Summer Loving: Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups

The weather is finally, and very slowly increasing to warmer levels, which means it will soon be time for sipping cool, refreshing drinks on those hot days. While many may opt for smoothies, lemonade, and refreshingly tropical cocktails, coffee fanatics will be very happy to know about the latest Iced K-Cup flavor launch from Community Coffee. The new Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee blend is a sweet, light roast with a medium-full body, and a medium brightness.

Mocha Vanilla Iced

The Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee is a delicious blend of chocolate mocha and creamy French Vanilla coffee, specially made to enjoy over ice. Available in 12-count, single-serve K-Cup pods, the Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee is sweetened with cream for an indulgent iced coffee treat, and the other blends from Community coffee are made with 100% select Arabica beans.

Iced Coffee Home

Check out some great recipes you can create with the Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups:

Iced Coconut Cream

Community coffee Iced Coconut Cream

Make a 6oz serving of Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee
2 tbsp Coconut Cream
2 tbsp sugar
Rim cup with orange slice
Dip in coconut flakes
Pour over ice into a non-glass container

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

Community coffee Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

Make a 6oz serving of Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee
2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp brown sugar
Pour over ice into a non-glass container
Top with whipped cream
Sprinkle with cinnamon

A box of 12-count, single-serve Community Coffee Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cup pods retails for $8.49 and can be purchased on

Drink to Your Good Health w/ RealBeanz Iced Coffee

A special note to all my coffee-addicted readers out there, if anyone ever tells you that coffee has no nutritional value and drinking too much might be unhealthy, just say three words to them – RealBeanz Iced Coffee. If you’re looking for a coffee drink with health benefits, the ready-to-drink, nutrient enhanced RealBeanz range of gourmet iced coffees combines premium-brewed beans and reduced-fat milk with functional ingredients such as vitamins and potent herbs. These body-loving iced coffees have no artificial flavorings, coloring, sweeteners or preservatives, and are low in calories.

Do you find you’re tired all the time? Step away from the energy drinks and grab a RealBeanz Energize Cappuccino Iced Coffee, an invigorating beverage blend featuring authentic Italian cappuccino coffee with a hint of cinnamon.

If you’re counting calories but still love a good iced cappuccino, you will love the RealBeanz Trim & Fit Diet Cappuccino, an authentic Italian cappuccino coffee blend along with nutrient-based enhancements that are heavy on flavor and nutraceuticals that helps burn body fat and increase lean muscle.

For those of you who need to enjoy relaxation, grab and enjoy a RealBeanz Relax Decaffeinated Vanilla Nut Iced Coffee and it’s smooth taste infused with imported coffee beans, creamy milk, Madagascar vanilla nut and naturally-calming herbs to sooth feelings of nervousness brought on by everyday stresses.

Think your coffee can’t fight off that summer cold? Think again! The RealBeanz Resist Mocha features a strong mocha flavor that’s loaded with powerful ingredients (like Green tea) that will add a boost to your body’s immune system.

Need focus to take on your daily tasks? The RealBeanz Focus Caramel Iced Coffee features genuine caramel coffee along with brain-boosting benefits, by utilizing an intelligent blend of ingredients to keep things in absolute focus and improve your everyday activities.

Last but certainly not least, for those of you who love the benefits of coconut water will love the RealBeanz Cappuccino with Coconut Water and the RealBeanz Dark Roast w/Coconut Water, both are great to get through the day; made with 20% coconut water, Italian cappuccino and bold, premium-roasted coffee (respectively), these two delicious beverages will have you feeling refreshed.

The RealBeanz Iced Coffees comes in 9.6 oz bottles and retails for $1.99- $2.69 per bottle or you can buy a sample case of 7 bottles for $16.00 or a case of 12 bottles for $24.00 on