Global Transfusion T-SHIRTS

Global Transfiguration: How a Simple T-Shirt Is Trying to Save the World

As we become more aware of environmental changes impacting our planet, we’re adopting more sustainable practices in everyday life. Americans use 40% less natural gas in their homes than 40 years ago. As we learn more about sustainability, this is translating into more than just energy use.

Eco-conscious company Global Transfiguration is introducing a collection of sustainable prints to allow you to wear your environmentally beating heart on your sleeve. In partnership with The Climate Reality Project, Global Transfiguration artist and founder Stephon Stewart hopes that his new line of prints will inspire change in everyday life, from the 33% of renters who move each year to the toddler just starting to learn about how the world works.

Global Movement by Tee

“Earth is our only home,” Stewart explains. “This is our opportunity to change the course of history for future generations on our planet.”

His oil paintings have hit a chord with people both young and old. Featuring 16 versions of the earth in various forms, each one represents a possible future we might experience.

Global Transfusion

For example, the fiery “Inferno” showcases a red earth meant to be viewed through an infrared radiation telescope. In this version of a future earth, carbon dioxide has done its worst, getting trapped inside the atmosphere to warm the planet to obscene temperatures. But the greenhouse effect isn’t the only thing we have to worry about.

Global Transfusion T-SHIRTS

Another, titled “Dry,” shows the earth as a potential barren wasteland. Now that the United States has hit a high of creating 4.3 trillion documents each year, this is a scary — but very real — possibility. But Stewart’s prints aren’t all terrifying. “Wet” is meant to pay tribute to the water that sustains the planet while “Gaia” honors the greenery of earth and the harmony between humans and nature.

Best of all? Part of the proceeds goes toward a monthly donation directly to The Climate Reality Project.

So far, the Global Transfiguration campaign has 16 eco-friendly T-shirts available, eight different totes, and a fleece hoodie. On the shirts, the globe rests right on the wearer’s chest, an emblem akin to the logo of a superhero doing their part to save the planet.

Global Transfusion teeGlobal Transfusion tee

“Everyday citizens can wear the shirts and feel like superheroes,” Stewart continues. “Maybe one can grow up to be the next Albert Einstein and create a new energy source.”

As such, the shirts are available in men’s, women’s, children’s, and even toddler’s sizes. In the fight to save the planet for the next generation, Stewart and Global Transfiguration hope that everyone will partake in the project and “Wear the change.”

Breakups to Makeup Launches Winter Styles

Every now and then, you meet someone and you click. They get it. They get you. No judgments. Every now and then we come across a product or brand that evokes a similar feeling. We introduced you to one such fashion brand, who we met at last year’s Makeup Show, Breakups to Make-up. The brand recently announced the launch of their new line of Winter attire, which we’re so happy to share with you. Breakups to Makeup is known for their catchy and sometimes cheeky phrases imprinted on their products, which highlights the founders’ enchantment with make-up artistry. Their products include t-shirts, beanies, make-up clutches, tote bag, compacts, and iPhone cases.

The recent Winter Collection launch saw the addition of cozy long sleeved knitted shirts, headgear and faux leather clutches – all perfectly suited to staying comfortably cozy in superb style. Breakups to Makeup‘s witty slogan “Love raised me lipstick saved me” is one of the more popular phrases used on their apparel and accessories. In the winter collection, it is featured on the stylish headgear which includes snugly soft beanies, sophisticated berets and vintage-inspired turbans, as well as on the all-purpose, faux leather signature lipstick clutch.

The comfy long sleeved shirts carry other classic Break-up to Make-up slogans, ”Different Breed” and “This is New York City, Our Makeup Needs to Look Good”. The Different Breed Long sleeved shirt is done with gold foil printing and the other with silver. Our favorite phrases are “I would cry but my Lipstick is designer” and “Losing you hurt but losing my makeup up bag would be a tragedy”. We love them for their playfully insolence and shameless admittance of the enthusiasm and passion for make-up that we share. The beanies, berets and turbans are also available with these sassy phrases.

The Breakups to Makeup winter headgear retails for $30.00, the long sleeve shirts, and the clutch retails for $40.00. Breakups to Make-up is for the make-up artist, the makeup lover and the everyday woman; because it represents more than just legitimizing make-up as an art form. It is also a way of adding a humorous slant to the less glamorous aspects of our lives – a way of laughing at ourselves if you will and gaining power from our ability to do so.

The brand conveys the message that they too have been there, prodding through difficult, and often sub-zero temperatures and times; but though the going can get rough, we can still keep our chins up, freshen our lipstick, laugh and live – stylishly.

Thanks to my cousin Kayle for helping during our busy fashion week by working on this story for us.

Holiday Gift Guide: Stay at Home w/ Life is Good

There is nothing we love better than staying home, getting warm and comfy, and enjoying a good cup of tea on those really cold winter nights. On days like this, our couch is our go-to hangout spot, making staying at home “the place to be”. Of course, we’re not hanging around the house in some ratted clothes, especially if there’s a need to run to the store, grab our food order from the cute delivery guy or a if there’s a chance we’ll see our cute neighbor. That’s right, although we’re relaxing at home, we still want to look cute. Some of our coziest finds are from the feel good company, Life is Good. We’ve previously shared the positive vibes, great charity support, and easy going fashions from the company from their Fall 2014 Collection, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month Collection, so today we’re sharing our favorite items from their holiday collection to cuddle up at home in.

Life is Good Stay-at Home Gift Guide

We’re going to pour ourselves into the durable and super soft Together Now Tree Long Sleeve Crusher Tee, a weathered t-shirt with a classic fit and holiday phrasing and layer it under the Holiday Sleep Hoodie, a cowl neck hoodie with cotton twill drawstrings and kangaroo pocket. We may pair it with the brushed cotton twill Flannel Snowflake Sleep Pants to really show off our holiday spirit or go for the more understated Softwash Sweatpants from their essentials collection.

Depending on how cold it gets, we may keep our feet nice and cozy either with the Life is Good Lightweight Snuggle Socks, the decadently plush, knee-high Winter Cozy Socks, or the yummy Cozy Ballet Slippers, which boasts a soft, faux fur lining and elastic at the heel for a better fit. To top it off, we’ll be enjoying delicious mugs of tea, hot chocolate, or hot toddies in our Joy Snowflake Good Cheer Mug (it also comes in a Love Snowflake and Hope Snowflake), or Joy and Love Stack-Happy Mug if we’re sharing our day with a visitor.

Naturally, these items make great holiday gifts, especially for those who enjoy an afternoon of relaxation. Find these and many more holiday gift options on

Life is Good’s Avon Walk Giving Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Life is Good just made us love them even more. We already love their cool casual looks, their overall optimistic attitude, and the fact that 10% of their net profits to help kids in need, but our love has grown to new heights with their Avon Walk Giving Collection. The women’s and men’s collection features six t-shirts with messages such as “Fear Less,” “Love,” “Grateful,” and “Nothing is Stronger than Love,” as well as a tote that says “All We Need is Love.” Life is Good is blowing us away by donating 100% of its net profits from this collection to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to support cutting-edge breast cancer research and access to care.

Women’s Tees

Men’s Tees

The t-shirts feature classic fit silhouettes, are 100% cotton, are super soft, and retail for $26.00. The women’s tees boasts a slight waist shape, narrower cuff and hem, ribbing at the neck, and are available in sizes XS – XXL. Men’s sizes range from S – XXL.

Tote Bag

The very durable, cotton canvas tote retails for $38.00. All pieces from the Life is Good Avon Walk Giving Collection can be purchased now on

Positive Vibes: Life is Good Fall 2014 Collection

We love it when a brand has a positive message, of course having a collection filled with great clothing and accessories doesn’t hurt either. We were newly introduced to the amazing Life is Good clothing and accessories brand, their amazing uplifting message of optimism, and their great products (we already have a long wish list of things we want). From the easy going, positive messages on their t-shirts, bags, mugs, and hats, to donating 10% of its net profits going to help kids in need, Life is Good is truly sharing epic goodness with humankind. This has prompted us to try to add the brand’s name to our daily mantra and spread optimism as they do.
Life is Good Fall 2014 -
Life is Good Fall 2014 - 4 -
Their fall collection boats the softest of t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies that will surely become your second layer of skin because they’re so comfortable; we believe you’ll never take them off. The brand’s message encourages you to enjoy everything about life, the simple things like the outdoors and what nature has to offer, the life-giving sun, and beauty of the sea, all while keeping you looking good.
Life is Good tees -
Life is Good tees 2 -
Life is Good Fall 2014-2 -
Life is Good’s rules to wearing their products are simple, mix them, match them, and make them what you want. Layer hoodies over t-shirts, dresses, and skirts, relax during the weekend in the most comfortable Loungewear, get fit and stay active in their yoga and fitness offerings. We had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the brand, John Jacobs, at the preview where told us the brand’s philosophy – Life is Good is all about building meaningful, emotional connections, relies heavily on its community of optimists to build its brand, and considers children its inspiration. The brand has raised $11 million for kids in need through its The Life is Good Kids Foundation.

John Jacobs Life is Good Fall 2014 -

Check out some more looks from the collection, which are available for purchase now:

Life is Good Fall 2014 -5 -

Life is Good tees 3 -

Life is Good tees 4 -

Life is Good products are sold by over 3,500 retailers nationwide and on

John Bartlett for Farm Sanctuary Spring 2014 Collection

We have been loving the adorable animal silhouette tees and sweatshirts we’ve been seeing the over the last two seasons…..sorry we’re not talking about cats. We’re talking about chickens, and pigs, and cows….oh my. John Bartlett presents their second installation of their ongoing collaboration with Farm Sanctuary. For Spring 2014 John Bartlett has created a new series of the iconic “ambassador” animals of farm sanctuary.

Ladies, the limited edition t-shirt collection features bright and vibrant colors, and feature a pig, cow or chicken silhouette on the front and the limited edition logo on the back, making them a perfect addition to a color filled spring and summer wardrobe (the colors for men are more subtle).

Sale of these tees will run through the coming months and 10% of all proceeds will go to support the farm sanctuary, whose mission is “to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.” Unfortunately Alabama, Alaska, and Massachusetts, this charitable sales promotion is not available in your states bu everyone else can indulge. Get to know more about and the great work of co-founder Gene Baur today.

Junk Food Art House Unveils Artistic T-Shirt Collection Featuring Works of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Celebrating the beauty that is NYC Art Week, Junk Food Clothing unveiled the latest addition to its Junk Food Art House Collection, a series of premium t-shirts featuring graphics from avant garde artists from the art, film and fashion industries. The cocktail event, held at the Carlton Hotel, the perfect location as it was a popular gathering place for New York artists in the 1920s, was soulful thanks to a live performance by pop fusion singer/songwriter, Lily Lane. The two tees highlighted at the event celebrated the works of neo-expressionist artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat but the collection also features styles which feature the works of muralist, Keith Haring.

The incredibly soft, women’s vintage-inspired Basquiat Crown henley features a 3/4 raglan sleeve with henley placket on the front with a foil embellishment; it retails for $42.00. The men’s Basquiat tee, a loose crew neck, also incredibly soft and vintage-inspired, features Basquiat’s Dinosaur and crown graphic and retails for $36.00. Enjoy some of the event’s music from Lily Lane in the video below:

Along with the wonderful music, the event also treated us to delicious treats from Kind Bars, So Delicious Frozen Treats, Volvic Water, and Belvoir Cordials.

To see more of the women’s collection of artists tees, click on Junk Food Art House Womens.

WkShp is Doing a Tee Giveaway

WkShp is hosting an exclusive giveaway on April 6th of the Focal Point Tee before it hits in stores in June! All you have to do is Tweet @WkShp and include whatever your passion is along with #WkShpFOCALPOINT. The winner will be picked at random, so start tweeting!