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Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day

Measures against coronavirus are affecting all of us, which is why we need to remain safe and wear appropriate PPE from sites like Custom Lanyards 4 All when necessary. We’re all still adjusting to the new changes and conditions put in place to protect as many people as possible from the virus but it’s all to help the health of the country. It’s certainly a big change for all us of but it’s definitely for the best! I want to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for years to come so I’m definitely going to do everything in my power that I can! I’m following guidelines by making sure I only go out to exercise or shop, I’m wearing my n95-mask, and I am trying to keep 6 feet apart from everyone. Anyway, it’s a good job St. Patrick’s Day can keep our hopes up!

The countdown to St. Patrick’s Day is in full effect and while St. Paddy’s Day bar crawl might be canceled due to the Coronavirus, Guinness and Nick Offerman are here to make sure you still enjoy a perfect pint and we were there for all the tips and tricks. There was no need for a bar crawl as 501 Union was transformed into an everflowing stout haven with unlimited pints, wonderful food and Guinness pairings, and a wonderfully funny toast from Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

Nick Offerman & Guinness Celebrate The Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

The event boasted four beers on tap for our enjoyment; they included: Guinness Draught Stout, Guinness Blonde, Guinness Extra Stout, and Smithwick’s. Along with these thirst-quenching offerings, guests were treated with an array of delicious passed hors d’oeuvres and delicious eats from Pig Beach NYC, which featured Guinness as an ingredient.

Guinness Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

The highlight of the event was the above-mentioned toast from everyone’s favorite sourpuss. What brings Nick Offerman into the mix? He has partnered with the legendary beer company to guide you on how to properly enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with a month-long series of ads celebrating the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day. The hilarious ads (which can be seen on their Instagram page) features tips, tricks, trivia, and suggestions on pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, how to properly enjoy a pint (his answer, “Use your mouth” – we wholeheartedly agree, lol), what foods to pair with a pint or two, and how to dress for St. Patrick’s Day (a full pint is essential). Their Instagram page offers a month’s worth of tips, so make sure to visit.

Check out the video of his wonderful toast to Guinness and St. Patrick’s Day from the event below

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While you’re out stocking up on supplies for the Coronavirus and possible home-bound time ahead, pick up a case or two at any supermarket for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If you’re a business owner concerned about the effect of the outbreak on your business, it might be a good idea to seek small business help specifically devised for these trying times.

Now through March 31st, share a pic of your Guinness ‘stache using the hashtag #StacheForCharity. Tag @GuinnessUS and they’ll donate $1.00 to the Guinness Gives Back Fund.

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