Treat Yourself to Fabulous Hair at the Angelo David Salon

If there’s one thing we don’t do enough of, it’s treating ourselves to more pampering. Sometimes dealing with life’s ups and downs can make you forget to take care of yourself. I’m not talking about the basics like food, shelter, I mean rewarding yourself. We’ve been a bit on autopilot over here and we’ve forgotten about treating ourselves. Luckily we know some amazing people, like the Angelo David Salon, who remind you that you deserve a little pampering. So at the tail end of NYFW, I was treated to an afternoon of fabulous hair at the Angelo David Salon in midtown Manhattan.

Don’t get me wrong, my natural hair is fabulous and amazing in its natural state (see photos below) but sometimes I want a different look; sometimes I desperately need a hair trim; sometimes I’m tired of doing my own hair and having my arms get tired from the day long routine of washing and styling. Again, this is about getting pampered, so someone else handling the task is always a welcomed treat. So taking a break from our daily top knot or low ponytail, the result of my fabulous hair at the Angelo David Salon is what you see above.

Once again, our girl Ivy (pictured below), a staple everyone must visit at the Angelo David Salon, hooked us up with a head full of lush flowing locks and we left the salon in peak fabulousness. We advise everyone looking for great hair results book themselves an appointment for their own day of fabulous hair at the Angelo David Salon.

Not only do they create wonderful experiences, Salon Owner Angelo David Pisacreta, world-renowned hairstylist and thinning hair expert, is known for his high-quality, luxury solutions to thinning hair, including highly-customized human-hair extensions, additions, fillers, wigs, and a genius at hair color. Along with his team of exceptional beauty specialists, like Ivy, they will fulfill your every hair need, no matter what it is. The Madison Avenue salon recently opened its Couture Hair Boutique, to showcase the range of extensions, wigs, and additions available to make it easier for clients to choose an option that suits them and their lifestyle.

Could you use a little hair pampering right now? Are you ready to treat yourself fabulous hair at the Angelo David Salon?

Getting Gorgeous For NYFW at the Angelo David Salon

One of our favorite NYFW indulgences is getting our hair fashion week ready, and gorgeous at the Angelo David Salon. We had the option of getting a fabulous blowout, chic manicure, or glam makeup. Fashion Week lounges and events are known for their almost daily offering of manicures and makeovers, our choice was hair. We once again had the pleasure of pampering our stressed out tresses at Angelo David Pisacreta’s famed high-end salon with our favorite hairstylist, Ivy. We highly recommend you pay the salon a visit att heir new location, to have Ivy perform her magic on your hair.


Our hair has been put through quite a lot recently. It’s been left dry and stressed and almost a frizz ball, so some rescuing was definitely needed. With the wonderful talent and products, Ivy was able to take us from tragic to glam. We promise that our before and after pictures of our simple blowout will definitely get your attention. Feast your eyes on the before photo after Ivy washed our hair.


The frizz ball that was our hair (which looks much tamer than usual, only because it’s wet) surrendered to Ivy’s whim. Anyone who has curly hair knows about shrinkage, so our hair went from just below the nape the neck to way past our shoulders. Thanks to the Angelo David Salon, our mane was left silky soft and looking fabulous. See the final results below for yourself. What do you think of our gorgeous tresses?


We cannot say enough how amazing Ivy made our hair look, and despite the ridiculous humidity, our hair remained amazingly straight the entire day, basically just as you see it above. If your hair is in some serious need of loving and pampering, head over to the Angelo David Salon, located at 420 Madison Ave 2nd fl in midtown Manhattan, steps from Grand Central Station, and ask for Ivy (pictured below)


The Angelo David Salon offers a full range of services, including haircuts, haircolor, hair straightening, nail services, waxing and more.

Talking Tresses | The Ombre Hair Colour Effect

I’ve wanted to try the ombre hair colour trend for quite a while, but I needed to decide on style, colour gradient, how much of hair would be ombre, and of course where would I get it done. Since I’ve had such wonderful experiences at the Angelo David Salon, they were my obvious choice for my visit. Many people mistake the ombre effect as having dark roots and lighter hair strands, but the word ombre is actually French for “to shade”, a gradient effect that subtly changes from roots to tips. I knew I wanted lighter on the bottom and hoped for a bit of a rose gold effect. Sadly on the day of my colour, I forgot the pale pink that I needed, so this posts only highlights the golden effects. Once again, my hair was put into the fabolous and talented hands of Ivy, and as you can see my the amazing results, she is amazing.

My natural hair color is black….and I mean black, so Ivy had to take my full head of hair down a few levels before we could start on the ombre. You may remember how dark my hair color was from my last visit to the Angelo David Salon during New York Fashion Week, but here’s a before picture on the day of colour:

The process was a long one because I am blessed with a lot of thick hair, and because of the leveling down. I spent most of the day looking like I was either trying to contact aliens or block the government with the amount of foil I had in my hair (it was hilarious), but a few glasses of wine took my mind off my “tin head”.

Apart from the fact that I forgot the pink, I love the results; so have several of my friends and a few strangers have stopped me to give compliments and ask questions on my experience. After a bit of a resting stage, I do plan on adding the pale pink. meanwhile, I am taking Ivy’s advice and keeping my hair moisturized and properly hydrated. Check out a few more photos of my new color from various angles:

Are you a fan of the ombre hair colour trend? Is there a hair colour trend that you want to try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

A Sneak Peek & Beautiful Hair at the Keratin Lounge by LASIO, NYC

Our tresses recently got the royal treatment thanks to the wonderful people at the Keratin Lounge by LASIO, NYC. We were invited to get a sneak peek of the new location and try one of four complimentary Keratin treatments (One Day, Keratin Tropic, Mocha Silk, and Color Pro) to celebrate LASIO’s beautiful new studio lounge. Some of you may remember that I got my very first Keratin Treatment in March of 2011, coincidentally, thanks to LASIO. What’s even more incredible is that the hairstylist who did my hair oh so long ago, Candy Bencosme, was the same person to do it again this time around. I knew I would be in good hands because my first experience was just so amazing.

Upon entry, I was told to sit back, relax and just enjoy being pampered. Two handsome butlers were at my beck and call and were ready to continuously supply me with cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres…..something I wish was a daily occurence.

When it comes to my hair, I always have issues with humidity, flyaways and frizz during the hotter months of the year, so having control of my wayward tresses is essential to my everyday sanity (I’m sure most of you feel the same way). The Keratin Treatment I received, Keratin Tropic (which smelled deliciously like coconuts), was the same one Candy gave me in 2011 and just as before, instantly got my natural curls under control. Keratin Tropic is formaldehyde-free volumizer that is perfect if you want gorgeous straight hair without losing the body. it eliminates 100% of your frizz, 60% of your curl and repairs hair with a glossy finish with results that lasts up to 3 months and there’s no need to wait 24 hours to wash your hair; you can wash it the very same day.

I was reminded again how easy the application process was, Candy simply washed and dried my hair, applied the LASIO Keratin Tropic treatment and blow-dried and straightened my hair (as well as gave me a much-needed cut) to wonderful results.

The luxe Keratin Lounge is conveniently located in Midtown at 39 West 38th Street on the 2nd Floor. For only $250, you too pampered by our Keratin Specialist and enjoy three months of fabulous hair. Call 212-477-2088 to set up your appointment.

Carol’s Daughter Celebrates 20 Years, Rebrands Lisa’s Hair Elixir, & Launches a Mobile App

With some great launches happening this spring season, Carol’s Daughter is proving they are only getting bigger and better. I had an amazing opportunity to visit Mirror, The Salon at Carol’s Daughter located in the brand’s flagship store on 125th in Harlem last week. First off, I have to acknowledge that Carol’s Daughter (CD) is celebrating 20 years since its inception. I remember being in high school and stumbling into their first flagship store in Fort Greene Brooklyn and falling in love with cult favorites such as the almond cookie butter and the pineapple-scented hair and body balm- time really flies. Additionally, in the midst of all things becoming digital, CD has launched a new mobile app that will allow you to find the closest CD or retail partner store, check-in, and earn points for interacting with the app which will result in unlocking promo codes for discounted CD products.

Healthy Scalp Trio of Products

Carol’s Daughter is also re-branding Lisa’s Hair Elixir with new packaging including an applicator and protective cap as well as coining it the Restoring Hair Oil. The brand believes healthy hair starts with the scalp. In addition to the Lisa’s Hair Elixir, they have added the Fortifying Scalp Spray to use in conjunction. Lastly, the Monoi line has a new product called the Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum. Lisa worded it correctly when she called this trio of products “skincare for your scalp.”

Lisa Price

The Mirror Salon

The beautiful decor at the Mirror Salon

 After the introduction of the new products, Robin D. Groover, Mirror Salon collaborator, hair expert, and creator of Too Groovy Salon in Georgia, introduced us to the concept behind the salon. It was designed to be an “urban escape,” with the ultimate focus placed on healthy hair.

Robin D. Groover

The name Mirror was chosen because they wanted each individual’s beauty to be reflected back at them (this is the reason why there are mirrors all over the salon; even when you get your hair washed, you see yourself). Consultations are encouraged because they are an opportunity to get a tailored regimen for your hair. The consultation will look at hair aspects such as porosity, elasticity, density and scalp condition.

My Personal Experience

During the presentation Robin mentioned that scalp massages were standard, and that’s completely true. During my service, I really liked how Alaina (my Mirror Salon stylist) finger detangled my hair and massaged my scalp as she sprayed the Scalp Fortifying Spray. She did this all prior to washing my hair. I was impressed because when I wash my own natural hair, I usually have to detangle before I get into the shower to shampoo my hair. After my shampoo and condition using the entire CD Monoi Line, Alana added the Monoi deep conditioner to my wet hair, and placed me under a hair steamer for about 30 minutes.

Decor and Menu of services at Mirror

This was actually my first time sitting under a steamer, and my hair felt amazing after the treatment. Alana asked if she could do a natural hair style on my hair and I was like sure! I liked that she was comfortable and excited to style my thick 4C hair. She split my hair into four sections and smoothed Healthy Hair Butter onto each section (my hair was damp but not dripping wet) in a downward motion.

She then added Carol’s Daughter Heat Setting Foam, twisted my hair and added flexi rods to the ends. I sat under the dryer for another 30 mins and voila! I had very cute spiral set curls. Another plus of Mirror salon was that she talked me through each process and explained how I could do it at home.

***Thanks to Beauty Contributor, Laura A. Floyd of Blush and Beakers for covering Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

What’s New at the Duane Reade LOOK Boutique

Have you been to Duane Reade lately? How you seen the amazing changes they’ve made and the wonderful new products and services they’ve introduced? It’s time to get to know the new Duane Reade. I was invited to a Blogger tweet-up by fellow blogger Yoli Ouiya with Duane Reade at their 40 Wall Street location to check out the national launch of the new LOOK Boutique

Duane Reade’s LOOK Boutique will be your one stop shop for all thing beauty, not only do they carry great beauty brands, you can now get beauty services. Duane Reade now houses a full Nail Bar by Essie and OPI and Full Service Hair Salon by Phyto Universe with prices that will rival your local salons

Grab a quick nail polish change, manicure or OPI gel mani at the new chic nail bar or a blow out, hair treatment and haircut at the salon. I had a great blowout from two of Duane Reade’s resident hairstylists, Tania and Soroyal while we discussed beauty and the wonderful new changes at Duane Reade. Hungry? try their freshly made sushi or grab another snack at their market

Thirsty? Grab a delicious smoothie or a quick beer; that’s right Duane Reade also houses a smoothie bar called the Juice Market and offers a variety of international beers

This is certainly not your mother’s Duane Reade. It has become the destination for your life’s needs.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Spa Services from Beauty Bar

Valentine’s Day is a little over two weeks away…those in a couple are hoping their significant others will surprise them with a year’s worth of romance in one day while at the same time trying to find ways to wow our loved ones with the perfect Valentine’s day experience. I am here to share with one a sure fire gift that any woman will love (so pay attention boys). During the week of February 6th, Beauty Bar is offering 15% off of all beauty and spa services offered at their Treatment Room and Blow Dry Bar, located within its flagship store at the Americana Manhasset.

Treat your sweetie to luxurious facials, peels and waxing services with a licensed aesthetician. The Treatment Room gives you the ultimate head-to-toe beautifying experience, while the Blow Dry Bar, a Beauty Bar partnership with legendary nuBest Salon, provides glamorous blowouts and haircuts. Designed to the pampering and coiffing needs of your lovely partner. The Beauty Bar Treatment Room offers the following services:

Jurlique Purifying Facial: Jurlique’s exclusive resurfacing Enzyme Peel preps skin for this ultra-healing facial that deep cleans and reduces breakouts by removing impurities. A detoxifying mask is applied afterward to clarify and tighten pores, leaving you with a flawless, radiant complexion. 50 minutes, $120

Jurlique Skin Soothing Facial: By infusing skin with hydrating, moisturizing ingredients, such as Jurlique’s Moisture Repair Boosting Serum and Calendula Cream, this calming facial reduces redness, irritation and inflammation. Perfect for anyone suffering from Rosacea or sensitive skin, the Skin Soothing Facial will leave you relaxed for the romantic date night ahead. 50 minutes, $120

Jurlique Age Defying Facial: This innovative anti-aging facial evens out skin tone using nutrient-rich botanical extracts to promote cell turnover and improve skin density. A powerful combination of three of Jurlique’s highly-effective, professional-strength treatments, it delivers hydrated, glowing, firm skin. The Age Defying Facial is a must if you are dealing with fine lines, wrinkles or skin that lacks elasticity. 50 minutes, $150

Natura Bisse Oxygen Facial: Experience a revolutionary facial that infuses skin with oxygen to restore a youthful luminance. The Natura Bisse Oxygen Facial provides mild exfoliation using its exclusive Glycolic Peel to eliminate toxins and revitalize complexion. 50 minutes, $235

Natura Bisse Diamond Facial: Dramatically minimize the appearance of wrinkles with this breakthrough facial. Harnessing the power of Natura Bisse’s signature Diamond Collection line of skincare products, the Diamond Facial guarantees long-lasting lifting effects, and combats signs of aging by enhancing the overall condition of your skin. 50 minutes, $325

Dermalogica Facial: For a truly personalized experience, treat yourself to the Dermalogica Facial, which performs a thorough skin analysis to determine the ideal form of treatment based on your skin condition. Every facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and treatment mask. 50 minutes, $100

Sisley Line Reducing Facial: Soften fine lines and nourish your skin with this collagen-boosting facial, which begins with the application of a custom anti-aging treatment, followed by a massage using Sisley’s Flower Gel Mask. For the final step, your skin will be treated with Sisley’s Line Reducer Serum, commonly referred to as “botox in a bottle.” You’ll step out of the spa with smooth, even-toned skin that will leave your Valentine speechless. 50 minutes, $150

Hair Styling at the nuBest Salon, Waxing, Brow/Lash Styling and Make-Up Application services are also available, with prices beginning at just $20. So if you want to knock the socks off your love, get her primped and pretty for Valentine’s Day with Beauty Bar’s exclusive spa and salon – you’ll be a hero for at least a year.