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Tide OXI Open House hosted by HGTV Property Brother Jonathan Scott

Was there furniture or household items you threw away because they were dingy, stained, and seemed unsalvageable? Maybe it was a piece that’s been in the family for generations, a found/salvaged item, or maybe your household items were damaged or soiled by an unfortunate event like a flood or natural disaster? You’ll be happy to know that there is an effective and very affordable way to give new life to furniture that may seem lost, thanks to Tide’s newest and first multi-purpose cleaner – Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover. That’s right, for this first time, Tide moves outside the laundry and brings the power of Tide to your entire household. so before you throw away that piece of furniture, why not just “#Tidethat. To introduce this amazing new launch, handsome and hilarious HGTV Property Brother Jonathan Scott, was on-hand to host and walk us through the Tide OXI open house which housed several found pieced brought back to life.

The powerful multi-purpose cleaner can be used in and out of the wash; use it as an additive with your detergent. or make a solution with water to use it almost anywhere around your home. Jonathan scoured the streets of New York and Craigslist ads to find some of the dirtiest household items people discarded and cleaned them up with the new multi-purpose cleaner, which can be used on over 225 surfaces, to show the true power of its stain removing power, to miraculous results.what gives Tide OXI its powerful cleaning ability? An ingredient called NOBS, which works with peroxide to form peracid – a stronger form of bleach versus peroxide alone, resulting in stronger stain fighting power. Using this amazing product, Jonathan and the Tide team were able to give these items a through deep clean and rid them of dirt, grime and stains. The below photos pictures shows some of the items before they were cleaned:

We got a chance to speak with Jonathan Scott about some of the found furniture pieces and the money-saving benefits of using Tide OXI. Check out our brief interview below and some of the furniture and household items after the cleaning:

“If you plan on selling your home, make sure your home is spotless and immaculately cleaned,” Jonathan Scott advised. For this, you might want to contact one of the best commercial cleaning companies Roanoke citizens can find. Obviously you could clean your home yourself, but you want to make sure that it’s to a professional standard. If you can’t do that, then contact the experts. And don’t just stop with the inside. Find a Toronto window cleaning company and have your windows professionally cleaned and clean down and weed any paths and patio areas as well. “Inside of the house, this cleaning should include the furniture, to optimize the staging experience. Staging can increase the selling time and value of your home.” In his years of experience, Jonathan has seen homes sell for up to $20,000 more than the asking price when they were staged well. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to sell your home before you buy a new one, as you could use a bridging loan (click here to learn more about bridging loans). But if possible, it makes things more simple if you sell your home, for as much as possible, and then buy your new property. My best friend is actually currently in the process of trying to sell her house, so I will be sure to pass on some of his valuable home staging tips to her. She is moving to Egypt with her job soon so has been frantically searching houses for sale in Egypt to find somewhere to live that is close to her new office. There are some fantastic real estate opportunities in Egypt so I am sure she will be able to find a gorgeous property to get her new life off to the best possible start. I just hope she manages to sell her old home pretty soon as she starts her new job in Egypt in a matter of months!

Jonathan also shared a few tips on how to revamp your home this summer without breaking the bank:

  • Prep Your Home: Even before meeting with a Realtor, get your house ready to sell. To increase the selling value of your home and even help it sell faster you’d be surprised the value that cleaning provides.
  • Restore Overly Used Surfaces: The kitchen is one of the messiest areas of the home subject to food and drink spills. Be armed to tackle a variety of kitchen messes with a multi-purpose cleaner that can clean everything from counters to floors and even kitchenware.
  • Look for Bargains in Unexpected Places: There’s no need to buy expensive furniture. Scour the internet and flea markets for used pieces to upcycle. Many items others find unusable just need a good cleaning with Tide OXI to experience a transformation.
  • Reuse Items from Last Season: Make your patio the talk of the neighborhood without spending a lot of money. Transform key pieces of furniture, such as patio furniture from old to “is that new?” with Tide OXI. Get into crevices and remove tough stains and dirt leftover from last year by giving cushions a good scrub with this terrific cleanser.

Our favorite transformation, besides the gorgeous antique lounge chair, are these black and white text tea cups, the before to after transformation is completely unbelievable. The tea cups look brand new and are a far cry from where they started

What makes the entire event more amazing is some of the items shown above were made available to the Habitat for Humanity Restore resale outlets, which sell new or gently used household items to raise funds to help create affordable housing. A 7.5 lb or 144 oz tub of Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover retails for $12.99 and can be found in the laundry section in stores.

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Productive Printing: Tide cleaning agent Within 1945 P&G (Proctor and Play ) ended up being just another house cleaning firm. Thought to be the "soap" firm these were dealing with stiff levels of competition via other brands such as Colgate and Lever and had been worried that they can may possibly get rid of. P&G executives understood that they can necessary a thing brand-new and modern to be able to manage the marketplace.


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