX Beverage LLC CEO. “We knew if we entered the on-fire ‘light’ category, we needed a product that didn’t compromise taste or quality, and at 75 calories per serving, MYX Light delivers exactly what consumers are looking for – great-tasting, ‘sessionable,’ refreshing, easy-to-drink, lower-calorie wines.”

MYX Fusion Beverages's NEW Low-Calorie Light Chardonnay & Rose Wines

NEW Low-Calorie MYX Light Chardonnay is a slightly dry wine with fresh, crisp notes of apple, Romagna pear, and lemon. The MYX Light Rosé is delightfully refreshing and made from Barbera grapes showcasing hints of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus.

Both flavors are available in 4-packs of 250 ml cans for $12.00 per pack. Each 250ml can contains 125 calories with only 75 calories per serving (5oz serving) and 13g total carbs per can. The imported from Italy canned wines also are Gluten-free and Kosher certified.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new Light Chardonnay and Light Rose Wines from MYX Fusion Beverages. Let us know in the comments below.

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