Perrier Debuts Limited Edition #PerrierStreetArt Collection

Street Art has found a new canvas, gracing the bottles and cans of all-natural, sugar-free and calorie-free sparkling natural mineral water, kaletra dosage Perrier. For more than a century, Perrier has collaborated with some of the world’s most famous and distinguished artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Bernard Villemot and that tradition continues with their most recent collaboration with three groundbreaking, international contemporary, and street artists, JonOne, Eduardo Kobra, and Sasu. Each artist created three custom designs to beautify the iconic glass Perrier 750mL, 330mL and 200mL sizes bottles, on the recyclable PET bottles in both 1L and .5L sizes, and the 250mL slim cans in original, and all-natural flavors including pink grapefruit and lime. Check out some of the designs from the  click here #PerrierStreetArt limited edition collection below:<1024x775

The event, which was held at the Colossal Paint Warehouse in Brooklyn with its various art genres and artist loft ambiance, was the perfect venue to highlight the edgy artwork these three artists brought to Perrier. The giant warehouse featured three vignettes decorated to highlight each artist’s work, waiters were dressed in paint-splattered jackets, three signature cocktails were named for each artist, DJ Valissa Yoe kept the crowd entertained from behind a cage and guests enjoyed delicious fare, which included a trio of colorful chocolate fountains<1024x682<1024x682<1024x682<1024x682<1024x682

Street Art has become one of the most popular contemporary art movements and has opened a new outlet of diverse creativity in artistic style and technique. Perrier has always celebrated artists who innovate and challenge, a talent all three artists possess, making them ideal for the sparkling mineral water brand. One of our favorite things from the event was the digital graffiti wall, which revealed one of the designs by Eduardo Korba, check it out on video below:

Kobra – from São Paulo, Brazil, adds dynamic graphics and lively patterns to the range of Perrier slim cans.<1024x682<1024x682<868x1024

JonOne – a New York native, JonOne has lived in Paris since the late 1980’s, and he revisits the Perrier glass bottle series with colorful abstract designs.<1024x682<1024x682<1024x576

follow link Sasu – who hails from Tokyo, Japan, brings her elegant and geometric floral creations to the Perrier PET plastic bottles.<1024x576<1024x682<1024x655

The  get link Perrier Street Art limited edition collection is now available for purchase through most major retailers. To see the artists in action and experience their inspirations for this collaboration, visit the Perrier Facebook Page for original video content:

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