Reduce Your Fat and Cellulite at Eureka Body Care and Spa

The day has finally come, today is the first day of Spa Week, the week-long event of affordable spa services.  To take advantage of this bi-annual treat and indulge in an innovative solution to an issue we’re facing, we visited Eureka Body Care and Spa to indulge in one of their $50.00 treatments. In this tech-driven world, our lives may seem easier, more convenient, and grants us a more comfortable life and lifestyle, but it may also cause actual physical harm to our minds and bodies. For example, we spend most of our day working on our laptop updating our site, and post to social media while generally remaining in one position all day; because of this, we’ve found that we’ve gained weight in our midsection and developed back discomfort. To help with at least one of those issues, we partook in Eureka Body Care and Spa’s Ultrasonic Cavitation Cellulite and Weight Loss Treatment.

So what exactly is the Ultrasonic Cavitation Cellulite and Weight Loss Treatment? Don’t worry, there’s no fear of going under the knife. Ultrasonic Cavitation is an effective non-invasive method to break down fat deposits and reduce cellulite. We were still a bit apprehensive to try this but Eureka Body Care and Spa was so zen, serene and beautiful, we felt right at ease. Tamara, who performed our treatment was so wonderful, informative and amazing at keeping me at ease prior to the procedure. The spa is quite new but it’s already caught the eye of several Hollywood insiders who visit before red carpet appearances. When you see our after results, you’ll see why.

It turns out Ultrasonic Cavitation and Liposuction work in a similar way, without the thin, blunt-tipped tubes being inserted through tiny cuts in your skin (thank goodness). The device produces an ultrasound field that creates vibration in fat cells, which results in the cells heating up, and the cell membrane breaking down. We must tell you that as the machine is being used, it lets out a high-pitched sound that may lead you to believe you’re in a sci-fi movie (it’s kinda cool) and if you’ve ever gotten an ultrasound, you’re basically ready for this machine.

As you can see, there is no downtime or pain to this procedure and after just one treatment, much of our excess stomach fat was significantly diminished. If you’ve tried every diet and form of workout or if you want to tone and tighten up, the noninvasive ultrasonic cavitation slimming treatment is the best way to lose inches and combat your cellulite. Along with their slimming treatments, laser hair removal using a new high-power, dual-wavelength diode laser only for “super hair removal” that is virtually pain-free. Starting today, until April 17th, Eureka Body Care and Spa is offering the following Spa Week Treatments, all at only $50.00 each.

  1. Microcurrent Facial Customized to Skin Type 60 Minutes 
  2. Laser Hair Removal for Choice of Large Area Including Full Legs, Brazilian, Full Back or Front 
  3. Ultrasonic Cavitation (Liposuction) Cellulite and Weight Loss Treatment

To book your Eureka Body Care and Spa treatment, visit

Feet First: Sheva Thai Spa New York

Did you know your feet are one of the most vital parts of your body and that the overall health and wellness of your body really begins on the bottom of your feet? Many illnesses can be diagnosed with just what’s going on with your feet; foot or heel pain not caused by heels, swollen feet, burning sensation in your feet, foot spasms, and other factors can be indicators of bigger problems happening in your body because nerves in our feet are connected to different areas of our bodies. These sudden foot indicators can highlight poor blood circulation, dehydration, or imbalances in our nutrient levels, plus all our body’s weight is put on our feet, so it’s very important to take care of them. As Spa Week approaches, we want to introduce you to Sheva Thai Spa New York, a stunning spa which boasts heavenly, traditional Thai spa treatments that will rid your body of all tensions and stress.

IMG_7040 IMG_7025

If you’re like us, then you love walking the city (we’ve been known to walk 20+ blocks just enjoying being out and about taking in the sights), or maybe you work on your feet all day, or maybe you’re an avid runner. If any of these sound like you, then you need to visit this amazing spa. We had the pleasure of partaking in an indulgent (and much needed) Signature Sheva Foot Treatment with Thai Foot Soak at Sheva Thai Spa New York.

1V3A1176 1V3A1170

Get ready to enjoy a Thai foot soak using the finest blend of sea salts and essential oils to soothe achy muscles and joints to condition and soften the skin, followed by an organic sucrose and seed oil scrub to facilitate skin renewal and hydration followed by a detoxifying foot masque and hot towel wrap to eliminate toxins. This Signature service ends with a 35-minute foot, hand & arm massage, utilizing ancient Thai techniques with the therapist targeting and relieving all your muscle tightness and discomfort, promoting full mind and body relaxation.

We had the pleasure of not only enjoying this decadent foot massage and treatment but also meeting and speaking with Naomi Hurvit, the elegant owner of Sheva Thai Spa. You can see this interview below:

As we mentioned, Spa Week begins in a few days, April 11th to be exact, and what better time to try out one of the wonderful $50.00 spa treatments Sheva Thai Spa New York is offering. Below are the three services you can luxuriate in during Spa Week

  1. Sheva Facial with Organic Enzymes and Light Extractions 60 Minutes $50
  2. Month of Unlimited Nam Manicures $50
  3. Signature Sheva Foot Treatment with Thai Foot Soak 45 Minutes

Sheva 0396 (1) 1V3A1110

This New York flagship, located at 500 Lexington Avenue, is the luxury Thai Spa’s first expansion outside of Asia. This express model of the spa is specifically designed with traditional Royal Thai method treatments, customized and abbreviated to service the busier schedules of New Yorkers while still providing the same level of relaxation and benefits of its Asian location.

Could your feet use a bit of pampering? Will you be taking advantage of Spa Week’s $50 treatments at Sheva Thai Spa New York?

Spa Week Event: Pamper Yourself with #50dollartreatments

Hello fellow budget tracking readers, it’s springtime so you know what that means, it’s time for a little spring pampering. Did we say pampering? We meant affordable pampering, thanks to the biannual Spa Week event. That’s right, its time once again to enjoy in luxurious spa treatments at a budget-friendly price. Thanks to Spa week, hundreds of spa, wellness, and fitness facilities across the country are offering premium full-service treatments at the major discount of $50 each (these treatments are priced at $100-$500).

Spa Week April 11th-17th, 2016

Set your calendars for April 11th, ladies and gentlemen, because that is the beginning of the week-long Spa Week event where you can select your favorite spa treatments from the participating locations and book your appointments for what we’re sure is some much-needed pampering. Several spas are offering to die spa treatments. For those of you inundated with technology burdens, Haven Spa in New York City offers a unique Geek Massage (Reg. $100) that was created to relieve the stress from hours of computer usage, and clogged pores from having your phone connected to your face all day; Holistic Touch in Virginia is offering a Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (Reg. $130) to improve your skin’s tightness, clarity and evenness of tone; the Holistic Touch in Illinois will indulge you in their Spa Oceana Stress Relief Treatment (Reg. $100) as stress-relief body treatment; KUR Skin Lab in New York City has an Office Relief Massage (Reg. $125) to help relieve your tight muscles and tense necks; and all Red Door Spas are offering a De-Stress Body Treatment with exfoliation (Reg. $255), an aromatherapeutic body wrap and a relaxing scalp massage to melt stress away and rebalance your spirit.

Spa Week April 11th-17th, 2016 countdown

The countdown to the Spa Week event has begun and the complete list of treatments and spa and wellness locations became available on on March 21st, so you can book your $50 treatment now (we advise you book your treatment in advance). You also have the opportunity to spread the gift of wellness by purchasing a Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week, which is accepted at over 8,000 spas and wellness locations across the US. The best part about the Spa & Wellness Gift Cards is that it can be used during Spa Week or any time of the year, without expiration.

Will the Spa Week $50 treatments encourage you to treat yourself to a bit of pampering? What spa treatments are you most looking forward to enjoying?