Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Twisted Shotz

My favorite thing about being a Blogger continues to be discovering and sharing amazing new brands and products. I previously wrote about attending the 2013 Holiday Buying Show and discovering some delicious spirits. One of the most fun and innovative alcohol brands I discovered at the show was Twisted Shotz.
What exactly are Twisted Shotz? They are delicious, bartender-quality mixed drinks that offer TWO great flavors in one Twisted Shot! The liqueurs are held separately in each divided shot glass ready for your enjoyment. Indulge in such delicious shots as Porn Stara Raspberry Vodka and Blue Curacao Liqueur, Sex on the Beacha Banana/Pear Liqueur and Cream Liqueur, Buttery NippleButterscotch Vodka and Vanilla Cream Vodka, etc. There are several delicious cocktail options to enjoy. These must-try shots are available in a 4-pack and part of a party pack. Get to know all the delicious twisted combinations from Twisted Shotz.
polar bear twisted shotz

Just in time for the holiday season, Twisted Shotz introduces Polar Bear – a sensational combination of Peppermint and White Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Want to get some for your next party? Just click on Find Twisted Shotz to see retailers near you.


Cocktail Connoisseur | 300 Joules Lemon & Ginger Liqueurs

I had the pleasure of attending The 2013 Bar & Restaurant Buying Show while simultaneously covering NYFW and let me tell you much fun was had by me. I’ve somehow become a cocktail connoisseur in my life as a lifestyle blogger and I find myself loving the ability to share my new cocktail discoveries with you guys. What I’m about to introduce you to is one of several amazing alcohol brands I was introduced to at the show. To begin, let me say one of my favorite flavors in ginger; I even infuse my water with fresh sliced ginger root throughout the year, I also cook with it and of course enjoy fresh ginger tea. So when I first tasted the  300 Joules Ginger Liqueur – it was an instant hit – the world fell away and I was enveloped in its deliciousness….then I tasted the 300 Joules Lemon Liqueur and had the experience. It will be difficult to select a favorite.

300 Joules is a silky-smooth, artisan liqueur infused with the fresh flavor of ginger or lemon. Created by Cardiologist, Ron Haberman, this creamy, decadent liqueur is a burst of flavor in every sip. The unit of energy delivered to the heart is called a Joule (pronounced “jewel”), it takes 200 joules to electrify the heart and revive the body; one sip of 300 Joules will electrify your body and your taste buds. This enchanting liqueur is made with all natural ingredients and has no preservatives, so it can be enjoyed straight from the freezer, drizzled over your favorite dessert, mixed in a cocktail, or poured into coffee, tea, and even champagne without much guilt. 300 Joules Lemon and Ginger Infusions come in 750ml bottles and are the perfect liqueurs for any occasion.