Illamasqua Launches at Bloomingdales W/ Live Artistry Experience From Creative Director, Alex Box

Earlier this month Illamasqua provided bloggers and editors with the rare opportunity to see Illamasqua’s creative director, Alex Box, do a live demo of her makeup artistry. These live demo events were just in time for the unveiling of Illamasqua at Bloomingdale stores in New York, Miami, New Jersey and Chicago. If you’ve ever seen an artist at a live painting event then this is the same sort of concept. The model’s face was a blank canvas and Box did her thing in real time with a great soundtrack playing along; as the music got more lively and upbeat, so did her movements and strokes. It was definitely a great experience to watch, especially when she surprised us all and slashed blue color all over what we thought would just be a pretty, but very sculpted face. We should have known better. See her process in pictures below:

lopinavir ritonavir buy No longer only at Sephora, Illamasqua in the US can now be purchased at Bloomingdales counters in Chicago, Short Hills New Jersey, Miami, and 59th, Soho and Huntington LI Bloomingdale stores so, be sure to check Illamasqua out there and shop the new Sacred Hour collection.

lopinavir cena ***Thanks to Beauty Contributor, Laura of source Blush and Beakers for attending the Illamasqua Event with me and covering for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

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