Breakups to Makeup Launches Winter Styles

Every now and then, you meet someone and you click. They get it. They get you. No judgments. Every now and then we come across a product or brand that evokes a similar feeling. We introduced you to one such fashion brand, who we met at last year’s Makeup Show, Breakups to Make-up. The brand recently announced the launch of their new line of Winter attire, which we’re so happy to share with you. Breakups to Makeup is known for their catchy and sometimes cheeky phrases imprinted on their products, which highlights the founders’ enchantment with make-up artistry. Their products include t-shirts, beanies, make-up clutches, tote bag, compacts, and iPhone cases.

The recent Winter Collection launch saw the addition of cozy long sleeved knitted shirts, headgear and faux leather clutches – all perfectly suited to staying comfortably cozy in superb style. Breakups to Makeup‘s witty slogan “Love raised me lipstick saved me” is one of the more popular phrases used on their apparel and accessories. In the winter collection, it is featured on the stylish headgear which includes snugly soft beanies, sophisticated berets and vintage-inspired turbans, as well as on the all-purpose, faux leather signature lipstick clutch.

The comfy long sleeved shirts carry other classic Break-up to Make-up slogans, ”Different Breed” and “This is New York City, Our Makeup Needs to Look Good”. The Different Breed Long sleeved shirt is done with gold foil printing and the other with silver. Our favorite phrases are “I would cry but my Lipstick is designer” and “Losing you hurt but losing my makeup up bag would be a tragedy”. We love them for their playfully insolence and shameless admittance of the enthusiasm and passion for make-up that we share. The beanies, berets and turbans are also available with these sassy phrases.

The Breakups to Makeup winter headgear retails for $30.00, the long sleeve shirts, and the clutch retails for $40.00. Breakups to Make-up is for the make-up artist, the makeup lover and the everyday woman; because it represents more than just legitimizing make-up as an art form. It is also a way of adding a humorous slant to the less glamorous aspects of our lives – a way of laughing at ourselves if you will and gaining power from our ability to do so.

The brand conveys the message that they too have been there, prodding through difficult, and often sub-zero temperatures and times; but though the going can get rough, we can still keep our chins up, freshen our lipstick, laugh and live – stylishly.

Thanks to my cousin Kayle for helping during our busy fashion week by working on this story for us.

The Makeup Show NYC Continues to Inspire & Educate

The ninth year of The Makeup Show NYC brought together thousands of beauty-loving attendees, and gave us a few days of inspiring beauty, new product favorites, amazing beauty tips, and insights into the brilliance of some of today’s most renowned makeup artists and industry professionals. For us, The Makeup Show NYC started out with an audience with The Makeup Show’s Director of Artistry and Education, James Vincent as he shared his favorite brands and products launching for the first time at the show, and got a first peek of the Makeup Show Icon Gallery: Kevyn Aucoin  (more on that later).

The show featured over 30 new exhibitors and brands including Sephora, ARDENCY INN, Black|Up Cosmetics, Ashunta Sheriff Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Jouer Cosmetics, Surratt Beauty, Vincent Longo, and Breakups to Makeup; offered attendees over 20 additional classes, 70 keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, seminars, kit focus and career classes, as well as the opportunity to shop more than 120 beauty brands at exclusive show discount prices. Our first stop was to check out the Black|Up Cosmetics, as we fell in love with their Lip Lacquers (love VL07) and Lipcolors (so many to love):

As you know, we’re always huge fans of Sephora and were excited to see them at The Makeup Show NYC, especially as they were introducing their gorgeous Sephora Pro Makeup Brushes, each of which comes with its individual cover.

As a fan of Stila Cosmetics, we definitely wanted to learn more about their Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow, so we stopped in to their Queen of the Night Seminar with Kanesha Perry to learn how to get a perfect shimmering look for a night out

We fell in love with the beauty themed T-shirts and cellphone cases from Breakups to Makeup (a must have for any beauty lover)

Stopped by Surratt Beauty, another first timer at the makeup Show NYC, to check out their lip glosses

Took a few moments to be awed by the amazing makeup and body artwork from Kett Cosmetics, Oliv Ares Haus of Glam, and Graftobian Makeup Company (tree woman).

Our last stop was to check out the Something Wicked: Creating a Character and a Career on Broadway with Joe Dulude to watch him transform his model into Wicked’s pivotal character, the Wicked Witch.

And now to the greatness. It was so incredible to walk through all the amazing work history of Kevyn Aucoin. The Icon Gallery was curated by Shelly Taggar, owner of The Makeup Show with an introduction by James Vincent. It featured the life, work and influence of the famed makeup artist. There was a vast wealth of knowledge about Mr. Aucoin, for example, did you know there is a star named after him thanks to Courtney Love? How about his mind-blowing transformation of Lisa-Marie Pressley into Marilyn Monroe, or that he once worked at a Lancome beauty counter? There is much to learn about Kevyn Aucoin, take a peek below to know more: