Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday Wear

It feels good to wear a belt again in a year filled with sweat pants, elastic waistbands, and drawstring pants. Yes, we said it, we actually miss wearing belts and we’re excited to do so again, thanks to Ellany Belts. Of course, the majority of belts haven’t changed much over the years, and for many, the thickness of a belt, as well as the buckle, can get uncomfortable; don’t even get us started on finding a belt that fits, especially when you factor in pandemic pounds. That is, until Ellany Belts. Specifically, their Stirrup Belts and Snaffle Belts. The beauty of these belts, inspired by equestrian style and riding, eliminates those issues.

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Snaffle belts (featured above), are inspired by a type of “bit” that goes into the horse’s mouth and is attached to the reins. These elastic Ellany belts were designed to give you the comfort you never realized you were missing with a leather belt. Say goodbye to buckle bulge, gaps in the back of your pants, and having to find different belts that fit your low rise and high rise jeans. Our favorite aspects about these Ellany belts? Not only are they ultra-comfy, but they are also machine washable; they come in a variety of patterns and one size fits most thanks to being adjustable from 24″ to 65″.

Snaffle Belt Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Stirrup belts (pictured below), are inspired by the stirrups in which riders place their feet. The Stirrup belts boast and promise everything the Snaffle belts do. The only difference between the two is the closure. Both styles are washable, super comfortable, adjustable, etc. It really depends on your closure preference.

Stirrup Belts

Each collection offers on-trend alloy metals of black, rose gold, silver, or gold. These metals are paired with a wide variety of chic prints that complete any outfit. Designed with elastic imported from Greece, Ellany belts come in a width of either 1.5” or 2” and are hand-sewn in the USA by founder, Elizabeth. Once you try one, you’ll see Ellany belts are THE perfect belts. Get to know more about these high-end belts or grab one or two for yourself on We definitely need a few more colors in our closet.

Champagne Wishes, Apple Dreams: Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in apple season. While some apples are available all year round, the fall season, (especially fall in New York) is the only time you can get ripe, fresh apples off the tree. What better time than the height of apple season to introduce and highlight the most delicious and newest apple harvest, a wonderfully delicious sparkling apple wine. What do you get when you combine New York breeding with French elements? You get Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine, a 12% abv sparkling wine crafted from locally sourced Upstate New York apples (New York grows more apple varieties than any other state). Creation of this delightful sparkling follows the traditional method used by the French champagnes.

Created and distributed by Sauvage, Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine, launching soon in Apple Crisp, is an all natural, gluten-free and kosher sparkling wine. It is a bit like bubbly and a bit like cider, hence its name, Comsi Comsa, French for “Like this, Like that.” What makes this naturally sweet bubbly so amazing? It’s made with dozens of apple varieties sourced from the local farms surrounding the distillery, it boasts 12% alcohol (ciders only have 6%), has a slightly full-bodied nose, and a gorgeous caramel color. There are only two ingredients in every bottle of Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine – 100% apples and Champagne Yeast, nothing more.

Influenced by French techniques applied in the Champagne region of France, Sauvage marries tradition and innovation to offer this all-natural apple-based sparkling wine. We had the pleasure of getting better acquainted with Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine, and it truly was love at first sip. We highly recommend serving it chilled in a champagne flute but we can also see this sweet sparkling adding a unique twist to a French 75 cocktail, a Bellini (who says it has to be peach or pear), or a sweet holiday Poinsettia cocktail (just add cranberry juice).

Comsi Comsa Apple Sparkling Wine officially launches on November 15th, 2017. The 750ml bottle of the sparkling wine, which bears a Panther logo (Sauvage is French for “wild” after all), will retail for $14.99 each.  Keep an eye out at bars and restaurants, clubs and lounges for this crisp spirit, or maybe just pay a visit to Sauvage’s distillery in Oneonta, NY.

Sauvage’s brand-new farm distillery and tasting room are nestled in Oneonta, a vibrant small town in Upstate New York, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains along the banks of the Susquehanna River. With direct access to 24 varieties of delicious apples growing in the nearby region’s orchards, Sauvage produces this local, fresh, crisp and tasty juice, fermented with champagne yeast. This proprietary recipe becomes the signature base for their unique line of apple-based products.

What are your thoughts on apple sparkling wines? Would you love to give Comsi Comsa a try? For more information on Comsi Comsa, head over to

Clean Green: ECOS Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

We’re definitely past spring house cleaning, but this feature isn’t about spring cleaning, it’s about eco and healthy cleaning of your home. Today we highlight a responsible company that cares about this planet and us, its inhabitants. We were introduced to ECOS Earth-friendly cleaning products (celebrating their 50th anniversary this year) a while back and after using it in our homes, we’re absolutely hooked on these hypoallergenic, naturally formulated and scented cleaning products.

Finding cleaning and other products that are safer for you, your family, and the environment should be easy, and ECOS Earth-friendly cleaning products are easy to find; in fact, ECOS offers over 200 environmentally friendly products. Derived from replenishable resources, this range of plant-powered products is full of award-winning eco-friendly home cleaning products including household cleaning products, laundry detergents, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, dishwashing liquids, pet, and baby products. Since making the vow to switch to more eco-friendly cleaning products, I have put off cleaning items like the sofas and carpets in the house as I struggled to find a suitable product. Now that I have found a brand that I can get behind, I’ll be contacting a company that does Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, or perhaps somewhere a bit closer to cross off my cleaning list!

The plant-derived ECOS All Purpose Cleaner Parsley Plus will get almost any surface clean with the fresh and unique scent of Parsley. The perfect for everyday use cleaner is also available in Ginger Plus, and Orange Plus, with a concentrated version in Orange Plus. The ECOS Dishmate Hypoallergenic Dish Soap is concentrated with powerful, plant-derived cleaning agents that doubles as a hand soap. It’s available in the above Lavender, as well as Bamboo Lemon, Almond, Grapefruit, Pear, Apricot, and Free & Clear. The ECOS Hypoallergenic Hand Soap, available in Orange Blossom, Lemongrass, and Lavender, is blended with nourishing vitamin E and antioxidants. It cleanses and softens your hands with Non-drying, plant-derived ingredients that also leaves a delicate, refreshing aroma. The last product we tried was the ECOS Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent with Enzymes (the #1 selling green laundry detergent in the world), a concentrated formula with plant-derived cleaning agents and a built-in fabric softener; this hypoallergenic laundry detergent boasts scents made with aromatic natural fragrances and essential oils, such as Magnolia & Lily, Honeydew, Fresh Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Free & Clear.

ECOS products are made in the USA at one of four manufacturing facilities that are carbon neutral, water neutral and Zero Waste Platinum certified, saving over 53 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually and diverting over 95% of all waste from landfills.

Are you ready for a healthy home for yourself and your family with the safer, green plant-powered cleaners from the range of ECOS Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products? Learn more about ECOS by visiting

Love Dresses? Jupi Corp Launches One Dress A Day Commerce Site

Love shopping for chic dresses? Love getting your hands on special pieces for your wardrobe? One Dress A Day, a commerce site that is the first of its kind finally, adding a completely new limited edition dress style every single day, offering an exciting shopping experience for the modern woman 365 days a year, went live yesterday, Monday, August 11th! Sourcing unique fabrics, fine silks, gorgeous beaded and sequined textiles, and lovely laces from around the world – focuses their designs on high quality Italian and French fabrics. The collection will feature everything from intricate beading, bodycon to boho and feminine styles for whether you need work-friendly wear, a date-night must-have, or cocktail attire!

Though the fabric is sourced internationally, all dresses are designed and made right here in the USA! Quantities of any one given garment are solely determined upon how much of that fabric can be obtained! Each morning, as a new dress is published on the site, you won’t know if there will be 50 or 500 available… so acting fast is essential! Although dresses, which are sized from XS to XL, are introduced daily, they will be available for 30 days or until supplies run out. This means that you are able to shop in confidence that you may very well be the only fashionista around to have scored such gorgeous pieces! While the styles are forward, the prices aren’t; with an average dress retailing at $169.00 you’ll most likely be snapping up two or three styles.

In addition to offering exclusive, limited edition dresses, will also feature fashion stories, industry advice and style tips from some of the industry’s top tastemakers.

Must-Have Accessories | 41 Stars Jewelry Collection

Don’t you love it when you accidentally discover a new favorite….anything. It could be a new designer, hobby, food, accessories, etc. This is what happened to me recently at an event. I discovered and fell in love with a handmande jewelry designer after seeing one necklace – a Copper and labradorite horseshoe necklace. The label, called 41 Stars, is the brainchild of photography and jewelry-making mom, Heather Nichols and she her pieces are available on craft store, The Craft Star. Her pieces feature classic, vintage and modern silhouettes using copper, sterling silver, and gemstones at amazingly low prices – some I still can’t believe. Featured below are a few of my favorite pieces from her collection:


Featured above from left to right is the Gold & Emerald Filigree Earrings ($12.00)- a 2.5″ long gold tone and emerald earrings, Swarovski Wire Wrapped Earrings ($20.00) – 2.25 blue Swarovski crystal wire wrapped earrings and Fan Earrings ($5.00) – 2 inch long gold and silver tone earrings.


Love Rose Gold? Copper makes a great alternative like the above Copper Swirl Necklace ($20.00) – a simple hammered copper swirl necklace that measure 1.75″ long and  hangs on a 17″ chain, and those who love bold color will love the Dragonfly Necklace ($15.00) – a delicately sweet 1″ long by 1.5″ pendant on a 16.5″ long silver tone chain. I absolutely love this necklace. If you’re looking for a necklace that will definitely be a conversation piece, you definitely need to see the following two pieces.

Purple is the color of royalty and you will feel like a queen in the these regal-hued pieces. The Purple Feather Necklace ($12.00) features a 3.5″ wide purple metal feather on a 16″ gunmetal chain and the Purple Agate Necklace ($12.00) features a deep purple stone set on a bright gold background on a 16″ long gold tone chain.
Love what you’ve seen so far? Then get these and much more for 30% off when you use code SUMMERTIME. To learn more about Heather and 41 Stars, check her out on Facebook –

USA MADE | Jewelry Made in America Part 2

With the Olympics over and Team USA bringing home 46 GOLD Medals (Go USA!!!), it’s time to once again celebrate more gold (and platinum, silver, etc) jewelry made right here in the good old USA. You may remember I recently featured some some absolutely stunning USA Made jewelry, refresh your memory here – Accessories Council Presents USA MADE | Jewelry Made in America. Here are more designers to feast your eyes on:

Colette Malouf

Known for gorgeous hair accessories, this industry veteran, who started in and is still based in Soho, boasts a long line of celebrity fans but that’s no surprise since she’s  been around since 1987 and has designed for Michael Kors and Derek Lam. Every piece is a statement; whether its the thorn headstrap, rosebud necklace or bib necklace, the beauty and craftsmanship of her artful pieces are simply beguiling.

Roman Luxe

One of my favorite stones is Lapis and the Roman Luxe collection features some amazing pieces created with this captivating gemstone. This collection, although launched this year, has been a part of the Roman Company which started in 1973. Roman Luxe is a younger, more modern brand, inspired by the runway and enhanced by technology.

Whiting & Davis

Known for making the most stunning metal mesh jewelry, like the above Anniversary Gold Collar Necklace, and with 136 years of heritage, there’s no mistaking Whiting & Davis’s exquisite lineage. The brand’s mesh has been featured on the runway of some of today’s hottest in designs by Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Louis Vuitton . With a return to its roots and a renewed focus on timeless and luxurious fine jewelry in sterling silver, 18-karat gold, rose gold (my favorite metal) and both semiprecious and precious stones, Whiting & Davis will be gracing the arms, necks and fingers of several of today’s modern women.

Emanuela Duca

Rugged and unique in every way, the Emanuela Duca jewelry collection’s highly textured surfaces are evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins but still features movement. Though her pieces look primitive, her designs are always clean, simple and minimal. She allows the texture and sculptural shapes of her pieces to show their sophistication and intriguing personality.