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Oneness’ Sparkling Alcohol-free Cocktails for Dry January

Oneness, the trailblazing wellness brand, has officially launched its revolutionary beverages just in time for Dry January. The company boasts a game-changing technology that sets it apart from other CBD products globally, with an incredible 800% increase in efficacy. The driving force behind this innovation is the full solubilization of the entire hemp flower, a groundbreaking process pioneered by the visionary Dr. Neha Raje. Positioned at the intersection of sacred medicine and cutting-edge science, Oneness is set to make a lasting impact on health and well-being by delivering safe and legal cannabinoids designed to calm, nourish, and brighten the body, mind, and soul.

Oneness' Sparkling Alcohol-free Cocktails for Dry January

The Oneness Sparkling Hemp Cocktails, available in Lavender and Jasmine flavors, serve as an ideal alcohol replacement, offering relief from social anxiety and promoting openness and relaxation. Made from organic fruits and botanicals, they also function as excellent sports drinks, hydrating and aiding in recovery. The products, featuring gorgeous upscale packaging also make for thoughtful gifts for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or chronic pain. The immediate absorption of Oneness products ensures that you experience effects within just 5 minutes, with the benefits lasting up to 6 hours.

Oneness' Sparkling Alcohol-free Cocktails for Dry January

The Lavender and Jasmine alcohol-free specialty cocktails from Oneness exemplify sophistication and rich flavor. Crafted by internationally renowned mixologists, these beverages are designed to enhance confidence, reduce inhibitions, and provide a refreshing feeling that lingers for hours. The Lavender variant incorporates lavender flowers from France and locally grown lemons in Florida, while the Jasmine variant includes fragrant jasmine flowers and refreshing limes. Both cocktails feature raw cane sugar and US-grown full-spectrum organic hemp extract, all powered by the cutting-edge solubilization technology, Oneness OS.

Oneness' Sparkling Alcohol-free Cocktails for Dry January

Praise for Oneness’ products and its commitment to elegant, sustainable packaging have poured in from consumers, celebrities, and wellness experts during pre-launch and beta testing. The technology’s superiority is evident, surpassing other CBD products on the market.

Oneness Hemp Drink Drops Bright Day

The Oneness drink drops are equally impressive, with Bright Day enhancing clarity and focus without the jittery feeling of excessive coffee consumption. At the same time, Deep Night provides total relaxation and relief from aches and pains. Described by users as “magic,” the real secret lies in the quality of the concentrate and the superior hemp solubilization technology. The Oneness Topical Spray for body aches and muscle soreness further supports fast relief through enhanced absorption.

Oneness Hemp Drink Drops Deep Night

These products hailed as powerful tools for self-care and self-awareness, are also thoughtful gifts for individuals dealing with chronic discomfort, sleeplessness, tension, and stress. Interested consumers can purchase all products through the Oneness website with plans for availability on Amazon in 2024. Oneness stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a transformative approach to well-being through its cutting-edge products and commitment to excellence.



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