Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday Wear

It feels good to wear a belt again in a year filled with sweat pants, elastic waistbands, and drawstring pants. Yes, we said it, we actually miss wearing belts and we’re excited to do so again, thanks to Ellany Belts. Of course, the majority of belts haven’t changed much over the years, and for many, the thickness of a belt, as well as the buckle, can get uncomfortable; don’t even get us started on finding a belt that fits, especially when you factor in pandemic pounds. That is, until Ellany Belts. Specifically, their Stirrup Belts and Snaffle Belts. The beauty of these belts, inspired by equestrian style and riding, eliminates those issues.

Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Snaffle belts (featured above), are inspired by a type of “bit” that goes into the horse’s mouth and is attached to the reins. These elastic Ellany belts were designed to give you the comfort you never realized you were missing with a leather belt. Say goodbye to buckle bulge, gaps in the back of your pants, and having to find different belts that fit your low rise and high rise jeans. Our favorite aspects about these Ellany belts? Not only are they ultra-comfy, but they are also machine washable; they come in a variety of patterns and one size fits most thanks to being adjustable from 24″ to 65″.

Snaffle Belt Ellany Belts: Inspired by Riding, Meant for Everyday

The Stirrup belts (pictured below), are inspired by the stirrups in which riders place their feet. The Stirrup belts boast and promise everything the Snaffle belts do. The only difference between the two is the closure. Both styles are washable, super comfortable, adjustable, etc. It really depends on your closure preference.

Stirrup Belts

Each collection offers on-trend alloy metals of black, rose gold, silver, or gold. These metals are paired with a wide variety of chic prints that complete any outfit. Designed with elastic imported from Greece, Ellany belts come in a width of either 1.5” or 2” and are hand-sewn in the USA by founder, Elizabeth. Once you try one, you’ll see Ellany belts are THE perfect belts. Get to know more about these high-end belts or grab one or two for yourself on We definitely need a few more colors in our closet.

Purse First: Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection

In honor of the epic words of Bob the Drag Queen, we’re heading into the fall season, “purse first”! What better time than National Handbag Day to celebrate the wonderful handbag collection from a friend of ours. You’re well aware we love spotlighting upcoming designers and indie brands on My Life on and off the Guest List, so it’s only natural that we introduce you to the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection. We first introduced you to this high-end, indie leather handbag designer back in February when she held an introductory handbag trunk show. Now all the bags we saw are available and ready to chic up your wardrobe with their elegant silhouettes.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection3_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection4_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

As we stated back in February, the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection is an accessible luxury brand that features a range of chic handbags focused on quality, modern design, and innovation. The handbag collection boasts minimalist designs, and classic silhouettes with an incorporated higher function. Thanks to its interior LED touch light system which is integrated into each handbag, you will no longer go blindly digging into your purses. Chinyere Ugoji wonderfully combines fashiona nd function with her luxury leather bag collection and if you think you can choose a favorite, think again. I’m currently in love with the Mackenzie Tote in Azure Blue, the Veronica Signature Laptop Bag (shown in the first photo), the Soho Satchel, and the Claudette Portfolio Clutch (pictured below).

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_claudette_portfolio_clutch_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_claudette_portfolio_clutch2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

There are several styles from the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection to love. Whether you go for a travel bag, hobo, clutch, crossbody, or tote, you’re sure to find a bag to fit your needs.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_soho_satchel_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_mackenzie_tote_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

Each carefully crafted leather handbag has a built-in touch light to illuminate the contents of your bag in dark or dimly lit areas. The LED touch light is encased in a small leather pocket on the upper interior of the bag (get an upclose look in the photos below). This innovative pocket light can also be positioned to illuminate exterior objects like your front door lock, a menu or check in a dimly lit restaurant.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_led_touchlight_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_led_touchlight2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

The LED light is flexible to both the inside and outside of the bag and only requires a simple tap or swipe of the finger to switch it on and off. The LED light is powered by a small watch battery that is easily replacable and turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve power.

Whata re your thoughts on the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection? Do you have a favorite style?

Affordable Luxury for a Limited Time: High-End Watches at Kmart

Just in time for Graduation, and Father’s Day, Kmart is giving you the gift of luxurious time at shockingly affordable prices. If you’re a fan of high-end timepieces such as Bulova, Invicta, Red Line, TechnoMarine, ToyWatch, Racetrack, Swiss Legend, Lucien Piccard, and much more, then run, don’t walk to Kmart. Why? Thanks to an amazing one-time deal you can score all these high-end watches at Kmart. These luxury watches are available at up to 90% off of their listed retail price for a very limited time. In other words, once they’re gone, THEY. ARE. GONE. What better gift to give than the luxury of time?

Imagine paying only $50.00 for a $500.00 Invicta watch, or snagging a $900.00 Swiss Legend watch for only $89.00! Starting today, Saturday, June 11th at Kmart…..YOU CAN!! You will never find another great deal or the opportunity to get your hands…er…wrists on some of these incredibly high-end watches. Thanks to Kmart amazing continuous insight into offering members and customers unique deals, you can take advantage of this one-time inventory buyout, which will feature more than 180,000 different luxury watches available for sale, to get the perfect watch for dad, your grad, or yourself, and because this deal is limited, no one will know you got these amazing high-end watches at Kmart, unless you tell them. So, if you’re a big fan of watches or know someone who is, this is the perfect event! Even if you’re not, you could always check out the Lido Watch Club Blog and learn how to resell these watches later on in life and make a profit! These watches are a great investment so it would be a shame if you missed out.

This is sure to be the biggest watch blowout sale ever! You’d be remiss to not take advantage of this. In a time when we all want luxury without paying the luxury price, this once in a lifetime savings opportunity is the perfect time to do so. These watch brands are known for their craftsmanship, brand history, and legacy, and innovation. Every style is an investment and a classic that will last you for years to come.

Will you be taking advantage of the very low prices of these high-end watches at Kmart?

Martella Bags Welcomes a Distinctive New Collection

Two years ago we were introduced to a new bag line, Martella Bags, and instantly fell in love.  Two years later, we’re still getting compliments on our Martella Bags Rotondo Convertible Backpack, one of the many unique bag styles from the innovative brand. You can refresh your memory on our Handbag Heaven | The Luxurious Debut of Martella Bags post. Today we’re sharing the newest gorgeous styles from Martella’s latest collection, filled with the details we fell in love with and lots of color.


The new Martella Bags collection offers many new and fascinating interpretations of the most basic shapes: a perfect circle, an isosceles triangle, and a sharp-edge rectangle that are transformed into stylish, high-end leather bags under the hands of designer Idan Yosefov. The idea of detaching and re-attaching elements that were so prominent in the first collection is continued in this collection, with added details such as concealed pockets, and zippers with double functionality. As with their first collection, these new Martella Bags are made from quality leathers imported from Italy and Turkey. Get ready for more cool backpacks (including the LBP – Little Backpack, the next “it” bag), bucket bags, chic totes, crossbody, frame handbag (our favorite style from this new collection is the Tres Tricolor Mint handbag).

Martella Bags 2nd collection

The collection is divided into three main groups:

  1. Classics: geometric cut calf leather bags in the timeless hues of black, and white
  2. Blues: a perfect combination of the cool-hued calf leather in standout colors of mint, gray, and blue
  3. Punk: classic black meets metallic leather skins in edgy shades of silver, and gold

Martella Bags lifestyle shotsTres Tricolor Mint handbag


The new Martella Bags collection offers a wide range of sophisticated yet trendy, chic yet functional, and inconceivably beautiful bags that ranges in price from $255.00-$449.00. What are your thoughts on the newest bag collection from Martella Bags? Which styles are your favorites?


Emilio Cavallini Luxury Legwear Holiday 2011 Collection

Emilio Cavallini, creator of some of the most innovative and fashion forward designs in luxury hosiery, which includes tights, over the knee, knee-highs, socks and seamless garments, was on hand to introduce his new 2011 Holiday Luxury Collection of Legwear and Bodywear. Emilio Cavallini’s thought is to make hosiery no longer a simple intimate garment but an accessory which complements and makes a simple and personal outfit special.

This collection features an extraodinary mix of shimmer, sparkle and shine with jewel-encrusted tights with crystals placed on intricate designs, metallic arabesques, back seams with stunning silver bows, lots of gold and silver studs, wool cables emboldened with metallic thread and Cavallini’s signature cut-out treatments.

This collection also offers both black-tie elegance and rock ‘n roll edginess for a uniquely “Cavallini look”. These distinctive designs add personality and party chic to any look, adding drama and glamour to the holiday season.

Says Cavallini, “When I started my company (Stilnovo SpA) in 1970, I was intrigued by the idea of pulling hosiery out of anonymity, of transforming it into a bona fide garment.”

The luxury collection is aimed at an upscale customer with a target of high-end retailers. Retail prices will range from $33.00 – $125.00 for tights and $105,00-$210.00 for bodywear and tops.