IHOP Premieres French Toasted Donuts for a Limited Time

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At IHOP, it can also be the most delicious. IHOP continues to break the rules of breakfast with three distinctive dishes hot off the test kitchen griddles. Elevating the breakfast treat that is french toast by combining it with donuts, IHOP is taking breakfast to another level of delicious. The IHOP French Toasted Donuts feature classic donuts dipped in sweet vanilla batter and then French toasted. The new lineup is available in three decadent, mouthwatering flavors ranging from savory to sweet.

“At IHOP, we’re always looking for fresh new ways to excite our guests and bring unexpected flavors together,” said Chef Nevielle Panthaky, Vice President, Culinary at IHOP. “This is a delicious mash-up of the classic donut everyone knows and loves, dipped in a creamy vanilla batter, French toasted to a light golden brown and topped off with flavors such as maple glaze and hickory-smoked bacon. And who better to do it than IHOP, the brand that has owned all-day breakfast for almost six decades?”

Bacon & Maple French Toasted Donut

The Bacon & Maple French Toasted Donut is a Bavarian cream filled donut, dipped in vanilla French toast batter, griddled, then topped with rich maple glaze and savory hickory-smoked bacon crumbles.

Strawberries & Cream French Toasted Donut

The Strawberries & Cream French Toasted Donut is a Bavarian cream filled donut, dipped in vanilla French toast batter, griddled, then topped with strawberries in a juicy glaze and powdered sugar.

Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut

The Apple Fritter French Toasted Donut is a warm apple fritter dipped in vanilla French toast batter, griddled, then topped with sweet cinnamon apples, powdered sugar and whipped topping.

We had the pleasure of getting an exclusive first taste of all three of these decadent breakfast donuts at an event with Chef Nevielle Panthaky, VP of Culinary at IHOP. It was an evening of ultimate decadence as we satisfied our almost insatiable appetite for these sinful breakfast treats. We also had the opportunity to recreate or create our own French Toasted Donut, thanks to the wide variety of available toppings made available to us.

The French Toasted Donuts are available from July 31st through September 24th at participating IHOP restaurants nationwide. The new menu items can be enjoyed on their own or as part of a combo meal with the choice of eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, and more.

Tyler’s Knowledge Presents the Collection of “Ladies Vintage Clothing”

I love Vintage clothing, infact my closet is full of many vintage pieces and my apartment has a few antique furniture as well. So when my friends Drew and Jerry invited me to Tyler’s Knowledge Vintage Collection, I said a resounding YES. Let me tell you how much I love vintage, I don’t normally do any events in Harlem (not because I don’t like Harlem but it’s just so far away from where I live, it just takes a lot to get up there) and the show was being held at the Harlem YMCA way up on 135th Street but I went anyway (of course the MTA really socked it to me that day with trains running on every other track except the ones they are supposed to. I must also add my new two most hated words in the english dictionary – SHUTTLE BUS)

Anyway, I finally arrived (45 minutes late – thanks MTA); Zia*, who was also attending was already there. She told me the show had just started and by the time I got there, I’d missed about four or five models.

I walk in to find two vintage bikes used as the archway for the runway

I think they’re so cool, mainly because they remind me of my bike (which I haven’t quite learned to ride yet..cough…cough). Long story

Anyhoo, it was a small crowd (I forgot to mention, it was not a good weather day, very windy and lots of rain)

I had two favorite looks from the show and there were a few pieces I thought were cute or interesting. The first two photos are of my favorite pieces from the show

Here is a fun photo of Tyler Miggins of Tyler’s Knowledge; no I didn’t ask him to pose that way, he is obviously just a fun loving guy

Now, I did took some video of the models walking the finale but I must apologize for it. Although my camera is able to take video, to get the best shot, I had to rotate it. I didn’t know it would not allow me to rotate the footage back upright. Sorry for any potential neck pain I might cause(if someone knows how to fix this, please email me ASAP)

After the show, I said hello to Drew and Jerry and Zia* and I braved the rain. She had to go home and I had to meet up with my friend Billy. She wanted to stop by the supermarket first so I said I’ll come along because i hadn’t eaten anything yet and I didn’t expect Billy to have anything (I was right of course). On our way there, I discovered something ….a freaking IHOP in Harlem (told you I didn’t go to Harlem). I didn’t even know there were any in New York, I always though you had to go to New Jersey to enjoy IHOP (you learn something new everyday). Anyway, we didn’t go in, we continued on to the supermarket where I got overcharged for crackers and Cheese (both were on sale but of course I didn’t realize that I the cashier put the full price until I got to Billy’s house – minus points for that Harlem).

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection