Get Rid Of Stains With A Wave of A Dryel Stain Removing Pen

Stains are an unsightly annoyance. For years we’ve had to either wear our stains all day, be lucky enough to have a change of clothing, or the faded but still very visible sign of attempting to get rid of the said stain. And while innovations have allowed us to fight stains on machine-washable fabrics, all dry cleanable garments had to wait until they made it to the cleaners. This basically meant you’d be wearing that stain all day. Alas, there is finally a solution, the Dryel Stain Removing Pen. The only stain removing pen safe for dry clean fabrics that you can use on-the-go.

The Dryel Stain Removing Pen is a powerful stain remover designed with a soft touch tip that helps you power out stains without damaging your clothes. It does not contain peroxide so it can be used on dry clean only clothes without worry of ruining them. Along with it being safe on dry clean only clothes, it’s great on delicates and hand washables. You can easily get stains out of wools, silks, rayons, linens, cotton, and other special care fabrics without any worries. One of our team members experienced an almost devastating tomato sauce stain (see below); she thought she’d have to walk around with it all day. The Dryel Stain Pen came to her rescue.

Her semi-fresh stain (she’d been wearing it for at least 30 minutes), was eliminated immediately, as you can see above. The “After” photo was taken while she was removing the stain and as you can see, her blouse was just about back to its pre-stain glory. Once it was dry, all evidence of a stain was gone.

The Dryel Stain Removing Pen is so easy to use. While squeezing the pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain and blot if needed. The ultra-compact Dryel Stain Pen meets (a 0.7 fl oz tube) TSA 3-1-1 carry-on liquid requirements so it’s perfect for removing fresh stains when you travel. Just dab it on and rub the stain with the mini scrubber and you’ll be free from your annoying stain.

Save Your Shirts – Remove Deodorant Stains with Deo-go

There is this hilarious deodorant stain commercial featuring men that have yellow canaries flapping around his armpits every time they raise their arms. I believe the tagline goes something like this – “everyone notices yellow stains. . .”. Though it’s a funny commercial, it’s also one that’s very true and unfortunately not just for men but women as well. Of course, we women won’t wear white shirts that have gotten to that point but even we cannot escape the occasional discolored spot in the armpit area. I know I’ve thrown out several camis, tops, shirts, and sweaters because the underarm area has become discolored from deodorant stains and/or perspiration. Well, there’s a product that will not only save your shirts but will save you money. So before you throw those discolored shirts and tops away, try Deo-go.

Deo-go is “a unique gel liquid cleaning agent, specifically formulated to remove deodorant and antiperspirant stains. Its active ingredients target antiperspirant or deodorant residue build-up better than any other product. They dissolve and completely remove the stain, restoring the garment’s original appearance.” Plus it has a wonderful Almond scent.

As someone who perspires a tad more than most (not much but enough to aggravate) and one who has thrown away too many shirts, tops, camis (even bras), etc because of stains, I was more than ready to try this out. I actually found a shirt I haven’t worn in a little over a year (I moved so it got lost in the mix instead of going to the trash) because of its stains. And I must say…wow…Deo-go REALLY REALLY REALLY worked!! A top that was destines for the trash has found new life in my closet. You don’t have to listen to me…judge with your own eyes.

BEFORE – you can clearly see the discolored area





As you can clearly see, the over a year old discoloration is completely gone and I didn’t have to do anything but spray it on the stain, rub it in and let it sit for about 20 min (I actually only did 10 min) then add it to the wash. Below is a close up without flash so you can see the amazing result it in natural light

This little bottle of wonder (well it is actually not so little at 250ml) is only $10.50. This 250ml Bottle will treat approximately 15 garments but I think more because I didn’t use much on the above Grey top. To see more of the Deo-go magic, check out these Before and After Pictures. For even more information on Deo-go, like Deo-go on Facebook. Trust me, you NEED this is your laundry room, basket, etc.