Haute Fashion Alert: Maison Martin Margiela’s 2015 “Artisanal” Collection

Maison Martin Margiela presented a powerful Haute Couture collection today, their 2015 “Artisanal” Collection. The iconic and avant-garde French fashion house’s extraordinary second Artisanal collection is a visual shot of adrenaline, boasting a forceful yet refined mix of fabrics and materials, many of which were stripped down, or juxtaposed in startling and unexpected ways. The stunning and masterful collection takes on a new direction with shapes, which played on proportions and sartorial rules. It featured a new fuller, revealing silhouette, with precise tailoring.
Maison-Margiela-Artisanal1-681x1024 Maison-Margiela-Artisanal2-682x1024 Maison-Margiela-Artisanal3-681x1024

The collection’s goal is to open one’s eyes to see beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving each piece a newly enriched life. Described as “Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités“, there are several standout details and embellishments, including “a jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures, a miniature battalion charging across a black velvet shoulder and Pearls that bring teardrops of memories to the face;” piece by piece, deconstructing and constructing a new story for Maison Martin Margiela. You can’t help but be wowed by the absolutely beauty and edginess of this collection. It truly shows why people fall in  and stay in love with Margiela year after year.

The illustrious show also featured striking makeup by the ever-so-fabulous Pat McGrath and featured slicked back hair by Eugene Souleiman.

Photos courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Collection

One of the most anticipated collection collaboration, French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela’s Collection for H&M is almost here (if you listen carefully you can hear the faint sound of fashion lovers practicing their shopping {re: attack} strategies). The collection is actually a re-edition of iconic Maison Martin Margiela pieces spanning 23 years. The collection, which has 104 items, including women’s and men’s wear, accessories and footwear, is available in updated shapes and materials, all of which will bear a label indicating it’s original season. So ladies, what can you expect from the collection? Check out the concept and a few looks below:

  • Masculine shapes are adjusted to frame the female body
  • Pieces are seen in oversized versions of themselves
  • Though oversized traditional tailoring and finishes are very visible
  • The technique of trompe l’oeil (deceive the eye/creating optical illusions) is present in several pieces (my favorite is seen in the invisible wedge boot)
  • Transformation of shape, construction and function of materials

Definitely a collection for those who love the avant garde design philosophy of Margiela and who are more fashion-forward but there are several pieces that will easily fit into the atypical H & M customer’s wardrobe. Color-wise, the collection features classics – shades of white, black, nudes and reds with flashes of silver with a touch of blue. The collection launches in 230 H & M stores worldwide on November 15th. There are several pieces I will be zoning in (if the shelves aren’t bare):

Narrow Shoulder Jacket – $99.00

Biker Jacket – $249.00

Suede Jacket – $299.00

Darted Sweater – $149.00

Glove Clutch – $149.00

Plexi Wedge Boot – $399.00

Leather Belt Jacket – $399.00 (it’s a men’s jacket but I’d so rock it)
Plexi Wedge Pump – $299.00

What pieces are you looking forward to getting your hands on?