Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: Ziad Nakad Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Are you ready for a haute couture collection inspired by the stars in the heavens? We continue our Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with the Ziad Nakad Spring Summer 2019 Collection. Aptly named “Orion”, the inspiration behind Ziad Nakad‘s collection, we are invited to pick the stars with him. The Lebanese designer chose the constellation Orion as a sublime detail that he wanted to embroider into his creations.

Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

According to Ziad Nakad, women should be adorned with stars in a declination of pastels. He truly captivated that this with his magical haute couture collection. It’s like he plucked stars from the skies and transformed them into extravagant pieces that would brighten any starless night with gleaming silver and shimmering gold. Just like a sky hunter, Ziad blends heavenly bodies motifs with star-shaped patterns and creates a constellation of dresses.

Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Just as the stars are sprinkled across the night sky, Ziad Nakad’s gorgeous haute couture gowns lit up the Pavillon Cambon runway. Gown after gown was a vision of timeless beauty and elegance, clearly dazzling all. The collection featured flowy silhouettes and extravagant cuts, a focus on stunning embroidery and stones, and a celebration of vintage, Victorian style.

Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The color palette was a romantic mix of pretty pastel colors, a pop of cobalt, champagne, silver, and black. His designs epitomize glamour, dramatic flair and timeless femininity. With his spring-summer 2019 haute couture collection, Ziad Nakad proves that one doesn’t have to look up to the heavens to see the stars.

Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

We are in love with Ziad’s aesthetic, and his ability to highlight the grace of a woman’s beauty and silhouette. Are you as enchanted as we are with this collection? What are your thoughts on the Ziad Nakad Spring Summer 2019 collection? For even more looks from his haute couture show, check out the photos below:

Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion WeekZiad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion WeekZiad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Ziad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion WeekZiad Nakad SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week


Armine Ohanyan SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: Armine Ohanyan Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Six months ago, we were introduced to an fell in love with the stunning Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection. So it should come with no surprise that our obsession continues to the next season. To emphasize the inspiration of the Armine Ohanyan Spring Summer 2019 Collection, the designer channeled the sirens of the deep. Titled “Deep Harmony”, the mesmerizing haute couture collection was a highlight from the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Armine Ohanyan SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

This collection represents all the richness of the sea floor, its intense colors, and all its unique and surprising beauty. With its play between shapes, lights, and movement, Armine Ohanyan transports you to an unreal world where the beauty of nature is preserved; one that comes together to create a skillful harmony. However, as nature is under threat by mankind, Armine Ohanyan draws attention to the causes of its destruction, such as climate change and other pollution on the ocean’s inhabitants.

Armine Ohanyan SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Armine spotlights this by using plastic waste as embroideries, which illustrates the alteration of the colors of the aquatic flora. The use of plastic wastes also shows how the designer denounces the current state of ecology. Models looked ever so much like sea nymphs as they floated down the runway in shades of moody blues, bronze, tan, lavender, violet, and steel grey. In keeping with the deep ocean inspiration, design details included netting, super long fringe, cutouts made to looks like seaweed, garments made to look like the ocean flora in perpetual underwater motion, and so on.

Several looks from the haute couture collection caught our attention. Some looks may bring thoughts of jellyfish, and others, the varied coral that lives on the ocean floor. The use of 3D printing, materials less common in textiles such, as silicone. Techniques like laser cutting reinforce Armine’s modern and even futuristic touches to her collection. Her Deep Harmony collection reveals her as the incarnation of the new generation in Haute-Couture.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Armine Ohanyan Spring Summer 2019 Collection. Does it put you in mind of the deep blue seas?

Adeline Ziliox SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: Adeline Ziliox Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Bienvenue à Paris! Our journey through Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week continues with the edgy and striking Adeline Ziliox Spring Summer 2019 Collection. This is the second couture collection for the French fashion designer, which celebrates a woman’s form and strength. The clothing itself is showcased as armor with peeks of skin showing her vulnerable side. Even warrior women have a soft side underneath their armor. Hence why the collection is titled “Under the Shell”.

Adeline Ziliox SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The Adeline Ziliox Spring Summer 2019 Collection has the body on display showcasing women’s feelings, emotions, and souls. Clothing on the body can tell so many stories. They tell of a person’s life, hopes, and dreams. These clothes, like a carapace or an armor, hide the real ego but reveals the deepness of this warrior woman. With this collection, Adeline Ziliox celebrates the women who fight daily for their freedom, their rights, and their lives. The collection commemorates powerful women of the past and present who dazzle with grace, femininity, and fragility. This recurrent theme is an everlasting inspiration for Adeline Ziliox.

Adeline Ziliox SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Featuring a mostly black color palette, the collection boasts structured shapes, volume, and oversize shoulders. You can say it’s perfect for the women who shoulder the pain and struggles of the world. The graphic design details accentuate the femininity of the female form. We love the sheer paneling, cutouts and nude illusions seen throughout the collection. The bold mixing of neoprene, chiffon, and satin captures various sides of a woman – tough, elegant and fluid.

Adeline Ziliox SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

As you can clearly tell from the collection, Adeline Ziliox is passionate about motifs. She has always added this printed form into her work. With this collection, she had the opportunity to create stunning motifs with embroidery. Self-taught, she practices her motif creation in an intuitive, spontaneous and instinctive way.

Adeline Ziliox SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

We love the message behind Adeline Ziliox’s haute couture collection and look forward to seeing much more from her. What are your thoughts on the Adeline Ziliox Spring Summer 2019 Collection? Which of her haute couture spring/summer 2019 looks are your favorites?

Maria Aristidou SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: Maria Aristidou Spring Summer 2019 Collection

We are back to sing the praises of haute couture designer, Maria Aristidou, during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. You may remember she captivated us with her Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Well, she has done it again with the Maria Aristidou Spring Summer 2019 Collection. For this season, Maria Aristidou presented a knit couture collection during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Upon first glance, you will notice a recurring pattern throughout the collection.

Maria Aristidou SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The inspiration for the Maria Aristidou Spring Summer 2019 collection is a pattern that came from a single vintage arched door. She found this during a walk inside the old city walls of Nicosia. The inspiration for the simplicity of the door’s facade, together with the complexity of the engineering behind it, gave rise to a series of design trials that lead to this fine timeless pattern for the fabrics of the spring/summer 2019 collection.

Maria Aristidou SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

You don’t always know what ‘s hidden behind a closed door, yet even when you think you do, you always wonder if you are right. A closed door is, more often than not, a mystery to all of us. We are humans and curiosity is, whether we like it or not, a human imperfection. And when that door has an arch and a keystone, intertwining to form a coherent symplexis, it becomes a mystical and wondrous gate, behind which imagination can run wild! So, open it. If you dare.

Maria Aristidou SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Titled “Symplexis”, the couture knit collection featured hand embroidered embellishments on a colorful palette of luxurious knit fabrics made by the designer. It captured the beauty and the essence of a woman. Unexpected cuts on timeless, classic designs with modern details are the signature of the designer’s Spring/Summer 2019 “Symplexis” collection. But knitwear is not Maria Aristidou’s first foray into knitwear. In 2015 she introduced her first A/W 2015 Knit Scarf Collection, a beginning of a new concept in her designs. The foray inspired her to first explore and then create, using luxurious threads and elaborate techniques, various knit patterns.

Maria Aristidou SS2019 at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

The craftsmanship of detailed hand embroideries adds to the uniqueness of Maria Aristidou’s fabric collections for the couture evening and accessories. Yarns such as wool, viscose, lurex, cotton, silk, and velvet are ordered from Paris and Italy. Then, a series of patterns, first designed on paper, then on to a computer knit programmer. The only fabric that is actually bought, and not produced by the designer, is the lining needed for each garment.

What are your thoughts on the Maria Aristidou Spring Summer 2019 Collection? Which looks are your favorites?

HAute Couture Fashion Week FALL-WINTER 2018-2019

Haute Couture Fashion Week: Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Once again the City of Light was once again shining as legions of exquisite fashions captured the attention of the world. It is Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. We begin our enchantment with the stunning Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection. A couture collection made in France, entirely handmade, and intimately inspired by nature, showing the natural elements in all their forms. Ice, crystallization, rain, wind, dew, and roots are the elements and inspiration that beget this entrancing haute couture fashion week collection. Each shape of this women’s fashion collection represents one of these elements. At the same time a climate evolution where each season brings its unique beauty and a gentle and mysterious atmosphere.

Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week

The collection’s inspiration is described as “Crystallized in these surroundings, the Human Being becomes Nature. Nature is everlasting, nothing can stop it. It is the true beauty, perfection. For depicting this cycle of evolution, haute couture designer Armine Ohanyan uses the new technologies such as 3D printing or materials crafting, which play an important role in her creative process. Her art investigations never end, like the movement that she shows in its different forms and their ranges of colors and materials. Her creations are futuristic and modern, with a wide beauty touch.”

Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week

For us, this stunning Haute Couture Fashion Week collection evoked the many elements that describe women in general – beautiful, fluid, bold, and surprising. We were immediately drawn to the vibrant colors, multilayered textures, and arresting aesthetic. Everything seems to be in constant movement – never stagnant. Again, a perfect description of being a woman.

Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Armine Ohanyan’s amazing work is new to us but we look forward to seeing more from this head-turning haute couture designer. Her collection took our breath away.

Are you following the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week shows? What are your thoughts on the Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection?



Fashion Photography: Spring-Summer 2018 Women's Runway Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Rani Zakhem SS2018 Collection

Like art and volcanoes, fashion can be explosive, fiery, and intense. The same can be said about Lebanese Designer Rani Zakhem Spring Summer 2018 Collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Like an erupting volcano, his phenomenal haute couture collection was filled with fury, fervor, and effervescence! For his first Paris haute couture fashion show, Rani Zakhem celebrates life and joy in incandescent metaphors. Fire is the essential element of this sumptuous yet relaxed collection, dedicated to a volcanic woman. Get to know the beautiful women’s fashion collection below.

As devouring as ethereal, the sacred element comes in pyrotechnic explosions and cascades of gold, drawn by embroideries of arachnoid crystals of lava on the black of a sheath whose draped top splits into a deep “V” neckline.
Some creations seem to be sculpted in the light, like the pearl-beige silk dress, where red, orange and gold gems glow with a myriad of sequins that bring precious reflections back to the surface. The image of an erupting volcano is spun to the neck, columned and entirely gilded, a recurring element of the collection and keystone of an architecture that favors ease, movement and, the dancing flames that seem to devour the fabric barely touch the floor.

Reminiscent of a party in Vienna where the designer returned bedazzled, Klimt’s Kiss, itself cast in gold in a powder dust of stars, infuses into the collection a resolutely modernist visual vocabulary, translated into sequins of geometric forms. Geometry that also brings us into the disco spirit of the 1970s with many references to Halston, especially in a loose single shouldered fluid dress with a golden Mao collar, in a fanned out degradé rainbow, gold to red through yellow and bright orange. Gold, again, subtle and powdery, sculpts a feuille d’or chiffon dress, knotted in a wrap around bustier dropping into a deep backline, a tribute to Mireille Darc elegantly quoting Guy Laroche.

Clearly, the theme of fire sometimes extinguished leaving precious streaks of diamonds on silky nights; sometimes fluid, sizzling cascades of molten metal on a short dress with a dripping panel, and sometimes gently iridescent with warm colors is only a pretext chosen by Rani Zakhem to salute the masters who nourished his vocation.
A scarfed collared, vertiginously split yellow chiffon, plissé Soleil dress with mouton sleeves, is a joyful smile addressed to Jean-Louis Scherrer. Another, short black silk satin, real Moujik tunic adorned at the bottom with pleated yellow faille embellished with a large bow of the same fabric is a nod to Yves Saint Laurent. A third composed of a densely embroidered golden top with narrow three-quarter sleeves and a long black pleated skirt is a reverence to Balmain. The heart skips a beat when the liquid gold drape of a silk jersey habillé evening sheath appears, ending with a large bow of black silk satin on the shoulder, a tribute of the designer to Madame Grès.

A delicate apotheosis of this fashion show, shaped in flowing lava and blazing fires, is the wedding dress, long and tight, in delicate whitish lace, emphasizes by its precious simplicity the minimalist bias of a collection with budding emotions.

What are your thoughts on Rani Zakhem‘s Paris Haute Couture collection?

Fashion Photography: Spring-Summer 2018 Women's Runway Fashion

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Maria Aristidou SS2018 Collection

If your eyes haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the incredible onslaught of visual fashion candy, it is Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week! Stunning Spring/Summer 2018 collections, varying from understated to the theatrical, are gliding down the Paris runways as we speak. Today we’re highlighting one such fabulous show. This Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show highlight, the Maria Aristidou SS2018 Collection, welcomes you to the Secret Gardens of Alexander.

For her Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show, Maria Aristidou, a specialist in couture knitwear, created a fantasy colorful world for spring-summer daywear-eveningwear for women that romance, positive energy, and freedom are the safety keys to happiness. A playground of flower patterns with silk viscose and metallic yarns where elaborate embroideries decorate the luxurious knit fabrics creations for the women today. Her SS2018 Haute Couture collection boasts carefree curves and sleek cuts with unexpected details, and accessories that complete the beauty of this womenswear secret garden story.

Maria Aristidou’s collection gets you ready for utopia, a fantasy land that euphoria is the only feeling of existence! A land with never-ending gardens of delicate Japanese flowers, that the human eye cannot grasp in one look!!! A land with human smiles that never will be forgotten and always watching over us. One of them, close to my heart is Alexander Boulais! My agent in Paris! The person that with his instinct believed in my work. A gentle human soul, a nobleman that was always calm, soft-spoken with a genuine smile and loved his garden! May you be the wind and the light that crosses your Secret Gardens and always be a shining star upon us!

What are your thoughts on Maria Aristidou‘s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show? What’s your favorite thing about haute couture? Share your thoughts in our comment section below.

Haute Fashion Alert: Maison Martin Margiela’s 2015 “Artisanal” Collection

Maison Martin Margiela presented a powerful Haute Couture collection today, their 2015 “Artisanal” Collection. The iconic and avant-garde French fashion house’s extraordinary second Artisanal collection is a visual shot of adrenaline, boasting a forceful yet refined mix of fabrics and materials, many of which were stripped down, or juxtaposed in startling and unexpected ways. The stunning and masterful collection takes on a new direction with shapes, which played on proportions and sartorial rules. It featured a new fuller, revealing silhouette, with precise tailoring.
Maison-Margiela-Artisanal1-681x1024 Maison-Margiela-Artisanal2-682x1024 Maison-Margiela-Artisanal3-681x1024

The collection’s goal is to open one’s eyes to see beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving each piece a newly enriched life. Described as “Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités“, there are several standout details and embellishments, including “a jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures, a miniature battalion charging across a black velvet shoulder and Pearls that bring teardrops of memories to the face;” piece by piece, deconstructing and constructing a new story for Maison Martin Margiela. You can’t help but be wowed by the absolutely beauty and edginess of this collection. It truly shows why people fall in  and stay in love with Margiela year after year.

The illustrious show also featured striking makeup by the ever-so-fabulous Pat McGrath and featured slicked back hair by Eugene Souleiman.

Photos courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela