USA MADE | Jewelry Made in America Part 2

With the Olympics over and Team USA bringing home 46 GOLD Medals (Go USA!!!), it’s time to once again celebrate more gold (and platinum, silver, etc) jewelry made right here in the good old USA. You may remember I recently featured some some absolutely stunning USA Made jewelry, refresh your memory here – Accessories Council Presents USA MADE | Jewelry Made in America. Here are more designers to feast your eyes on:

Colette Malouf

Known for gorgeous hair accessories, this industry veteran, who started in and is still based in Soho, boasts a long line of celebrity fans but that’s no surprise since she’s  been around since 1987 and has designed for Michael Kors and Derek Lam. Every piece is a statement; whether its the thorn headstrap, rosebud necklace or bib necklace, the beauty and craftsmanship of her artful pieces are simply beguiling.

Roman Luxe

One of my favorite stones is Lapis and the Roman Luxe collection features some amazing pieces created with this captivating gemstone. This collection, although launched this year, has been a part of the Roman Company which started in 1973. Roman Luxe is a younger, more modern brand, inspired by the runway and enhanced by technology.

Whiting & Davis

Known for making the most stunning metal mesh jewelry, like the above Anniversary Gold Collar Necklace, and with 136 years of heritage, there’s no mistaking Whiting & Davis’s exquisite lineage. The brand’s mesh has been featured on the runway of some of today’s hottest in designs by Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton . With a return to its roots and a renewed focus on timeless and luxurious fine jewelry in sterling silver, 18-karat gold, rose gold (my favorite metal) and both semiprecious and precious stones, Whiting & Davis will be gracing the arms, necks and fingers of several of today’s modern women.

Emanuela Duca

Rugged and unique in every way, the Emanuela Duca jewelry collection’s highly textured surfaces are evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins but still features movement. Though her pieces look primitive, her designs are always clean, simple and minimal. She allows the texture and sculptural shapes of her pieces to show their sophistication and intriguing personality.

Accessories Council Presents USA MADE | Jewelry Made in America

What better way to celebrate the US than to feature some of the amazing talent, beauty and fashion products made right here in the good ole USA, specifically a few beautiful jewelry brands. I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 Accessories Council’s USAMade initiative, which promotes jewelry made in the USA. Brands participating in the USAMade initiative include: Alex Woo, Alzerina, Carla Marina, Caroline Rocha, Clipa, Colette Malouf, Courtney Simmelkjaer, Ela Rae, ElyseRyan, Emanuela Duca, Eye of the Sea, Gerard Yosca, HEET, Holy Bauble, Isharya, John Wind/Maximal Art, Jonas Studio, Lesli Dale, Lionette, Liz Palacios, Nicole Romano, Options in Time, Patricia Locke, Relios, RJ Graziano, Roberta Chiarella, Roman Luxe, Shansen, Tuleste Market, Veronique by Vendome, and W/A Studios. In this post, I will highlight my most coveted pieces – most of which are dynamic and stunning statement jewelry


I love all jewelry that has modern, architectural and Egyptian design influences and not only does Lionette’s exquisite jewelry fulfill that love, their name also shows the strength and power found in their pieces. The words goddess and empress were the first words that came to mind when I first these gorgeous collection.

Carla Marina

Another design aesthetic I adore is romance and the above pieces from Carla Marina’s New Royalty Collection inspired by Portugal’s Royal Treasures is absolutely stunning. Featuring cascading leaves, enchanting stars and other embellishments and details found in the Royal’s crowns, scepters, etc.

Nicole Romano

A celebrity favorite (one look at her pieces will show you why), the Nicole Romano collection is as spectacular as it is enchanting. Her jewelry speaks for itself and it has a lot to say. Her collection combine hard and soft, drama, romance, edge – and is filled with eye-catching pieces.


One aspect from this collection by Carolyn Pollack that caught my eye and it’s featured in the pieces shown above is the encased stones. From the Silver Lace Collection, the above pieces feature sterling silver which encircles polished stones with gemstones as accents giving each piece a magical, almost fairytale vibe.

There are so many more amazing jewelry brands to showcase (all of which are listed at the beginning of this post). What’s your favorite so far?