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The Art of Chocolate | MarieBelle New York & Chau‐Giang Thi Nguyen’s Ganache Collection

Making delicious chocolate is an art in itself, but turning said decadent bites of heaven into art is in a class by itself. MarieBelle New York, the doorway to artisan chocolate heaven, which offers the newest and tastiest chocolate (and non-chocolate) creations, has teamed up with world renowned pianist and painter Chau‐Giang Thi Nguyen to create a line of Ganaches that are truly edible art.

The aptly named the River of Diamonds Collection, because like diamonds, chocolates are a girl’s best friend, is inspired by Nguyen’s Vietnamese name, and features nine reproductions of her popular oil paintings, each in a unique flavor and housed in a stunning box designed by Nguyen. The collection of Ganaches are offered in three different sizes: 25 pieces ($100.00), 36 pieces ($150.00) and 100 pieces ($400.00). The stunning, giftable, watercolor boxes boasts a splashed color design and green rhinestones.

Nguyen worked closely with MarieBelle New York founder, Maribel Lieberman, to pair each of the nine paintings with a complimentary flavor. Get ready for visual and flavor decadence with such bites of luxe deliciousness like “Dropping Jewels,” a romantic painting inspired by a husband and wife that oozes with rose petals; “Tulip,” a Spring like painting with purples and pinks continues the floral theme with spikes of lavender; and the mystical “Ocean Passion” is bursting with the exotic passion fruit, evoking the dramatic and powerful theme of the painting. The other delectable flavors include coconut, orange, cherry, whisky, green tea, and cilantro.

The collection is sold exclusively on the newly revamped, now through the holidays or while supplies last.

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