A Sneak Peek & Beautiful Hair at the Keratin Lounge by LASIO, NYC

what company makes kaletra Our tresses recently got the royal treatment thanks to the wonderful people at the kaletra in mexico Keratin Lounge by LASIO, NYC. We were invited to get a sneak peek of the new location and try one of four complimentary Keratin treatments source url generic kaletra coronavirus (One Day, Keratin Tropic, Mocha Silk, and Color Pro) to celebrate LASIO’s beautiful new studio lounge. Some of you may remember that I got my very lopinavir buy uk first Keratin Treatment in March of 2011, coincidentally, thanks to LASIO. What’s even more incredible is that the hairstylist who did my hair oh so long ago, Candy Bencosme, was the same person to do it again this time around. I knew I would be in good hands because my first experience was just so amazing.

ritonavir coronavirus pills Upon entry, I was told to sit back, relax and just enjoy being pampered. Two handsome butlers were at my beck and call and were ready to continuously supply me with cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres…..something I wish was a daily occurence.

lopinavir tablets When it comes to my hair, I always have issues with humidity, flyaways and frizz during the hotter months of the year, so having control of my wayward tresses is essential to my everyday sanity (I’m sure most of you feel the same way). The cost of kaletra Keratin Treatment I received, Keratin Tropic (which smelled deliciously like coconuts), was the same one Candy gave me in 2011 and just as before, instantly got my natural curls under control. Keratin Tropic is formaldehyde-free volumizer that is perfect if you want gorgeous straight hair without losing the body. it eliminates 100% of your frizz, 60% of your curl and repairs hair with a glossy finish with results that lasts up to 3 months and there’s no need to wait 24 hours to wash your hair; you can wash it the very same day.

ritonavir coronavirus I was reminded again how easy the application process was, Candy simply washed and dried my hair, applied the LASIO Keratin Tropic treatment and blow-dried and straightened my hair (as well as gave me a much-needed cut) to wonderful results.

The luxe Keratin Lounge is conveniently located in Midtown at 39 West 38th Street on the 2nd Floor. For only $250, you too pampered by our Keratin Specialist and enjoy three months of fabulous hair. Call 212-477-2088 to set up your appointment.

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