High-Tech Meets High Fashion Eyewear: GUNNAR Optiks Work-Play Lens

You may not realize it but many of us put a 24-hr strain on our eyes. Going from hours in front of a computer, to your smartphone, to your television. While blue light may be beneficial to our eyes during the daytime. It does have a dark side. Did you know that blue light penetrates all the way to the retina? While this helps to boost your attention and mood, at night too much blue light exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. Luckily there is an answer to solve this blue light problem, the GUNNAR Optiks Work-Play Lens. As Editor of our women’s lifestyle website, we spend hours updating our site and engaging our followers on social media before, during and after events. We have to make sure our eyes are protected and the blue light blocking glasses from the GUNNAR Optiks do just that.

Who is GUNNAR Optiks? They are the world’s leading creator and manufacturer of computer eyewear. The above Infinite by Publish lens is blue light glasses from the GUNNAR Optiks Work-Play Lens collection in collaboration with leading apparel brand company, Publish. Together, these two powerful brands bring to life the never ‘seen’ before, uniquely versatile, Work-Play lens. The other styles in the GUNNAR Optiks Work-Play Lens collection include the retro classic Intercept and the strong traditional Axial frames. What we love about these glasses, besides their stylish look and amazing technology, is you can get them with or without your prescription.

These innovative dual-purpose lifestyle eyewear are designed for indoor blue light protection from digital screens which then transitions to a sunglass for outdoor protection from UV light and the sun’s rays. With these unique glasses, you can easily transition from working indoors to playful activities outdoors. The new GUNNAR Optiks Work Play lens is a simplistic and stylish solution to eye protection worries.

In just 45 seconds, the Work-Play lens seamlessly transitions from an indoor translucent amber tint with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 83-percent and a Blue-Light Protection Factor (BPF) of 65, to an outdoor sunglasses tint with a VLT of 26-percent and a BPF of 85. Powered by innovative GUNNAR i-Amp® lens technology, Work-Play lenses maximize long-wave blue light, helping to stimulate your alertness and attitude while improving your circadian rhythm all day long.

The all-new Work Play lens Infinite by Publish glasses is the first and only digital eyewear to combine the unparalleled protection of GUNNAR’s patented lens technology with the unparalleled style of Publish. The new GUNNAR Optiks Work Play lens collection is available now on and

Robert Verdi (Finally!!) Launches Sunglass Collection

If you’re familiar with Style Expert and Celeb Stylist, Robert Verdi (Full Frontal Fashion, Fashion Police, She’s Got the Look, The Robert Verdi Show), then you’ve no doubt seen a pair of sunglasses perfectly perched upon his head – his trademark look. Funny thing is, I don’t remember ever seeing him without a pair on which is why I’m not surprised to hear that he’s launching an Sunglass collection exclusively with HSN – I’m actually shocked he didn’t do this years ago. Check out a few styles below

The 35-piece collection features aviators, retro, wayfarers, oval-shaped, round-shaped, over-sized, etc. Robert will be appearing on HSN starting tomorrow, February 22nd and 23rd as well as March 21-22. I had a chance to pick Robert Verdi’s brain and gain a little insight into his collection. Check out my brief interview below:

Did you design the collection with a particular person (yourself) or inspiration in mind?

I designed them for the HSN customer and infused powerful personality and iconic looks in the frames, so that every woman can feel like a movie star in my glasses. I want women to be able to have multiple pairs of my HSN sunglasses for different moments in their life. Sunglasses are a great way to set your mood, and are the most powerful accessory to add a personality to your outfit. I did name the glasses after fabulous women in my life including fashion editors at major magazines, actresses I dress on the red carpet, famous comediennes, cartoonists, makeup artists, mothers and more – all amazing women with different personalities and styles.

What styles do you recommend for the different face shapes?

So whatever your face shape is, you should wear a complimentary frame that has the opposite qualities. So if your face is very angular, you wear a soft shaped frame. If you have a soft round face, wear a very angular frame. If you have a square face, an oval or cat eye shape is great. If you have an oblong face, you can wear a round or square looks great. If you have a round face, wear wider with angular shapes. For an oval face like mine, any frame works. if you have a diamond shaped face with a wider cheekbone, narrow forehead and narrow chin, an oval is great or even a rimless frame look good. That said, I designed my collection for HSN with lots of bright colors, shapes and even patterns at a price point where you can have fun and bend the rules- get multiple pairs and pick some outside your typical comfort zone. They are all under $30 so, you can get a great pair you love for your face, a hip clear frame for spring, a great metal frame for the beach and a dramatic pair for going out on the town!

Will there be a specialty collection for the larger face shapes?

There are already shapes in the collection that are great for larger face shapes including The Allison and The Sasha (pictured below)

As a person known for always sporting sunglasses, what eyewear trends do you love or hate?

I love the new matte plastics, and brushed metals. They look really fresh and new. I love gradient lenses and I love the hombre frames that go from one color at the top of the frames to a different color at the bottom of the frame (not on the lens, on the frame itself).

What made you finally decide to create your eyewear collection?

I wanted an outlet where I can really reach a lot of women, and HSN offered the perfect opportunity for that.

The entire collection is available and can e purchased starting today on