Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday Wear

It feels good to wear a belt again in a year filled with sweat pants, elastic waistbands, and drawstring pants. Yes, we said it, we actually miss wearing belts and we’re excited to do so again, thanks to Ellany Belts. Of course, the majority of belts haven’t changed much over the years, and for many, the thickness of a belt, as well as the buckle, can get uncomfortable; don’t even get us started on finding a belt that fits, especially when you factor in pandemic pounds. That is, until Ellany Belts. Specifically, their Stirrup Belts and Snaffle Belts. The beauty of these belts, inspired by equestrian style and riding, eliminates those issues.

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Snaffle belts (featured above), are inspired by a type of “bit” that goes into the horse’s mouth and is attached to the reins. These elastic Ellany belts were designed to give you the comfort you never realized you were missing with a leather belt. Say goodbye to buckle bulge, gaps in the back of your pants, and having to find different belts that fit your low rise and high rise jeans. Our favorite aspects about these Ellany belts? Not only are they ultra-comfy, but they are also machine washable; they come in a variety of patterns and one size fits most thanks to being adjustable from 24″ to 65″.

Snaffle Belt Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Stirrup belts (pictured below), are inspired by the stirrups in which riders place their feet. The Stirrup belts boast and promise everything the Snaffle belts do. The only difference between the two is the closure. Both styles are washable, super comfortable, adjustable, etc. It really depends on your closure preference.

Stirrup Belts

Each collection offers on-trend alloy metals of black, rose gold, silver, or gold. These metals are paired with a wide variety of chic prints that complete any outfit. Designed with elastic imported from Greece, Ellany belts come in a width of either 1.5” or 2” and are hand-sewn in the USA by founder, Elizabeth. Once you try one, you’ll see Ellany belts are THE perfect belts. Get to know more about these high-end belts or grab one or two for yourself on We definitely need a few more colors in our closet.

isABelt® – ORIGINAL Virtually Invisible Fashion Fix-it Belt

About a year or so ago (maybe longer), I was introduced to a clear plastic belt that looked like a wide bra strap, in fact, I thought it was a set of detachable bra straps, but it turned out to be what become a favorite of mine – an isABelt®. What exactly is a isABelt®? “It is the Original invisible belt, the MUST HAVE Fashion “fix-it” accessory. A thin, strong and flexible clear plastic belt, that virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it’s there. isABelt prevents back gap, slippage and of course, belt bulk and belt bulge. The isABelt solves all of these fashion issues and many more must-have fashion fix-it’s!” Chances are, you’ve either personally experienced the following (see photograph) or have seen it on a random woman – the unsightly bulge.

isABelt® is the answer for any wearer of low rise jeans or any jeans for that matter – its for any woman who wants a smooth look. Created by Leslie Wilkins–Gaudio while shopping for jeans, like me, she doesn’t consider herself a belt wearer – I mean, sometimes they are annoying or just plain do NOT work with an outfit but it most often than not a needed assurance from pant slippage, gaping, etc. While at Product-N-Press, I had the opportunity to meet with Leslie Wilkins–Gaudio and isABelt® co-owners, Elise Wilkins and Lori Wilkins-Vaughan who gave me more information about this great product.

As you can tell, the isABelt is completely adjustable, size friendly (one size fits up to 46″) and comes in two varieties – Regular which retails for $16.95 and Wide which retails for $19.95 (the wide allows Men to enjoy a belt bulge-free and streamlined look as well) and both varieties are available in Clear and Black

isABelt® also has a belt to help find a cure for Breast Cancer, The isABelt® BCA is a “special edition clear belt adorned with the symbolic pink ribbons. It retails for $18.95 and you can wear it discreetly on your pants or wear it loud and clear for the world to see.” A percentage of proceeds from this special edition isABelt®BCA will be donated to Breast Cancer Research (keep an eye out for more information during Breast Cancer Month)