Get Rid Of Stains With A Wave of A Dryel Stain Removing Pen

Stains are an unsightly annoyance. For years we’ve had to either wear our stains all day, be lucky enough to have a change of clothing, or the faded but still very visible sign of attempting to get rid of the said stain. And while innovations have allowed us to fight stains on machine-washable fabrics, all dry cleanable garments had to wait until they made it to the cleaners. This basically meant you’d be wearing that stain all day. Alas, there is finally a solution, the Dryel Stain Removing Pen. The only stain removing pen safe for dry clean fabrics that you can use on-the-go.

The Dryel Stain Removing Pen is a powerful stain remover designed with a soft touch tip that helps you power out stains without damaging your clothes. It does not contain peroxide so it can be used on dry clean only clothes without worry of ruining them. Along with it being safe on dry clean only clothes, it’s great on delicates and hand washables. You can easily get stains out of wools, silks, rayons, linens, cotton, and other special care fabrics without any worries. One of our team members experienced an almost devastating tomato sauce stain (see below); she thought she’d have to walk around with it all day. The Dryel Stain Pen came to her rescue.

Her semi-fresh stain (she’d been wearing it for at least 30 minutes), was eliminated immediately, as you can see above. The “After” photo was taken while she was removing the stain and as you can see, her blouse was just about back to its pre-stain glory. Once it was dry, all evidence of a stain was gone.

The Dryel Stain Removing Pen is so easy to use. While squeezing the pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain and blot if needed. The ultra-compact Dryel Stain Pen meets (a 0.7 fl oz tube) TSA 3-1-1 carry-on liquid requirements so it’s perfect for removing fresh stains when you travel. Just dab it on and rub the stain with the mini scrubber and you’ll be free from your annoying stain.

What’s New in Beauty | nügg Facial Masks

Ever since the new TSA regulations on the size of beauty products we have been juggling, filling, refilling and cleaning out small empty pots with facial cleansers, masks, etc….needless to say, this can get tedious. While beauty companies have made allowances for cleansers and moisturizers by coming up with some cool packaging, we’ve hadn’t fallen in love with a travel-friendly facial mask until we discovered nügg Beauty. What is this new glorious beauty product? nügg Facial Masks (they come in six varieties) are a new collection of high performance, prestige skin care treatments in the form of nuggets of natural goodness for your skin. The masks come in a practical single-serve cup which protects the mask from oxidation, is easy-to-use, convenient, and perfect for on-the-go.
 We had the pleasure of learning all about nügg Beauty while enjoying delicious frozen yogurt and various toppings at 16 Handles. You will love these little nuggets of skin-loving joy, they offer affordable, luxury skincare that is amazingly effective and great for all skin types. These innovative facial masks are formulated with top quality ingredients developed by leading skincare chemists using only the most potent and beautiful blends of natural oils and extracts.

Each nügg Face Mask nugget has enough product for three or more applications and because they won’t fall victim to oxidation, you don’t have to worry about it being properly sealed. We love the fact that these wonderful masks can target various skin issues you may have. Are you experiencing dull, dry skin, use the  nügg Deep Cleansing Mask one day and the Revitalizing or Hydrating the next. These masks are perfect for use at the gym, while traveling, and even as a workday refresher as they are small enough to fit in a small purse. The six masks that make up the nügg Face Mask Collection include:

ANTI-AGING FACE MASK – Vitamin B3, Wheat Germ Oil, White Tea Extract, Glycerin and Aloe Juice helps firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines while it moisturizes, smooths and rejuvenates the skin.

DEEP CLEANSING FACE MASK – Powerful yet gentle blend of precious Jojoba Lite Oil, Witch Hazel Extract, Cucumber Extract, Glycerin and Aloe Juice gently cleans the skin for a clean and shine-free look without a dry after-feel. Formulated with powerful, non-drying natural ingredients, the mask removes excess sebum and helps reduce the appearance of pore size.

EXFOLIATING FACE MASK – Powerful blend of precious oils and extracts gently exfoliates as it cleanses and conditions the skin to reveal a radiant, smooth complexion. Jojoba Beads and Natural L-Lactic Acid gently remove dead and dry skin cells, smooth the skin and refine the look of pores without a dry after feel. Cranberry Seed Oil, Aloe Juice and Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Linseed Oil hydrate, soothe and nourish skin.

HYDRATING FACE MASK – Powerful yet gentle blend of precious Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract, Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Linseed Oil, Glycerin and Aloe Juice intensely hydrates and softens the skin and helps skin retain moisture.

REVITALIZING FACE MASK – Powerful yet gentle blend of precious Peppermint Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Menthol, Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Linseed Oil, Glycerin and Aloe Juice revitalizes, refreshes and plumps the look of dull and tired skin for a radiant, energized look and feel.

SOOTHING FACE MASK – Powerful yet gentle blend of precious Chamomile Extract, Shea Butter, Bisabolol, Aloe Juice, Glycerin and Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Linseed Oil balances troubled and sensitive skin and helps reduce the appearance of redness while intensely hydrating the skin leaving a smooth, silky after feel.

We love everything about these facials masks, including the price. The nügg Facial Masks currently retail for $2.99 each and can be purchased at Target and

Holiday 2014 Travel Beauty Essentials from Sephora

Traveling for the holidays? Packing essentials for that holiday trip includes more than just clothing and gifts for loved ones. Keeping a fresh and beautiful face during and after traveling is key this season and no one wants a bad hair day. What better place to get all of your must-have items in travel-friendly sizes than at beauty haven, Sephora. Pack your bags with all of these portable and TSA friendly beauty products

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set ($89, $216 Value) – This original makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs contains the new Style Eye-con No.3 in The Star and Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl in Kiss, as well as the classic Magic Marc’er Precision Pen, Lash Lifter Mascara, Honey Eau de Parfum mini rollerball, and a sleek, portable mirror so you can create a chic, flawless face.

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil ($28.00) – This beloved Argan Oil is transformed into a creamy, travel-friendly multitasker that can be used for so many beauty issues. At 2.2 oz, this miracle solution is great for dry hands, skin, and hair, and can be used to instantly add a radiant glow to cheeks, lips and eyes.

Ole Henriksen Oh La La Look At Her Glow Set ($44.00) – This four-piece set delivers instant radiance with travel-friendly sizes of Pure Truth™ Activating Oil, Truth Serum™ Collagen Booster, African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser™, and Truth to Go™ Wipes. Packed in a vibrant makeup bag, everything stays neatly in place no matter what your destination.

Sephora Collection Make an Entrance Brush Set ($59.00) – This chic bag adorned with glittering cut glass “jewels” holds five essential makeup brushes for flawless application. The bag’s retractable chain allows it to do double duty as a glamorous evening clutch for all of your holiday parties.

Bumble & bumble Ultimate Blow Dry to Go Duo ($12.00) – With a travel size Blow Dry Cream and travel size Thickening Hairspray, this petite duo will keep hair sleek and polished for every holiday soiree.

FORMULA X FOR SEPHORA The Twenty-Two ($55.00) – This impressive set contains twenty two mini lacquers in an array of classic creams, bright neons, cool chromes and splatter-effect top coats to mix and match. Grab one or two of your favorite shades in your travel bag for on-the go touch ups.

MARCHESA PARFUM D’EXTASE Rollerball A Porter ($29.00) – This luxe portable rollerball comes in a chic, faux croc leather case with a bottle set with individual crystals. The intoxicating elixir is comprised of light florals, and a combination of fresh and sensual notes, including iris, freesia, night blooming jasmine and musks to create complexity and beauty.

Refillable Atomizers: Be Fragrance-Free No More

Sometimes it is virtually impossible for a woman (ok, me) to not carry a large handbag – there’s just so much you need or might need when you walk out of your house. Whether you leave the house for the day or just a night out, you must make sure you have essentials. I’m not even speaking about your wallet, keys, etc; I mean beauty essentials – lipstick, compact, mints/gum, fragrance….its even worse if you have to travel. It can get annoying when trying to pack beauty essentials and still remain TSA compliant with 3-ounces. Thankfully several beauty companies have helped us beauty addicts with that problem but no one really addressed the fragrance issue until now. Thanks to companies like Sen7 and Travalo, you don’t have to worry about leaving your favorite fragrance behind when carrying a small bag or traveling.

Sen7 Cologne Atomizer

This sensual and futuristic little gem of a capsule is TSA compliant as it holds 3-ounces of your favorite fragrance. Its sturdy enough for your carry-on and compact enough for your handbag. Sen7 is available in a variety of colors and two textures, whether you like the soft touch rubber or smooth cool metal. The design is so beautiful, Sen7 was a finalist at the HBA Global EXPO 2011 International Package Design Awards. This beauty is the more high end of the two with a retail of $38.00 with the Limited Edition Sunny Sen7 retailing for $49.00. Or you can go really high end and get the Sterling Silver Sen7 for $499.00 or the Diamond Sen7 but you’d have to call for the price. To own your own Sen7 or get one as a gift, click

Travalo Perfume/Cologne Atomizer

This 2010 Cosmo Mag Beauty Award Winner is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo is finger-sized at a convenient 8.6cm long and weighs only 20 grammes (it’s smaller than a pack of gum), yet when filled it gives over 65 sprays of fragrance, in a wonderfully fine mist spray that belies the diminutive size which also makes it TSA Compliant. Travalo comes in a rainbow of colors and three sizes – the largest model just launched and includes 65 sprays of your signature scent for only $19.99. If this price fits your budget, then click on to purchase one or two Travalo Atomizers for yourself or as a great gift.