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There’s Always Time for Tea w/ These Uncommon Tea-Based Products

We are tea lovers, no doubt about it, so we’re always looking for new, exotic flavors to enjoy and of course, new methods. Most people enjoy tea two ways: a hot cup (with or without milk) or as a tall glass of iced; we’re here to tell you there are other, uncommon, and delicious ways to enjoy this wonderful infused drink, and we’re going to share them with you now. We love a good cup of the hot herbal brew, and a cooling glass of it iced as much as the next person, but let’s face it, that can get boring, there’s no excitement in it. If you’re ready to indulge in some unique and sophisticated flavored treats, save the following brands to memory, because you will want them on your next grocery shopping list: Tea-rrific, Brewla Bars, and The Owl’s Brew, for their products prove you can have and enjoy tea anytime.


Are you ready for a little love affair? Forgive us if this gets a little R-rated but once you taste any of these orgasmic tea-flavored ice creams. We hope you’re ready for spoonfuls of intense joy because once you begin eating out of any of these pints, you will not put it down. Fair warning, be fully prepared to eat it all. Tea-rrific is everything we imagined, and much more. We tried and failed to limit ourselves to just a few scoops, but we are powerless to these exotic ice cream flavors, which include the following: Earl Grey, Chai, Chamomile, Matcha, and Lavender. Whether you’re a tea lover, ice cream lover or whatever, you will fall under the spell of these sinfully decadent and flavorful ice creams. We would have included photos of the ice cream itself out of the pints, but that would only happen if the ice cream lasted longer than 3 minutes in our possession. Behold the available six flavors in all their delicious glory:

Masala Chai – a warm blend of Assam black and rooibos teas with sweet aromatic and peppery spices

Ginger Matcha – a sweet bite of fresh ginger perfectly balanced with delicate grassy notes of premium Matcha green

Lavender’s Blueberry – a sweet floral blend of black tea and lavender with a fresh blueberry puree

Chamomile – Notes of apple and honey from Egyptian chamomile flowers.

Chunky London Mist – malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla, rich semi-sweet Belgian chocolate flakes, and buttery roasted pecan chunks

London Mist – malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey enhanced with a hint of vanilla

We see a future full of multiple trips to Whole Foods, Fairway, Dean & Deluca, and may other retail locations to get our fix, but if they ever sell out, we can always buy our favorite flavors directly from the tea-rrific online store. Make room in your freezer, but don’t worry, it won’t be for long.



Another great way to enjoy your tea, especially on these incredibly hot summer days, is as a popsicle….yes a tea popsicle. You may remember the name Brewla Specialty Brewed Bars from our recent popsicle story, and since they are made with teas such as red, white, hibiscus, and chamomile, they are a perfect fit to highlight. Get ready to say goodbye to boring glasses of iced tea, and indulge in one or more of these antioxidant-rich, fresh fruits, and tea frozen bars. Enjoy Brewla’s delicious and refreshing tastes, while enriching your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Along with its nutrients, Brewla bars are caffeine-free, gluten-free, Kof-K kosher certified, and are available four flavor varieties, including  Cherry Pomegrante + Red Tea (The Hero), Peach Ginger + White Tea (The Lullaby), Tropical Fruits + White Tea (The Luau), and Strawberry + Hibiscus Tea (The Lifeguard).  They are especially great as a portable way to stay cool. Are you ready to indulge? check out the Brewla Bars store locator to find retailers near you.


For those of you who may be sticklers for having your tea in it’s traditional, drinkable form, may I present to you…….a twist. The Owl’s Brew tea cocktail mixers offer a way to enjoy the finest, and your most favorite teas, in delicious cocktails. Their fresh-brewed and bottled tea cocktail mixers are the first ever teas crafted just for cocktails. The Owl’s Brew’s all-natural mixers are brewed up from whole tea leaves, fruits, spices, herbs, and are available in four flavors: The Classic (a blend of English Breakfast and lemon peel, with lemon juice and lime juice), Coco-Lada (a blend of black tea, chai spices, coconut pieces and pineapple juice), Pink & Black (our favorite – a blend of black tea, hibiscus, lemon peel, and splashed with strawberry and lemon juices), and White and Vine (a blend of white tea, pomegranate, lemon peel, and watermelon juice). Their delicious taste will knock your tea-loving socks off, and may have you leaving the old regular iced tea behind.

We recently got reacquainted with the tea cocktail mixers (we first discovered them last year at another event) at one of their events, where curated cocktails were served to a very appreciative crowd.  That evening, we indulged in the following cocktails: Pink and Black Grouse (mixed with The Black Grouse Whiskey), New Market Float (mixed with ice cream and the Famous Grouse Whiskey), and a Malt and Tea (mixed with Zyr Vodka and pineapple). If you love a good cocktail and are a fan of teas (or not, either way, you’ll be happy), grab a one or two of this ebony-hued bottle, you won’t regret it.

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