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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Nur Shah SS24 Collection

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week - Nurshah SS24 Collection

Our latest collection highlight of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is the Nur Shah SS24 Collection. The collection’s inspiration is a tale of fantastical wonder. Once upon a time, in the celestial realm, Altyn Ay graced the heavens as a princess, the indulged younger daughter of the creator of Heaven. Bathed in the ethereal glow of the moon that shared her name, Altyn Ay’s beauty was accentuated by the shimmering stars reflected in her eyelashes. Her laughter echoed melodically across the sky, as she embodied a perpetual cheerfulness and benevolence.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week - Nurshah SS24 Collection

Altyn Ay’s favorite pastime was swinging on the moon, a celestial playground where she reveled in the magic of the night. As the sun set, she descended to Earth to play with little girls, aiding them in drifting into slumber by leaving behind generous gifts of pearls, diamonds, and emeralds. From that moment onward, Altyn Ay, the Golden Moon, became a symbol of beauty and fidelity, representing traditional feminine virtues in Turkic culture.

The inspiration for the Nur Shah SS24 Collection is drawn from this enchanting fairy tale, blending the mystical allure of the Orient with original Kazakh designs. The designer, Nurzhamal Nurpeisova, was influenced by a visit to Paris and seamlessly integrated the chic elegance of French culture and architecture with Kazakh handmade craftsmanship.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week - Nurshah SS24 Collection

The resulting fusion of European sophistication, Kazakh traditions, and Eastern art is manifested in outfits that empower every woman to feel like royalty. Velvet, jacquard, and chiffon serve as the primary materials, adorned with intricate handmade embroidery. Original prints, inspired by the oriental “Paisley” pattern, are woven with traditional Kazakh ornaments in Nur Shah’s atelier.

This Nur Shah SS24 Collection serves as a living embodiment of the generous and beautiful soul of the Kazakh people, showcasing their deep appreciation for world art heritage. Each garment, a testament to the harmonious blending of cultures, invites women to embrace their inner queen while celebrating the rich tapestry of global inspiration.

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