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3 Tips to Help You Run a More Energy-Efficient Business

3 Tips to Help You Run a More Energy-Efficient Business

There’s no denying that climate change has motivated many of us to change our ways. But, as we all continue to do our bit to save the planet, you may find yourself wondering if your business is also doing its part. Here, we’ll provide you with three energy-efficient tools you can use to run a more energy-efficient business.

3 Tips to Help You Run a More Energy-Efficient Business
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1. Conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit

As we strive to cut down on our usage of electricity and fossil fuels, it’s important that we also try to limit the amount of energy we use regularly and make our appliances more sustainable. If you’re keen to learn more about where you’re using the most energy in your building, consider conducting an energy efficiency audit. Not only will this help you to uncover where you’re using the most energy, but it’s also a good resource for locating areas where you could cut down. For example, Attainable Home reports that a hybrid water heater can reduce your electricity consumption by 63%. As such, this is a fantastic idea for those who want to exert more control over their usual energy consumption.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Bring in New Tech

Using old technology can not only reduce productivity but it can also eat into your energy costs. Investing in new hardware, software, and devices can be a great way to cut back on costs and improve energy efficiency. A Manufacturing Executive System (MES), a piece of tech that tracks the journey of a manufactured item from the raw materials to the finished product, when used on a regular basis, can boost productivity and efficiency by 10%-20%. In turn, by investing in more energy-saving technology, you also have the potential to help your business at an exponential rate. Moreover, these investments are also a key way to attract more candidates during a potential interview process. Budderfly exemplifies this as they note that 67% of applicants are more likely to collaborate with a business when they perceive it as energy-efficient.

3. Create an Energy-Saving Budget

An energy-saving budget is an imperative resource for businesses as it can help them discover new ways they can cut down on their consumption, but it can also highlight the amount of money they’re saving during the process. This resource also motivates businesses to save money toward maintaining their devices, which can also help them to become more energy-efficient in the long run. The Department of Energy states that predictive maintenance can reduce breakdowns by 70%, reduce downtime by 45%, and cut overall maintenance costs by 30%. This seems like a surefire way to ensure that your business remains within the confines of its budget all year round. These techniques can help to reduce operating costs by a significant amount, allowing you to have more money to spend elsewhere in the business, such as on a new coffee machine or uniforms for your staff.

It’s vital that businesses strive to reduce their energy consumption. Although this may seem like a pretty hefty feat at first, with the right resources by your side, you can move toward building a much more sustainable enterprise.

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