Beauty Addiction | What’s in my Bag This Month?

As someone who is always on the go, what I pack in my bag is very important. I can usually be seen with a huge bag hanging off my shoulder, but there are days that I get fed up with carrying so many things and decide to pack lighter. In my smaller clutches and bags I try to stick to the essentials (keyword: try!) Recently this has become easier for me because I’m learning that you don’t need to pack much when you have a few good quality products. The contents of my purse often change with the season. I like to keep up with what’s in style, seasonal essentials, and the latest skincare and makeup products. Here are some of the products that I’m loving right now.

1.  Billy Jealousy’s Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Cream

Now that the weather’s getting colder, it’s really important to keep your skin moisturized.  To keep
my hands soft and smooth, I use Billy Jealousy’s Golden Gloves Therapeutic Hand Cream. This cream is great for your skin, and I started noticing softer skin within a week of use. Golden Glove’s secret ingredient is Monoi. Monoi is a Polynesian oil that has been used to moisturize and treat dry skin for hundreds of years. Monoi is combined with other natural and renewable ingredients such as Aloe Vera and green tea to create a non-greasy therapeutic hand cream suitable for women and men alike.

2. Votre Vu’s Le Joli Crayon

 Le Joli Crayon is a great eyeliner that helps you create that dramatic eye look you want with ease. This is a gel liner that gives you the precision of a liquid liner without sacrificing user-friendliness. The sponge tip allows you to achieve the perfect winged eye almost effortlessly! Le Joli Crayon eyeliner is soft, glides on easily. This eyeliner is waterproof unlike other liners that ultimately create a mess on your eyelid. There is also a sharpener included with this eyeliner, which ensures that your Le Joli Crayon eyeliner will always be ready for use, and your look will always be complete! Some of the key ingredients of Le Joli Crayon include:

  •  Tocopheryl Acetate –  a form of vitamin E, which moisturizes and conditions the skin
  •  Avocado oil – rich in vitamins D and E
  • Grape seed extract – stabilizes collagen and elastin (which is great for mature skin,) 
  • Candelilla wax – often found in makeup and used especially for enhancing texture. 

Votre Vu’s Azure Le Joli Crayon is a playful, 

cool shade that will compliment just about any eye color. 
This shade can be worn formally as well as 
casually. I love how smooth this eyeliner is!

3. Votre Vu’s Palette Play Eye Shadow

Votre Vu’s Palette Play eyeshadow is silky, smooth, and feels great on your eyes. This eyeshadow blends vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and kaolin clay to create long lasting, crease proof color that makeup enthusiasts crave.

The shade that I am loving right now is Pinot Gris, which is described as “a shimmery golden, mossy green.” With the holidays right around the corner, Pinot Gris is a great shade to show your warm, festive side.

4. Immunocologie Intense Eye Creme

 Immunocologie Intense Eye Creme is a great fix that will have your skin looking good as new! This creme was specially formulated to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins around the eye area. Full of antioxidants, minerals, and sirtunes, this creme eliminates puffiness, dark circles, and toxins. Immunocologie Intense Eye Creme is great for when I had a long night and my eyes look tired the next day, or any time that my eyes are looking a bit puffy.

What are your go-to essentials? Let us know your must-have products in the comments below!

Immunocologie Launches New products to their Luxury Skincare Line

We love getting reacquainted with brands that we’ve loved in the past. Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing to be reminded why you fell in love with the products in the first place. We were recently reminded how amazing the range of skincare products from Immunocologie. The luxury skincare brand held an event to welcome new launches, as well as relaunched a few of their luxury classic products. The newest additions go deeper than just the surface, targeting the immune system thanks to its Vital Oligo Complex. This complex emphasizes the importance of positive ion therapy, it contains 15 essential elements that is crucial for the proper functioning of skin cells, and is encapsulated in such a way, that it allows the 15 essential elements to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Day Protection – not a new product, it is formerly known as DNA Boost Repair Creme, but it is an amazing one just the same. This luxurious, repairing moisturizer promotes skin regeneration, and provides protection against outside elements to improve the quality, balance, and function of your skin. Protection against the elements is essential, especially in a city like New York which can experience various seasonal weather in day and can expose you to harsh chemicals.

Hyaluronic Serum – this high hydrating serum stimulate production of natural hyaluronic acid to support the epidermal fibroblasts (the most common type of cells found in skin’s connective tissue), it takes in moisture from the environment and increases internal production to help the body heal itself. As the weather gets cooler and drier, we’re sure this serum will work wonder to keep our skin looking healthy.

Super 7 Elixir Face – this nutrient-rich firming and nourishing serum contains snail mucin, which enhances the functional ability of fibroblasts, immediately tightening the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its molecules detect and repair damaged tissues, and stimulates skin’s natural metabolic rate to increase its firmness, radiance, and softness. As someone who suffers from extremely oily skin, this lightweight serum has been the go-to with the ever-changing weather.

Exfoliating Lotion – the newest addition since the event is this gentle, high-tech exfoliating treatment which combines lactic and glycolic acids. This light exfoliator detects your skin’s pH balance and sebum levels, allowing it to be used as a daily exfoliator without risk of stripping or irritating the skin. It lifts away dead cells and promotes cellular regeneration, while restoring hydration. Along with oily skin, we are plagued with large pores, so we’re really looking forward to our surface spots and discolorations to be diminished.

Immunocologie’s products also boasts plant-derived oligopeptides, super anti-oxidants, nourishing oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals that are also key components to leaving you with the best skin possible.

Face Serum – Immunocologie’s Vital Oligo Complex is combined with a ultra-hydrating nutrient rich essential oil formula, that is dry tot he touch, to create this highly concentrated oil complex. It preserve moisture in the skin, fight free-radicals and stimulate collagen production leading to increased elasticity.

Intense Eye Crème – another product previously in the line, formerly known as Eye Repair Treatment Creme, it is packed with anti-oxidants, minerals and sirtuines, and is formulated to increase blood flow and eliminate toxins around the eye area. It eliminates puffiness, dark circles, and toxins, leaving your skin fresh, renewed and revived.

It was our pleasure to not only be in attendance to celebrate the new luxury skincare products, but to meet the hilarious ladies behind the brand.

Immunocologie Introduces VenoMAX – Win it TODAY!!

Immunocologie introduces two new cutting-edge skincare formulations – Treatment Crème VenoMAX (pictured below) and Treatment Crème VenoMAX Light. VenoMAX Complex contains anti-aging ingredients that relaxes wrinkles with a natural, plant-based peptide that mimics snake venom that fights chronic inflammation, a leading factor in aging.

This “inflamm-aging” (a decrease in immune response and increase in inflammatory activity that occurs as we age) leads to the slow, but continuous production of free radicals that promotes wrinkles and sagging skin. Want to know more about the benefits of Immunocologie? See below for product bullet points:

 Immunocologie VenoMAX products

• Instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles
• Fight inflammation
• Promote natural hydration
• Reduce the appearance of skin redness
• Help erase past sun damage
• Promote even skin tone (my personal major issue)
• Brighten the skin

And to learn more about the technology of Immunocologie VenoMAX, click HERE. As noted above, my major skin issue is uneven skin-tone and with continued use (its only been a few weeks), I have noticed my dark spots are getting lighter. I’ve even received a compliment on my looking-healthy skin a few nights ago (something I’ve never heard, even while under a dermatologist’s care). I can’t wait to see what my skin will look like after I’ve used it for a 6+ weeks.
If your skin suffers from inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, dullness, redness, wrinkles and fine lines, etc – then this is your lucky day. I am offering one lucky winner a full size (1.7oz jar) of Immmunocologie Crème VenoMAX (retail $275.00), the Treatment Crème VenoMAX Light retails for $195.00. These miraculous anti-aging skincare products are available at Clyde’s on Madison, White’s Pharmacy and as well as at other fine retailers.

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