Novex Brazilian Hair Care Takes on NYC

We’re always looking for hair products that will enhance our hair’s natural beauty, and we want to make sure it is always at its healthiest. Brazil, known for their innovative keratin treatment processes, products that promotes hair growth, and overall great hair care treatments, was our go-to for the latest hair products launches. Today we’re specifically concentrating on Novex Hair Care, the #1 selling keratin hair care line in Brazil, who recently launched their amazing hair transforming products in the US.

Whatever your hair needs, Novex Hair Care products has the solution you need. Want your hair to be healthier, shinier, manageable, and soft to the touch? Grab any of Novex’s product line collections, which includes Brazilian Keratin, My Curls, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and Bamboo Sprout.


If you’re looking for deep repair to reinforce the structure of your hair, increase shine and smoothness, and want your hair to be healthy, manageable and soft, the fast absorbing seven products from the Novex Brazilian Keratin collection is the answer to your hair’s needs. The products in this collection are enriched with Vitamin E, rich in vitamins, and most are suitable to use on damaged hair.


Love your curls but find it’s a struggle to keep them moisturized, and to keep their shape? The five products in Novex My Curls boasts a mixture of seven nutri-functional oils in one, including Olive, Argan, Ojon, Monoi, Coconut, Shea Butter and Moringa. This special mix of oils infuses your the curls with lots of hydration, nutrition, powerful protection against frizz, and amazing shine.


By now we’re all fully acquainted with the benefits of Argan Oil for your hair. Thanks to the pure Moroccon Argan Oil, and Vitamin E, these four hair products promises no more split ends, an end to frizzy, dry/dull hair, powerful moisture, and a natural antioxidant that fights the harmful particles of your hair.


If your hair needs includes strength and hair growth, look no further than the super concentrated actives, amino acids, minerals and vitamins A, B , and C in the products in the Novex Bamboo collection, all designed to naturally strengthen your hair, and stimulate the roots for growth.


Last but certainly not least, the innovative formula of the Novex Olive Oil collection, a blend of the finest Olive Oil and Vitamin E, treats dry hair, infusing it with moisture, and reviving it with deep protection, hydration and nutrition. The result is all day shine, protection and a new life for your hair.

The best part of Novex Hair Care products, you can mix and match the products for your specific hair needs. For example, want to pamper your curls and grow them out? Treat your curls and get the growth you want by using products from the My Curls, and Bamboo Sprout Collection. No matter your hair desires, use the combination you want. Novex hair products are available at Ricky’s NYC, Sally Beauty Supply, Navarro Discount Pharmacy in Florida, and online at

Got Curly Hair? Get Frizz Free Curls with CURLS Haircare

During the summer, I’ve been taking a college student, an English major to be exact, to a few events as part of Real World Experience experiment which will hopefully help craft her future endeavors. As stated, she is an English major, so naturally her experience involves covering an event or two and product reviews. So with no further delay, here is the first from Sharlene Cassius, Sophomore at Grambling university.

This is my hair, untamed and uncombed.

It’s not exactly Shirly Temple curly. It’s not even as curly as actress Rachel Tru’s tresses. However, it’s a little wavy and very frizzy, but there is definitely some curl potential for my crowning glory. That’s why I decided to put the Curls for Women five hair care products to the test.

They are – Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream, Coconut Sublime Conditioner, Quenched Curls Moisturizer, Curls Milkshake (light curl lotion), and the new Cashmere Curls. These fabulous finds are from Curls’ product line designed especially for multi-ethnic women of all hair types. Overall, I would say I am satisfied with these goodies. If you are one those girls who has to deal with your naturally kinky or curly, frizzy, tangle-prone, moisture-craving hair, you’re appreciate how much these products can leave your hair feeling so much more manageable, silky, bouncy and moisturized.

My favorite, out of the five products is Cashmere Curls (shown above), because it caters especially to kinkier hair textures like mine. I can apply it to my twists, undo them, and voila, I have an excellent, nicely moisturized twist out.

Apart from these amazing benefits (especially how the products made my hair less frizzy), I loved the wonderful scent of coconut that stayed with me after using these products. Yes, scent matters to me. One of the first things I do when I’m shopping for hair products is inhale their fragrance and these products made me want to take a second, and a third whiff. And off course, price is extremely important to me. Curls’ products for women (which include a number of products I haven’t had the opportunity to try out) range from a retail price of about $12-$25. I would say that that’s reasonable considering the great results. So, if you want the Curls experience, find these products and Curls’ two other products lines for kids and babies (Curly Qs and It’s A Curl) from top retailers across the US and international countries; better yet, order them online at .

And, if you believe in giving back, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that Curls’ Founder, Mahisha Dellinger, works with adoption agencies across the US donating Curls products and teaching multi-ethnic hair care to parents who adopt across racial lines. You go girl!