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Your Guide to the Best Digital Marketing Trends

The landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve along with the changes happening in the search engines. Old techniques are getting outdated and leaders in the field are constantly suggesting new techniques. The important thing is that marketers need to keep up with these changes if they want to continue to maintain a top position in the search result. Some people choose to work on their website’s digital marketing strategies themselves, whereas others hire professionals on websites like to do the hard work for them. Whichever route you choose to go down, the important thing is that you’re marketing your website and making your brand known!!

An increasingly popular marketing technique online is to buy a Wikipedia page for your brand and use it as a means to boost both brand recognition and search rankings. It also gives you control over how your brand is represented on the highly popular site, which could prove invaluable.

Video Marketing
Video has become the main means for people to get the message across to people on the internet. Many purchase decisions happen over the video so you shouldn’t miss out video marketing in your campaign. YouTube is the leading video marketing platform so it should be the first place where you go to set up your channel. There are also other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram that allow users to use video in their posts. To optimize for SEO, you should add text overlay and captions that include keywords on your video. Get more details at

Live Streaming
Live streaming is frequently implemented with influencer marketing. People like to watch live streaming because it looks as if they are really seeing the presenter talking on the stage in real time. It gives a more genuine experience which turn into higher trust for your products. Hiring an influencer with a spontaneous personality to promote your product through live streaming is sure to generate a large stream of audience.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing refers to using influencers in the field to spread the word of your product. When your company is new, it is hard to get sales because people not yet know about your product. Instead, just take a shortcut and pay an influencer in the field to review and recommend your product. The influencer marketer can be a top YouTube vlogger, popular blogger, or famous journalist.

Content Marketing
Content marketing remains one of the most important part of digital marketing. People surf online to search for valuable information so you need to make your content useful if you want to get conversions. If you run a blog, make sure you regularly update it with new content. You can also use outreach to help you backlink to your blog from other pages, which usually drives customers towards your services (source – Businesses that have social media accounts should regularly make quality posts that give what the customer is looking for. No matter what content you post, it is important that it is relevant to the audience age and industry.

Voice Search
Many people now like to perform voice search with applications like Siri and Google Assistance. The voice search application will read the featured snippets on the search engine result, which makes all the more important for webmasters to optimize for featured snippets. Marketers need to consider that voice search is conversational request and optimize it accordingly.

Chatbots and WhatsApp
The use of chat bot is on the rise in e-commerce site. When a visitor lands on a website, a chat bot will automatically ask the user if it needs assistance. If the visitor choose yes, it will automatically be connected to a representative. Many businesses also like to use WhatsApp Business Messaging to communicate with the customers. In fact, many businesses like to use WhatsApp for their daily chores. Keeping business communication at the forefront is important, not only for customers but for the business in general, they need to keep an eye on what is happening. Using a unified communications platform can help with that contact in a safe and secure manner, this guide can explain more into the background of this and how it can be used to a business’s advantage.

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